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CH9 Sex Games and Role Playing in Marriage

CH9 Sex Games and Role Playing in Marriage

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Published by TheVeiledGarden
Almost everything a husband and wife needs to know about sex, whether just married or in mature relationships.
Almost everything a husband and wife needs to know about sex, whether just married or in mature relationships.

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Published by: TheVeiledGarden on Apr 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 9
Role-playing in the Garden
Fantasies that stay within your moral boundaries are agreat way to add sizzle to your sex life. Role-playing allows both of you to explore and exceed your comfortzone in the protected environment of your relationship. You can be naughty or nice, hero or villain. Dress thepart, set up the place, and create your lawful fantasy.For example, playing the roles of doctor and patient,along with the many others listed below, are ways tobreak free from the monotony of our day-to-day roles.Start with fantasies that are more in line with yourpersonalities and then get more creative. Yourimagination is the creative power; your faith and innermoral compass will set the boundaries. To start, one must discuss one’s fantasies in a way thatis not demeaning in any way to the other person.
Fantasies sometimes involve status or authority, andthat imbalance adds to the experience, but could be asource of potential tension. Keep in mind how theseimagined roles make him or her feel. Fantasies shouldbe those that stretch the imagination. Any fantasy thatcould lead to adultery is sinful. We are accountable forboth our thoughts and actions, and any thought that would be wrong to act out is off limits. It is preferableif you maintain your marital status in the fantasy, butjust add some twist that makes it more exciting. Variety doesn’t have to come in the number of sexual partners;it can come in time, place, technique, positions, andmore.Begin by imagining that you and your spouse aretraveling to Fantasy Island—a place where mostanything can happen and change at a moment’s notice.Bring the island to your bedroom with the right music,
 The Veiled Garden
bikini, swimwear, suntan lotion, and island themedrinks with umbrellas. Pretend you are a tourist looking for a romance with a native in a grass skirt and coconutbra. Set scene with leis, grass skirts, and cardboardpalm tree cutouts. Get tropical fruits like mango,papaya, pineapple, and coconuts, and cut them intosmall pieces to feed each other. Mix up a couple of pinacoladas topped with hot pink paper umbrellas. A bottleof tropical massage oil for massages can start theconversation about what destination you both willtravel to next.

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