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CH4 Foreplay Ideas Secrets and Arousal

CH4 Foreplay Ideas Secrets and Arousal

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Published by TheVeiledGarden
Almost everything a husband and wife needs to know about sex, whether just married or in mature relationships.
Almost everything a husband and wife needs to know about sex, whether just married or in mature relationships.

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Published by: TheVeiledGarden on Apr 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 4
 The Orchid garden
Foreplay and Arousal
Foreplay is the equivalent to an appetizer of apassionate meal for two. If done right it can leave youhungry and eagerly anticipating the main course. But if hurriedly approached and thrown together it can show your lack of knowledge, skill, and appreciation of yourpartner. One way to start the process early is to create astrong sense of expectation during day. Shave, groomyour pubic hair, moisturize, and apply your perfume orcologne. Brush teeth, floss, and use mouthwash.Ultimately, create an overarching plan that buildsexcitement and stay aware to nuances of sexualresponse. Using your all of your senses to touch, caress,kiss, cuddle, play, whisper, breathe, lick, and suck, youlay the brickwork and create momentum forintercourse. Although many couples neglect this stageof lovemaking, particularly as they age, it is extremely 
important to remember that arousal is built as a cycle,not an endpoint. Foreplay is an essential pre-conditionto allow both partners, but especially women, to reachorgasm. It is a myth that a woman (or man) reachesorgasm every time she or he has sex. It is not necessary to have an orgasm to enjoy sex, nor is it a requirementfor both parties to simultaneously reach orgasm.
 As you may have already learned, the male arousal cycleis faster and shorter than females. This is often why a woman needs more time before aman experiences his pleasure. Arousal is not created by one source, instead through different stimuli (and all of the five senses). Visually the body is aroused throughsight, but auditory stimuli based on environmentalsounds and the human voice also create a certainmood. Olfactory arousal makes use of smell, such as atrademark perfume or clean sheets. Kinesthetic usesphysical activity like touch. This is related to tactilestimuli: the feeling of someone’s skin, clothing, hair,and the memories associated with these tactileexperiences.
 The Veiled Garden
 Arousal does not occur like an on and off button, buthas different levels that waver in and out of intensity. While men and women experience the same four orfive stages of arousal, they do not do so in the samephysical and emotional ways.1) In stage one, there is no arousal. For example, youare at work or doing chores.
2) The second stage is a state of low arousal whenyou’re getting turned on, but can lose that sensationeasily. This stage can be exited through a bit of foreplay. His penis usually starts becoming erect, andher vagina usually begins to slowly lubricate.3) With more sexual stimulation you can reach the thirdstage, which may lead you to the point of no return. If the erogenous zones are stimulated properly, they passinto the plateau stage. Your heart is thumping, faceflush, and you have a feeling of being on the edge. Thepenis is fully erect, the vagina has dilated toaccommodate the penis, but the latter also contracts toprovide greater resistance and a heightened sensationduring intercourse.4) The fourth is orgasm, which lasts only a few seconds. It is the release stage for hopefully bothhusband and wife. At this time the penis ejects semen

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