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Gonzales Cannon April 5 Issue

Gonzales Cannon April 5 Issue

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Published by Gonzales Cannon

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Published by: Gonzales Cannon on Apr 05, 2012
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Vol. 3- Issue 28
Reporting on Gonzales and Surrounding Counties with Honesty, Integrity and Fairness
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Our annual Easter Babiescontestants, winnersPages E1, E4
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Thursday, April 5, 2012
Thursday’s Forecast:
partly cloudy and warm. High-87, Low-59.10% chance o rain. Winds rom the west-southwest at 8 mph,56% relative humidity. UV index: 9 (very high)
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InsideThis Week:
“Come and Hear It!”
Tune in to radio stationKCTI 1450 AM at 8 a.m. Fri-day and 8 a.m. Tuesday for weekly updates from Gon-zales Cannon news editor Cedric Iglehart and Generalmanager Dave Mundy withKCTI personality Egon Bar-thels.
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Nymex OilFutures$102.01/bblNymex GasFutures$2.14
Lucas Energy Inc. “LEI”$2.39
Wednesday’s Prices
Te circus is coming to town! 
City alterstruck route
Tat’s a BIG one!
Patrons react to a huge catfsh as it is pulled rom the holding tank to be weighed in during Saturday’s un atthe 8th Annual Alvis Malatek Catfsh Tournament. For more details, see Outdoors, page C4.
(Photo by Cedric Iglehart)
Gonzales City Councilon uesday took steps toaddress an issue near anddear to many residents,modiying the city’s desig-nated truck route to curbbig rigs’ use o city streets— and made one o the his-toric symbols o Gonzalesthe city’s ocial ag.Te council voted toamend the city’s truck routeordinance by clariying thatUS Highway 183 is WaterSt. and by eliminating Spur146 (St. Louis) rom the ap-proved routes.Te city’s old ordinance,drawn up beore the High-way 183 bypass was built,made the ocial truck route down what is nowHighway 183 Business (St.Joseph), city manager AllenBarnes told the council.“In consultation with x-DO, we’re removing Spur146 rom the truck routeand the new ordinanceclaries what is US 183,”Barnes said.He said the city’s policedepartment is paying par-ticular attention to big rigswhich are straying rom theroute.“Te biggest problemhas been the gravel haul-ers going up St. Lawrencepast those three schools,”he said. “Te police are giv-ing that special attentionand giing those driverswith tokens o their esteem(tickets).”Te council also voted tomake the “Come and akeIt” ag the city’s ocial ag.Barnes said while designingthe city’s new logo, he hadbeen asked i the city had aag and he’d assumed thehistoric “Come and ake It”colors had always been thecity’s banner.“We did some research,and since 1835, it’s neverbeen designated,” he noted.“Well, then, it’s abouttime,” Mayor Bobby O’Nealremarked, and the councilenthusiastically voted theadoption.City residents will also
Despite work, downtown is ‘still open’
Te city o Gonzales wants to let visitors to the historic downtownarea know that although the St.George St. reconstruction projecthas re-routed vehiclular trac,businesses in the vicinity o the St.George-St. Joseph intersection arestill accessible and open or busi-ness.“Te businesses still have access,and we’re working to keep that ac-cess open,” said odd Remschel o the city’s Street Department. “We’lldo whatever it takes to make surethey have access, and when wehave to pour the sidewalks, it willbe when they are closed or we’llwork with them to have the leastafect possible.”Remschel and city engineerKeith Schauer said the “worst” parto the project is dine.“Te water and sewer lines arein, and we got the utility lines in,”Schauer said. “Tere’s still a sectionon the south side (o St. George)where we will have those lines un-der the sidewalk, but or the mostpart that’s all done now.”Te city has all but completedwork on the 100 and 200 blocks o St. George, an area which had beenprone to ooding. Te 300 block isreceiving a beautication renova-tion which includes cut-out park-ing, ADA access and potted treesor beautication.“It’s a diamond in the roughright now,” Remschel said.“We will have raised sidewalks tomake access to the businesses eas-ier or wheelchairs,” Schauer said.“Tere will also be access in thebumped-out intersections (withwheelchair ramps).”Gonzales Main Street coordi-nator Barbara Friedrichs said theproject is due or completion by the
Chico Tico (let, standing), Triulito (let, kneeling) and Marquino(right) o the Carson & Barnes Clown Troupe pose with Isa thePachyderm beore the Carson & Barnes Salute to the Red, Whiteand Blue Parade.
(Courtesy Photo)
Don’t look now Gonzales, butthe circus is coming to town!Te Carson & Barnes Circus, anAmerican institution since 1937,will be in Gonzales on Wednesday,April 11 to perorm two shows,beginning at 4:30 p.m. and 7:30p.m. respectively.Known or spreading its sig-nature brand o amily entertain-ment all across the country, thecircus is also a business that hasbeen afected by rising costs, par-ticularly uel costs.Te Carson & Barnes circuitconsists o traveling to 200 townsin eight states. Moving the showrom town to town is not only lo-gistically challenging, but it takes45 semi-trucks loaded with equip-ment, animals and personnel totranser the show rom place toplace on a near-nightly basis – theequivalent o moving a small com-munity.Marcus Vela, director o public-ity or Carson & Barnes Circus,said according to the recent cost o diesel quoted by AAA, the costs o  just ueling up alone can be quitestaggering.“Te average cost o diesel is$4.164 per gallon,” he said. “I g-ured our trucks get an average o our miles per gallon consideringeverything they have to tow. Wecovered 18,500 miles during lastyear’s tour so that basically cost us$866.632.50 in uel costs.”Even though uel is an expensethat the business can’t control,they take measures to ensure thecosts doesn’t get passed along totheir customers.“We haven’t increased ticketcosts at all,” said Vela. “Basically what we do is try to supplementwith a good ticket day. I a partic-ular date doesn’t meet the cost orthat day, then the circus has to ab-sorb that and move on with hopesthat upcoming dates will make upor it.“Te reason why there aren’tmany circuses around like theCarson & Barnes is because it’s sodicult to keep costs down. Butit’s piece o Americana that we
