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Week 5 Recipes JASON

Week 5 Recipes JASON

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Published by Rem-State

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Published by: Rem-State on Dec 11, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Jason Stark WorldWeek 5
Kabak kizartmasi – Zuchini fritters and patican kizartmasi – eggplantfritters-Midye Dolmasi – stuffed mussels-Balik Koftesi – Fish balls-Domates Salatasi – Tomato Salad-Sis Kebap – skewered lamb and veggies-Havuc Plakisi – Braised carrots-Beyaz Pilav-Incir Compostu – Figs in syrup
 Turkey Turkey is a deep and flavorful nation. In history the Turks havebeen known as a nomadic people which has created there food culture. The Turks help create yogurt, the fermenting process to yogurt wassaid to have originated with the nomadic tribes. The Turks alsocultivated wheat and used it to create breads that are well known inthe region. Breads such as pita, lavash, and simit. These breads veryin cooking method (leavened, unleavened, grilled, or baked.) and havedifferent uses in the cuisine. Lamb has been the staple meat in Turkeysince the nomadic tribes and sis kebabs have been a favored style of cooking. Soups have become a staple as well in Turkish cuisine, soupis generally eaten before every meal including breakfast. Turkishpeople seem to lean more towards the savory side of the culinaryspectrum and use fruits as their “sweets”. Their core seasonings arelemon, garlic, yogurt, sage, oregano, cumin, mint, and dill.
Kabak kizartmasi – Zuchini fritters and patican kizartmasi –eggplant fritters
2 cups eggplant long slice
2 cups zuchinni long slice
Oil as needed
1 cup ap flour
1 tsp salt
¾ cups beer
2 garlic
½ tsp salt
1 cup yogurt
As needed taratorProcedure:1.Slice eggplant, salt it and let sit on paper towels, washoff 2.Cover eggplant in oil and broil (or brown any way) onboth sides3.For batter sift salt and flour then add beer until smoothand doughy4.Dip eggplant and zucchini into batter and pan fry, servewith yogurt sauceChef Critique:They looked good, good shape and size. The flavor was a bitbland but good with the tzaziki.

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