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Stanley for Henry BoE

Stanley for Henry BoE

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Published by Henry Citizen
Announcement and several position statements by the candidate.
Announcement and several position statements by the candidate.

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Published by: Henry Citizen on Apr 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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4/4/2012 1
Larry Stanley for Henry Board of Education, District 2
I want to serve Henry County in positive and meaningful ways. Our school system ishighly regarded and recognized across the state. It will be an honor to serve with theother board members as an advocate for students, parents and school system staff.The role of a school board is to set direction and provide oversight and accountability.While day-to-day management is delegated to school system staff through thesuperintendent, board members are elected and therefore must be accessible andaccountable to the countys voters, taxpayers and residents.The quality of educational services provided by the Henry County Schools affectsquality of life for the county. It affects the physical, intellectual and emotionaldevelopment of every student. It affects the local business climate. Every boardmember has a huge responsibility.
Larry Stanley
 will accept the responsibilities that follow theauthorities of the board. First on the list is maintainingaccessibility, openness and always answerable to the needs of theentire system.
Hands-On Accountability
A poll conducted by Georgia State University indicates that school boards should havethe responsibility
Hiring, firing and promoting of teachers
Hiring, firing and promoting of principals and school administrators?
Setting policy about promoting and retaining students is mainly seen as a boardrole, but Administrators in each school polled next highest.Setting discipline and safety policy is also seen as a shared role between the localboard and Administrators in each school.
4/4/2012 2
Larry Stanley
 will consistently apply a conservative social andfiscal voice to the Board
Pursuit of Excellence
The decisions made by the school board affect virtually every important aspect of local schools from boundaries to bus schedules, curriculum to clubs, and funding to field trips.
The Georgia Constitution requires that an elected school board oversee each schoolsystem. Members of a local school board are to manage and control and to makedecisions on almost every aspect of public school operations. Each school board -- as awhole -- serves as the governing body. Individual board members have no authorityoutside of the board room.Many of the day-to-day responsibilities for which school boards are responsiblegenerally are delegated to the superintendent. However, responsibilities of a publicschool board also include, but are not limited to some duties that cannot be delegated,such as:
Buying and selling school property (including the power of condemnation),
Calling elections to authorize a Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax(SPLOST) and bond elections to authorize the issuance of bonded debt
Making the policies and rules necessary to govern the school system
Reorganization and consolidation of schools within their control
Authority to hire employees on the recommendation of the superintendent.
Responsible for arbitrating personnel recommendations from theirsuperintendents. These recommendations include such things as disciplinaryaction, recognition, and dismissal requests.
Responsibility of approving the districts annual budget.
Larry Stanley
 will not join any effort to create bonded debtthat is not absolutely, 100% necessary
The 2009 Bond Referendum was a fiasco and it was rightly rejected by thevoters of Henry County.
4/4/2012 3
The Referendum would provide revenue for 2 high schools, 1 middle school and 4elementary schools plus additions and renovations at existing schools.Losing by 70% to 30% of voters, even school system employees did not see the needfor an additional $265,000,000 in bonded debt.
Larry Stanley
 will not join any effort to increase the HenryCounty school millage rate AND will always stand to protectHenry County taxpayers 
Henry County Schools already collects the legal limit on property taxes
The millage rate (also known as the tax rate) is a figure applied to the value of yourproperty to calculate your property tax liability. One mill equals one dollar of tax onevery thousand dollars of taxable value. Your tax dollars are used to fund the cost ofyour government each year.The three parts of the millage calculation1. The budget2. The net tax digest3. The millage rate
The budget:
Determining what services are to be offered by government, what the costof those services will be, and how expenses will be funded are fundamentalresponsibilities of elected officials during the budget process. The budget process canbe fraught with political influences, to which any critic of out-of-control, pork barrelspending can attest.
The millage rate:
Currently, a taxing authority can set the millage rate at whatever levelit chooses. Although no analysis of statewide data exists, anecdotal experienceindicates that most jurisdictions do not set their millage rate mathematically, but ratherset the millage rate arbitrarily and politically.
The bottom line
Currently, there is a constitutional limit of 20 mills for the funding of schools. SchoolBoards can adopt a rate above the cap only by voter approval.New School Board members are taught a process which can be described as a millagevalue estimation. BoE members are taught to divide last years actual tax revenue bylast years millage and use that dollar value of a mill to compute how many mills will beneeded to make up the budget shortfall for the current year. The process is invalid

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