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Alchemical Manual for This Millennium Vol-1

Alchemical Manual for This Millennium Vol-1

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Published by Innocent Oketa

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Published by: Innocent Oketa on Apr 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Here is an easy alternative science textbook describinga NEW concept of COSMOLOGY and an all-newSymmetric Field Physics;
 It introduces a revolutionary concept of reality that is both new to the modern world,and more ancient than recorded history.The text is simply presented (no math) for all those people interested in the truth of the world around them. It is designed for students (young and old), fascinatedwith the physical world, who have found problems with the currenttheories taught in the academies of today. The new information presentedby the Star People through scribe, A. Olson, is destined to overturn bothclassical physics and particle physics . Described as both revolutionary andprofoundly ancient, the ideas within the text will illuminate a path for humanity tomove forward in knowledge and promise to integrate all aspects of scientific studies.
Here is an astounding, life changing book explaining theLAWS OF COSMIC FORCES in SPACE, in detail, in both their physicaland philosophical aspects. Vol. 1, printed in its entirety,is a gift to the world from the invisible Star People who wish tocommunicate with earth at this time.
 Here is a brief synopsis of the contents of ALCHEMICALMANUAL for this MILLENNIUM, Volume 1.
Symmetric Field Physics is the study of natural law and cosmic forces.The forces of space are not just up in the sky, they are all round you andthrough you. As a fish lives in the oceans, you live in a sea of powerfulspace. Nations and individuals are on the threshold to learning to usethe energies of space.
Lessons presented about forces are chosen to review the classic experiments of thephysics classroom with a new perception. They radically revise the old textbook analysisto show that altogether new ways of recognizing energy laws solve problems in a betterway. These laws cover basic engineering, cosmic energy balance, theoretical physics,and the practical study of magnetism, electricity, gravity, weight, essentials of mechanics,weather, and the way natural growth takes place. The SPACE / TIME Field energysystems are discussed to enable a person to envision interfunctioning octaves of energyand the way octaves connect through vortical points of intersection withincorpuscular fields that fill all space and time.Emphasis is placed on the ever-present space fields, unseen by human eyes,but active as tori around every motion or action in the time fields. These space
tori are both mechanical and electrical, covering a full spectrum equal andopposite to the linear activity of the corpuscular time field (electromagnetic field).It is important to say that the text is designed to be read by a person of high-school level training with only basic science as a backround. It is wise to have ahigh school (or college) physics textbook handy as a reference. It was necessaryto go back to the roots of physical studies in order to correct basic assumptions.Nevertheless, the studies are astute and thought provoking, often morechallenging to an adult than to a youngster.These ideas will be new to the student, therefore, it is wise to study the manualsequentially. New concepts and new words will have to be assimilated in orderto be understood. Patience and review will reveal even more with each reading.
Here are some questions that the ALCHEMICAL MANUAL will answer.
(these are not the same answers that you were taught in school)
 1. What is magnetism?2. What is electricity?3. What is gravity?4. Why do objects of different weight fall at the same rate?5. What is momentum and inertia?6. Why is the work of Isaac Newton incomplete?7. Is there any empty space?8. What is the nature of time?9. How does space relate to time?10. What are universal forces, and why are they invisible?11. How is the galaxy structured?12. What drives the weather systems?
And hundreds of other important questions about forces that influenceyour life

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