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English II Essay

English II Essay

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Published by RodgerSeagraves
One of my greater works- this essay along with several others i have yet to publish actually landed me the deans list im my school (probably because i was close with the teacher). Use this if you need an easy english grade! thanks for looking.
One of my greater works- this essay along with several others i have yet to publish actually landed me the deans list im my school (probably because i was close with the teacher). Use this if you need an easy english grade! thanks for looking.

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: RodgerSeagraves on Dec 11, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Marr 1Ryan Marr Paper OneThe Driver and the Gamer English Composition IIFebruary 2, 2007If you drive, you have probably encountered many road obstacles and hazards.An experienced driver also may notice that they have developed almost a sixth sense indetermining what other drivers will do. The truth becomes known that driving a car ismuch more complicated than following the speed limit and staying in your lane. Drivingrequires the dexterity, experience, and skill of the best sports stars and video gamestrategists.A safe and knowledgeable driver must first get to know his or her car. This issomewhat more complicated than it sounds. Experience comes into play here, when adriver must know ahead of time how the car will respond if, let’s say, he applies the gassuddenly. When one drives, it is vital to understand where all the buttons, knobs, andswitches are located in their car. It is even more important to understand what each button or switch does when activated. Only driving experience can fully develop adriver’s senses when it comes to knowing what your car is capable of performing. Wecan all agree that experience is a required element for one to be successful and good atany task. This is true in sports that are heavy in strategy, and thus it must be the samewhen mastering dangerous roadways.The real strategy is used when the driving begins. This is when one must predictand react to other driver’s maneuvers. Driving on a highway can be a scary situation for 
Marr 2 beginner drivers, with many lanes providing room for many mistakes. A beginning driver will not have the developed senses a well seasoned driver has. This can only be obtainedthrough many hours of driving experience. Once that experience is gained, one begins toeasily predict the moves, lane changes, and sudden stops of other cars on the highway.Just in the same way a poker player observes the facial expressions of their opponents,drivers must observe the movements and actions of the cars around them to gauge whatmay happen next. A good driver will utilize methods used in games such as chess or combat video games, such as observing every movement around them, reacting quicklyand deliberately, and understanding the possible outcomes in every maneuver.On the road, every driver’s decisions affect all others on the road. If one car speeds through an intersection, leaving a gap behind that car and the rest, other cars maytake advantage of the situation and rush to make their left turns. These quick andsomewhat unprepared moves can distract other drivers and put them at risk for accidents.All these risks were caused by one speedy driver who hurried through an intersection.You can see why predicting the risks and moves of other drivers can protect you fromunnecessary risks. As these cars make their quick left turns, you can prepare by slowingdown and giving them the right of way. This would reduce risks for accidents, and provide you with time to decide when it’s safest to proceed. Expert strategists for videogames and sports have learned to use their senses and awareness to predict outcomes, andmost drivers have done the same.Keeping in mind what cars are capable of, skilled drivers will notice roadconditions and make adjustments to maintain control. Video game competitors andanyone in the sports world knows that adjusting to conditions involves serious
Marr 3attentiveness and quick reaction time. Making tight turns on roads that are slippery ismuch like guiding a combat plane onto a runway in a video game. Both requireexperience, concentration, and practice for one to master the maneuver. The onlydifference is that, while video game competitions don’t put anyone in harm’s way,navigating a road in inclement weather does. The same precision used by video gamersto win competitions can easily be compared to controlling a car during all the worstweather conditions.Multitasking while driving a car is a risk and should be avoided, but on the other hand, sometimes it is necessary to maintain control and safety. Just as baseball playersmust learn to get ready to sprint to first base and prepare to hit the ball at the same time,car drivers must learn to adjust windshield wipers and other vital gadgets while driving.It is also the same in high intensity video games such as “first person shooters.” Playersmust master actions such as crouching, strafing, and running all at the same time. Theseare vital winning techniques in video games, and equally important multitasking skills touse in a car. While using a cell phone while driving is not vital for control, knowing howto operate windshield wipers, turn signals, and climate controls while driving is veryimportant. Next time you drive, notice how many times you use these strategies. You mayhave already learned all the techniques and mastered all the tricks that make driving a car safer. The same way you apply these rules of the road are very similar in the way anathlete or video gamer applies what he or she has learned in the game. Both drivers andgamers must be aware, predict outcomes, and use caution when making their move. It isthe common link between skilled sportsmen and professional drivers.

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