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McLuhan and Media

McLuhan and Media

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Published by asli_zeren

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Published by: asli_zeren on Apr 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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McLuhan and MediaThe title of Marshall McLuhan’s first article, “The Medium Is The Message”, in factsummarizes the whole article. With this statement McLuhan tells that the message which istrying to be transmitted cannot be analyzed apart from the transmitter systems and methods.According to McLuhan, we shape our mediums and mediums shape us in return. At this pointour message becomes less important than how it is being transmitted. For instance, if you arewatching a movie, a documentary or a romantic comedy, you are receiving the message andtheir creators are sending the messages in the same way. So as McLuhan points out these in hisarticle, clearly, the word “how” becomes more important than the word “what” when it comesto share a message.Marshall McLuhan makes a certain division for the media in his article “Media Hot andCold”. He divides media into two groups and describes that media can either be “hot” or “cold”. According to the article, hot media has high definition and cold media has lowdefinition. He defines these both groups as they are the opposite of each other. He says that in ahot media, less participation is required from the audience, but in a cold media audience’s participation has a very major role. In cold media the audience’s participation is important because the given information is much more less than hot media and it is less detailed. Themessage can be received with a certain effort. On the other hand hot media is full of informationand details. That is why the receivers, the audiences do not have to show such an effort whilereceiving the message.The media, divided into two parts as hot and cold, affects the audiences differently. Aselectronic media and printed media are thought, they obviously belong to different groups.Printed media is considered as “hot media”, on the other hand electronic media is considered as“cold media”. The reason of this distinction is that in printed media lots of information and

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