Carson & BarnesCircus to performhere on April 11
he Gonzales County Sheri’s Oice has a newtool in its arsenal thatshould go a long way inhelping coordinate sharedinormation between oth-er agencies.he program is calledCopsync and it has beenin use by the GCSO or al-most a month. he systemis not only used or ei-cient use o shared inor-mation, but also helps tomonitor the whereaboutso personnel in the ield.“It’s able to track whereall o the deputies arewhen they are traveling onthe road,” said GonzalesCounty Sheri Glen Sa-chtleben. “It tracks every-body in every agency that’sa member o Copsync andallow us to communicatewith them.Copsync proved to be very beneicial last hurs-day when a possible Am-ber Alert that was issuedacross the region turnedout to be a alse alarm.Authorities were able tolocate the child and ve-hicle in question within45 minutes, a remarkableresponse time or suchcases.he program is able tobe accessed via a laptopcomputer in every vehicle.Not only is it a coordinat-ing tool, but Copsync canactually aid with the cre-ation o traic citations.“While they’re travel-ing the oicers are able todo driver’s license checks,license plate checks andcheck to see i the vehicleis stolen,” said Sachtleben.“I we stop somebody, wecan take their license andrun it through a reader.he program will printout a traic citation com-plete with everythingexcept the location andthe violation. It will alsocheck to see i that par-ticular person is wantedor not. his makes traicstops a lot shorter.”he program is in theprocess o being expandedto write accident reportsand archive a history o driver’s previous traicstops.“All o the photographswe take o people whenwe book them, we are nowable to pull them up to seewhat people look like i wehave a wanted person,” saidSachtleben. “In short orderwe hope to be able to pullup everybody’s driver’s li-cense picture so when yourun a check it also givesyou the photograph o theperson you are checking.It’s a heck o a deal.”Right now Copsync isbeing used widely acrossthe state with several hun-dred patrol cars currently utilizing the program.Other state agencies, inaddition to the LouisianaState Patrol, are expectedto come on board in thenear uture.
The CannonThursday, April 5, 2012Page A2
 Thought orthe Day
“Dost thou understand me,sinul soul? He wrestled with justice, that thou might-est have rest; He wept andmourned, that thou might-est laugh and rejoice; He wasbetrayed, that thou mightestgo ree; was apprehended,that thou mightest escape;He was condemned, that thoumightest be justiied; andwas killed, that thou might-est live; He wore a crown o thorns, that thou mightestwear a crown o glory; andwas nailed to the cross, withHis arms wide open, to showwith what reeness all Hismerits shall be bestowed onthe coming soul; and howheartily He will receive it intoHis bosom?”
—John Bunyan
April 5, 1896
On this day in 1896, in El Paso, U.S. deputy marshalGeorge A. Scarborough shot constable John Selman,a celebrated gunman and gambler who had just letthe Wigwam Saloon. Selman died the next day on theoperating table. Scarborough was acquitted o mur-der but was orced to resign his position as deputymarshal. Selman, perhaps best known as the man whokilled John Wesley Hardin in 1895, had himsel been anotorious gure since the 1870s. Four years to the dayater Selman’s death, Scarborough died at his homein Deming, New Mexico, ollowing a gun battle withrustlers in Arizona.
Today inTexasHistory
For The Record
Yoakum Police ReportDeWitt Co. Sheri’s Ofce Report
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New program proving tobe instrumental for
Gonzales Sheriffs Ofce
Yoakum Police Department Weekly Inci-dent Report or March 26- April 1:03/26/12Case #12-103, Burglary-Residence, 209 W.Gonzales; Disposition, Investigation.Case #12-104, Assault-Aggr., Wilson-Wag-ner; CDisposition, Investigation.Case #12-105, Criminal Mischie-C, 1000Southwell; Disposition, Investigation.Case #12-106, Burglary-Vehicle, 602-W.May; Disposition, Investigation.03/28/12Case #12-107, Assault-C, 40-6 Burt; Disposi-tion, Investigation.Case #12-108, Criminal Mischie-B, 1200Carl Ramert; Disposition, Investigation.Case #172671, Warrant Arrest, Bucek,Eric, 46, Hallettsville, 606 US 77A S;OenseW#01312012-05253120-Parole Viola-tion; Disposition, Trans/DCSO.03/30/12Case #12-110, Assault-A/FV, 105 Ellen May;Disposition, Investigation.Case #172532, Rosales, Lupe, 45, Yoakum,900 Irvine; Oense, Thwarting CompulsoryAttendance; Disposition, Fine/$579/YPD Cus-tody..Case #12-111, Assault-C, 311 Montgomery;Disposition, Court Citation.Case #172709, Hernandez, Gregory, 40,Yoakum, 900 Irvine; Oense, Contempt CourtOrder; Disposition, Fine/$164/Rel.Case #172710, Warrant Arrest (2), Rosales,Lupe, 45, Yoakum, 900 Irvine; Oense(s),CPF#11-0692-Compulsory Attendance,CPF#11-0693-Compulsory Attendance;Disposition(s), Fine/$454/YPD Custody,Fine$654/YPD Custody.03/31/12Case #12-114, Criminal Trespass, Rivera,Juan, 30, Edna, 406 Airport; Oense, Criminal Trespass; Disposition, Trans/LCSO.Case $12-115, Criminal Mischie-B, