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Substantial Amendment to the FY 2011 Annual Action Plan for the Second Allocation of Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) Program Funds

Substantial Amendment to the FY 2011 Annual Action Plan for the Second Allocation of Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) Program Funds

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Published by Morris County NJ

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Published by: Morris County NJ on Apr 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Substantial Amendment to theFY 2011 Annual Action Plan for theSecond Allocation of Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) Program Funds1. SF-4242. Consultation Process
• Consult with the Continuum(s) of Care within the geographic area on:
Determining how to allocate ESG funds
for eligible activitiesThe jurisdiction collaborates with the Human Services Advisory Council (HSAC) tocoordinate efforts and programs serving people who are homeless as well as theallocation of ESG funds for eligible activities. Comprehensive Emergency AssistanceSystems/Continuum of Care (CEAS/CoC) falls under the HSAC umbrella.Every year the opportunity to compete for ESG funds is made available to agencies.County staff review the applications for completeness, eligibility and compliance withneeds addressed in the 5 Year Consolidated Plan, the Homeless Plan and theContinuum of Care. In response to the new ESG, applications must now meet a needserving the homeless population in one of these core areas: homeless prevention andrapid re-housing, street outreach, emergency shelters or HMIS.The County’s (HSAC) Program Review Committee reviews, hears presentations by theapplicants, ranks and makes funding recommendations of the applications, according tothe following criteria:1. Compliance with regulations regarding eligibility2. Meeting a County goal as defined in the Homeless Plan
3. Consistency with the Consolidated Plan4. Having a designated match5. Providing a direct service to the homeless with priority given to prevention and rapidre-housing6. Financial need7. TimelinessProgram Year 2011 was atypical; the HUD award amount was not firm until late in the year.Because there were hints of increased funding to be made available, this jurisdiction allowedapplicants to submit 2 applications: 1 at the original amount, 1 at the increased amount. They
The County's Homeless Plan was developed by the Department of Human Services and thisDivision of Community Development in response to the needs and concerns identified in theContinuum of Care. The plan addresses the need for more permanent supportive housing aswell as affordable rental properties and it emphasizes the need for financial resources for supportive services.
were briefed on the changes proposed for ESG and the new emphases shifting from emergencyshelters to prevention and rapid re-housing. Most reflected this change in their amendedapplications. Four providers were recommended for funding, as outlined in the charts on pages3, 4, and 5.
Developing the performance standards
for activities funded under ESGPresently, performance standards, or outcomes, are requested to be defined in the ESG grantapplication. In compliance with 576.400, the jurisdiction is working with the CoC tocollaborate on revised standards reflecting the HEARTH Act. Standards listed in #9 werederived from previous CoC submissions as well as provider outcomes identified in ESGapplications. The jurisdiction will consult with CEAS on proposed performance standards.
Developing funding, policies, and procedures
for the operation andadministration of the HMIS.The County of Morris Continuum of Care (CoC), serving the Morris County jurisdiction,submitted a “Declaration of Intent” to NJHMFA to participate in the NJ Statewide HMISCollaborative. The CoC committed to work with NJHMFA and other state agency staff tofacilitate implementation of the HMIS Collaborative with appropriate provider agencies in theCoC. In addition, the CoC committed to:1.Represent and participate in the Advisory Committee for the Statewide HMISCollaborative and workgroups as needed2.Participate in cost sharing3.Work with NJHMFA and other State agency staff to support implementation activities
Work with NJHMFA as project sponsor for the HMIS Supportive Housing ProgramApplication.Currently, the jurisdiction’s ESG grant application states the requirement of entering data intoHMIS. Because ESG includes HMIS related expenses as an eligible activity, the rules outlinedin the Interim Rule will be included in the jurisdiction’s grant applications and agreements withsubgrantees.
3. Summary of Citizen Participation Process
• Summarize citizen participation process used:The County of Morris has developed the following criteria for “what constitutes a substantialchange” to the approved Consolidated Plan requiring an amendment:a.A project is cancelled and deleted from the program; b.A new project, not previously described, is proposed;c.A change to its allocation priorities or a change in the method of distribution of funds.The County of Morris will formally amend an annual Action Plan when:a. An activity is cancelled and deleted from the program; b.A new activity, not previously described, is proposed;c.A change of purpose, scope or location necessitates a new environmental assessment;d.More than 50% of the original beneficiaries of an activity have changed.2
 Notification of a substantial amendment will be published and note a 30 day comment period. Notification of an Action Plan amendment will also be published and note a 7 day comment period. The County of Morris will consider any comments received in writing, or orally at public hearings in preparing amendments. A summary of comments, accepted or not accepted,will be attached to the amendments.• Summarize the
public comments
or views received:• Summarize the
comments or views not accepted
and include the reasons for not accepting thosecomments or views.There were no comments or views that were not accepted.Revisions to the Citizen Participation Plan will be proposed to comply with the ESGregulations.
4. Match
types of cash and/or non-cash resources used as match
specific amounts of resources used as match
 proposed uses of match resourcesHomelessSolutions, Inc.Interfaith Councilfor HomelessFamilies in MorrisCountyJersey BatteredWomenServices, Inc.Morris CountyOffice of TemporaryAssistanceSSH16,777Volunteer Hours5,000In-KindDonations17,368Foundations16,777Proposed Usesof MatchResourcesFamily Shelter ProgramCaseManagement/PSH Nights of ShelterHomelessPreventionServices
5. Proposed Activities and Overall Budget
a. Proposed Activities
• All recipients must include the following details for each proposed activity:1) corresponding priority needs from recipient’s Annual Action Plan2) concise description of the activity, including the number and types of persons to be served3) corresponding standard objective and outcome categories4) start date and completion date5) ESG and other funding amounts• Local governments must include the following details for each proposed activity:6) one or more performance indicators7) projected accomplishments, in accordance with each indicator, to be made within one year 3

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