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Sustainability and Ecology at the ZEGG Community; by Achim Ecker

Sustainability and Ecology at the ZEGG Community; by Achim Ecker

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Published by Mindy101Smith
Sustainability and Ecology at the ZEGG Community; by Achim Ecker
Sustainability and Ecology at the ZEGG Community; by Achim Ecker

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Published by: Mindy101Smith on Apr 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sustainability and Ecologyat the ZEGG Community
 Achim Ecker
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Sustainability and Ecology at the ZEGG Community
“Peaceand survi-val of life on earth as weknow it are threatened byhuman activities that lacka commitment to humanvalues. Destruction of nature and natural resourcesis the result of ignorance, greed,and lack of respect for theearth’s living things. This lack of re- spect extends even to the earth’s hu-man descendants, the futuregenerations who will in-herit a vastly degradedplane if world peace does notbecome a reality and if destructi-on of the natural environ-ment continues at thepresent rate”. (DalaiLama)
3 Introduction: Life within a LivingOrganism5 Energy Use and Sustainability6 A short History of Fossil FuelConsumption7 The Protection, Conservation andRestoration of Soil9 The Forest as the Matrix of Life12 Permaculture13 Spiritual Ecology and Geomancy14 Cooperation with Animals15 The ZEGG Vegetable Garden17 AwarenessintheKitchenandwhileShopping18 TheGreeningofRoofsandFaçades19 Water – a Living Substance21 Waste Water Cleaning andComposter 23 Natural Pond Clarification24 Compost Toilets25 Energy Generation fromRenewable Resources26 Cars run on Vegetable Oil27 Building and Insulating withPlant Fibres28 Building with Earth29 Living Buildings with Willows andOther Trees30 Mandala Pavilions32 Triangular Huts33 Epilogue: There is no Timeto Waste35 What is ZEGG?36 Literature
Publisher and V.i.S.D.P.:
Achim Ecker Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 89D-14806 Belzig
Achim Ecker (Geomancy: Hermann Haring),
Achim Ecker, Georg Loh-mann, ZEGG-Archive; Cover Photo-graph: A. Ecker 
Layout and typesetting:
HermannHaring, Burkhard Alexander Pranke
English translation:
Stefani Ross, NiallGlynn
Joost, D-Kronshagen1. Edition 2004Reprint of excerpts with indication of source is permitted and welcomed. Pleasesend specimen copy.
Sustainability and Ecology at the ZEGG Community
Life within a LivingOrganism
or millions of years, life onEarth has existed in biological balance: all species co-exist, andall substances are returned in a cy-cle back to nature. There is no was-te.Theenergyofthesunistheonlysourceofenergywhichis availablenearly without limitations. The sunconstantly feeds this cycle on theEarth, thereby making it possiblefor life to exist.The ever more obvious climaticchanges with all of their accompa-nying “natural” catastrophes showus that this balance is now serious-ly threatened by us humans: if wewant to survive, we have to changeour ways of thinking, and we haveto re-learn to live in harmony withnature. This does not mean a simp-lemovement`backtonature´,buta balanced approach both to oursel-ves, and to whatever surrounds us.Our planet Earth is a living organ-ism. Animals, plants and humansand the so-called “a-biotic” matter,such as water, winds and rocks, areinterconnected. This connected-nessbetweenushumansandthebi-osphere, which was seen as a mat-ter of fact in early cultures, has to-day been neglected and disrupted.Humankind has lost touch with na-ture, and can therefore bear to ex- ploitherbyviolentlydisruptingna-tural cycles and relationships. Pro-fit-oriented globalisation, subjecteverylife-processtothelawsofthemarket, signifies a new apex in hu-manity’s insanity. The so-calledwars against terrorism are one ex- pression of this disease. They un-mask the underlying mechanismsof capitalism, always on the moveto secure natural resources andnewmarkets.Terrorismwouldbest befoughtbytheimplementationof global justice and by fighting po-verty and illiteracy.Sustainable development andworldwide justice require, first of all, a new orientation of our lifesty-les in the industrialized countriesas we already consume much morethan our share. If the entire world’s population wanted to achieve our standards of living, we would needseveralplanetsjustliketheEarthinordertosupplyuswiththenecessa-ry raw materials, such as energy,food and natural resources. Politicsneeds to provide a supportive fra-mework for this change of attitudeand thinking; but most of all it isnecessaryforeachandeveryoneof us to fundamentally change his or herattitudetowardsthewayweuseour shared resources and the pro-ducts of this one world.Let me quote from the preamble of the Earth-Charta of the B.U.N.D.(a big German environmental or-ganization), dated March 24th,2000: “We now stand at a critical point in the history of the Earth, atwhich humanity needs to choosethe way to take into the future. Asthe world more and more interla-cedandecologicallyfragile,thefu-tureholdsimmensedangersandin-credible opportunities. If we wantto advance, we need to acknowled-ge that, despite or even due to our many differences in culture and li-festyles, we are one big family, aglobal community tied together bya shared fate (…)Humanity is part of a constantlyevolving Universe. Our home, theEarth, offers the opportunity for aunique and diverse community of  beings, (…)The prevailing patterns of produc-tion and consumption cause deva-station of the environment, exploi-tation of natural resources andmassive extinction of species. The proceedsoftheeconomicdevelop-ment are not spread equally, andthechasmbetweenrichandpoorisgetting deeper and deeper. Injusti-ce, poverty, ignorance and violentconflicts are spreading and arecausing incredible suffering. (…)We now have a choice: we either form a global partnership, in order to care for the Earth and for eachother,orweruntheriskofdestroy-ing ourselves and the entire diver-sity of life. Some very decisivechanges in our value system, our institutions and our way of life arenecessary.Wehavetheknowledgeand the technology to provide for ourselves, and to reduce negativeimpacts on the environment. Weneed to focus on the fact that if ba-sic human needs are provided for,human development is centredaround “beinginstead of “ha-ving”.ZEGG (see page 35) has made acommitment to develop a way of life which does not cause any furt-her damage to this planet andwhich contributes to its healing. Acommunalwayoflifeandjointuseofconsumergoodsarestepsinthisdirection. Within the past years,the ecological work done at ZEGGhas undergone some changes: star-ting out with a more classical ap- proachtowardsecology,ithasmo-

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