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Chapter One - I Miss You

Chapter One - I Miss You

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Published by davidsnuggs19878086
Family Matters story
Family Matters story

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Published by: davidsnuggs19878086 on Dec 11, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter One: I Miss You
Lying on her angel white hammock in her backyard, the one and only Myra BoutrosBoutros Monkhouse sighed with a slight tremble in her breath and a quiver of herlips. The sun had decided to hide its’ bright, shining face hours ago and the onlylights available came from the few streetlights scattered around on the other side of the fence to her left and the lamp hanging outside her back door directly in front of her. Myra softly sighed again and felt a wave of sadness crash heavily against herheart. A tear decided to escape Myra’s eye and slide down her cheek as she heard afew cars pass by with a loud roar. By now, it had been a few hours after the “disaster” of crashing Steve Urkel and Laura Winslow’s date at Chez Maurice’s, onlyto find out that her “Stevie” decided to be with Laura Winslow and let Myra go.Sitting with her “enemy” Laura and Steve, Myra felt that even if she was no matchfor Laura in Steve’s eyes that she would give it a try anyway. All of her life, she wastaught by her mother that if you wanted something, you give it your best shot nomatter what. If you don’t succeed, try and try again until you get what it is that youwant. A quiet mouth does not get fed. The squeakiest wheel gets the oil. Thosesentiments rang through Ms. Monkhouse’s mind to try to get her to relax, but theimage of Steve telling her his true feelings snatched any good feeling that tried tosurface away and back into the hidden depths from which it came. She regrettedputting a hidden camera into his eyeglasses, but it was the only thing she could do inorder to rid the anxiety and pain that comes from knowing your man is with anotherwoman; especially a woman who is NOT RIGHT FOR HIM.Myra figured that a car stopped by the front of her house, due to the sound of theengine running. Myra closed her eyes and felt more tears fall down her face as shesuddenly heard the lyrics of a familiar song echo from the car’s loud radio blasting atthis time of night. “Do I ever cross your mind, anytime?Do you ever wake up reaching out for me?Do I ever cross your mind anytime?I miss you…” -Brian McKnight, “Anytime”  “I need you Steven…I want you…” Myra whispered after hearing the lyrics as thesong faded, the effect of the car driving off. Looking into the numerous, bright starsthat were floating within the darkness above Myra wiped the tears from under hereyes and closed her eyes. “You’re the whipped cream on my sweet potato pie. You’rethe great star that lights my night sky. I love you Steven Q. Urkel. I’d do anything foryou…you don’t need that Laura. I need you, and you need me.” Myra finished with asigh. “I do?” A familiar voice cut its way through the small moment of silence thatappeared after Myra had completed her soliloquy. “STEVIE!” Myra almost fell out of her hammock as she slid out of it and landed onher feet. Looking around, she saw Steve standing in front of her back yard door stilldressed in his black suit that he had worn on the date he had with Laura. “What areyou doing here, my strawberry cupcake?” 

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