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CH13 Amazing Sex Games and Play in Marriage

CH13 Amazing Sex Games and Play in Marriage

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Published by TheVeiledGarden
Almost everything a husband and wife needs to know about sex, whether just married or in mature relationships.
Almost everything a husband and wife needs to know about sex, whether just married or in mature relationships.

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Published by: TheVeiledGarden on Apr 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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44 Games to Play
1. Play artist or painter. Use edible body paints orsauces like chocolate or strawberry to decorate yourpartner’s body. Paint your design on your spouse overas much of their body as possible, and then lick it off. Work your way to the naval. Avoid putting anything inthe vagina or any recess in the body as it can cause aninfection. Create a target with the paint and give yourspouse 30 or 60 seconds to clear that mark using theirmouth. Each side gets a number of chances to dofinish the job.2. Have aural sex with your spouse. Call them up froma location where you have privacy and can’t beoverheard. Then, tease and talk about what you did lasttime you made love or what you would like to do incoming rendezvous.3. Massage each other with different kinds of oils,scented, flavored, or self-heating. Slide your bodiesover each other. If you will be using a condom, avoidthe genitals, or ensure that you both shower, and washaway the oil, before sex.4. Have sex partially clothed. Ladies, meet your man atthe door, start to undress your husband by unzipping his pants, but dress yourself in a trench coat withnothing on underneath. Make love standing or on anunusual location like in the laundry room or bathroomcounter.
5. Create a pleasure pack with various types of condoms (you can buy assorted kinds pre-packaged)and combine with massage oils, and water-basedlubricants, fruit flavored mints. Place this pleasure back in a secret location and only bring out certain things when the mood is right.6. Create your own board game. You can buy a usedboard game and replace the squares and markers withyour own directions.7. Play strip dice: Create a list with numbers onethrough 12. Each one represents one item of clothing to be removed. The winner is one who gets theirspouse's clothes off first. For example: 1. Jacket 2. Shirt3. Pants 4. Bra or T-shirt 5. Belt 6. Necklace8. Play sexy dice. There should be two colors: One dicerepresents a body part and the other represents anaction you must do with the accompanying body part.Dice One 1. Nipples 2. Neck 3. Genitals 4. Inner thigh5. Belly Button 6. Feet. Dice Two 1. Massage 2. Kiss 3.Stroke 4. Nibble 5. Lick 6. Suck 9. A variation of the dice game is to play spin the bottleand add different foreplay options.10. Play strip-dice, this time the person with lowestscore gets to take one item of clothing off in aseductive way.11. Play your usual card games, but raise the stakes. Foreach loss, the spouse has to remove one article of clothing the other one dictates. First one naked loses.
 The Veiled Garden
12. When eating dinner in a restaurant write a sexualsuggestion and give it to your spouse.13. If restaurant has a long tablecloth use your foot toturn your spouse on.14. Pretend you are on your honeymoon and can't getenough of each other, feed each other, suck or lick each other’s fingers.15. Take a ripe cherry or strawberry and use it to caressyour spouse's lips. Take a nibble and put the rest in hisor her mouth.16. Take a ripe mango or kiwi and rub it on yourspouse’s body and then lick it over.17. Share an ice cube from mouth to mouth.18. Dust your spouse's body with talcum powder anduse an ice cube to make patterns and use the tingle of cold on hot skin.19. Put a large plastic sheet on the floor. Cover eachother’s body with oil and have a wrestling or sumomatch.20. In the next few months never have sex the same way twice in a row. Vary the position, location, andforeplay that we cover in the book.21. Toss a coin to see who gets to be on top whilehaving sex.

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