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Script of "Ally"

Script of "Ally"

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Published by asli_zeren

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Published by: asli_zeren on Apr 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ALLYbyAslı ZerenFinal Draft15.05.2010©AsZeren20400866Bilkent 1 F2 No:13 Ankara05333745756asli_zeren@hotmail.com
FADE IN:INT. THE SHRINK #1’S OFFICE - DAYALYA (16) who has blonde, long hair, a round face and who isnot very tall enters a room. It has a big wooden table anda big, black leather couch in front of it. A middle agedSHRINK welcomes her with a big smile. She shakes Alya’shand, they both sit. The dialogs are in Turkish.SHRINK #1So, Alya what brings you here?ALYAWhy do you keep saying this? Youknow why I’m here.INT. THE SHRINK #2’S OFFICE - DAYA male SHRINK (#2) who is around 50 is sitting across Alyaon a beige couch.SHRINK #2Okay, then tell me how thishappened.INT. THE SHRINK #3’S OFFICE - DAYA serious female SHRINK (#3) who is over 50 is sittingacross Alya on a big red chair.ALYA(smiling like she is makingfun of her a little)Will you tie me up if I dont tellyou?INT. THE SHRINK #1’S OFFICE - DAYSHRINK #1(with a big smile)It’s just that life is too shortand it will end without evennoticing. You’ve been through a lotof changes, I know but you’re soyoung and life has many wonderfulsides. Even though you may not haveseen many of them yet, you willeventually.(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 2.Alya looks at her confused. Shrink #1 still has a big smileon her face.ALYAOh, you’ll give me some pot now?INT. THE SHRINK #2’S OFFICE - DAYSHRINK #2You have a boyfriend right?ALYARight.SHRINK #2Can the situation be related withanything sexual?ALYAYes, he is into men. I don’t knowwhat to do.SHRINK #2I think your sarcasm has somethingunderneath it. Let’s try to solvethis. Maybe he didn’t want yousexually. Maybe he cheated on youwith someone else. Maybe you caughtthem and felt horrible.Alya tilts her head.ALYADo you need someone to talk to? I’ma great listener.INT. THE SHRINK #3’S OFFICE - DAYThe shrink #3 looks at Alya seriously and a little pissed.Alya is lying on the couch, her eyes are closed, her tongueis out. Acting like she is dead.ALYA(opening her eyes)What? You wanted the whole story.

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