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Beautiful Social: Grieving Children

Beautiful Social: Grieving Children

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Published by lr520190
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Published by: lr520190 on Apr 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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First off, we wanted to provide you with some examples of non-profits similar to yours,who exhibit great social media and websites. Below are three examples of great socialmedia for non-profits.
Rainbows Grief Support- An international organization and largest organization, to help childrendealing with loss.Their Facebook and website use the same banner so the center is easily identifiable for users.They make good use of their tabs. For example, the events tab gives a list of all theupcoming events with their dates and times. Each event can be clicked on which thenpresents the viewer with a detailed description of the event. The donate tab is also anexample of their good use of tabs. A drop box appears underneath, which gives quickand easy information for how to donate.
Center For Grieving Children in Maine- This organization has a very clean, aestheticallypleasing website.The top of the webpage presents viewers with a great way to shop, donate, and sign upfor their newsletter. This is an easy way for people to get more involved and because itis at the top of the website, it is eye catching. In the same area of the webpage is a“Happening Now” section which is a simple way for users to access a lot of information
at a quick rate, making them more knowledgeable about what is happening within theorganization.The main page of the website has even more easy access, with a lot of quick and simplelinks for viewers to choose from.The website also has a links to their social media sites along with a Facebook pagewhich is updated frequently and has a lot of “likes.” The amount of “likes” may be agood indication that their organization is altogether successful, which could very well befrom the help of their appealing website and updated Facebook page itself. Fernside: A center for Grieving Children-Although this organization's website may not be so appealing at first, it has some greataspects to it. One example is under the “About Us” section. In this section, there is avideo posted that shows viewers in depth about the organization. This is a good way toget viewers involved without having to simply read texts. It is engaging and moreappealing than just a block of words.

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