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Greece Paper

Greece Paper

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Published by Rem-State

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Published by: Rem-State on Dec 11, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Remi JoffrayChef Richard WorthenWorld Cuisine Win.Qtr.2008
Greece is located at the southeast corner of Europe on thesouthern part of the balkin peninsula. Asia is east of Greece rightacross the aegen sea. Africa is also very close to Greece being justsouth across the Mediterranean sea. Greece has a very jaggedcoastline. Greece also shares a border with Albania, which was theformer Yugoslav republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria. The geography of Greece has high influence on the politics of its people. Greece is oneof the most mountainous countries in Europe. Its surface has smallplains and limestone mountains. The arcadians were the only divisionto not occupy any of the coast of Greece. The mountains of Greece areall around each plain. Each city occupied areas in the plains, making itso that they are in solitude from other cities. Greece brought our worldmany different things that are still in practice. Greece’s ancientphilosophers made amazing advances in science, medicine, math, andastronomy. Its cities and states were one some of the firsts to developa democratic government. The culture of ancient Greece seems toresound throughout the ages of time, through literature, art,philosophy, and politics. The first settlement of Greece dated to thePaleolithic era, which was 11,00-3,00 B.C, the ottomans ruled Greecefor a while and for most of the inhabitants of Greece, this was a darkperiod of time for them. The Greeks wanted their freedom from themand rioted against their oppressors. The independence war started inthe Peloponnese peninsula in 1821 and ended in 1831 and established
a new and independent Greek state. The people of Greece nowadays are only partly descended from theancient Greeks, having mixed with invaders throughout their time.Modern Greek is the language, but there is also a small Turkish-speaking group.Many Greeks also speak English and French. The Greek OrthodoxChurch is the official church of the country and includes almost all of the population. In Greece, mostly has a been poor countryagriculturally, has evolved into obsession of food. Greek cuisine has avariety of different, rich cooking styles, ingredients and flavors.Vegetarianism has been a long tradition of cuisine and culture for theGreek people. It started with the Pythagoras who did not eat meatbecause of moral reasons. Today the extreme religious people stillabstain from meat and animal products on Wednesdays and Fridays.Greece, like any other culture, its cuisine is influenced greatlyupon the geography and history. The cuisine of the mainland isprimarily a Sheppard’s cuisine, because Sheppard’s would travel onfoot with their flock. Butter and lard were the main ways of fat for theSheppard’s. Cheese yogurt and other dairy products also wereincluded in their diet as well. There are many pies in Greece that fallinto broad categories. Tiropita is a cheese pie. The filling is usually acombination of local cheese and eggs. Some pies are multi layered

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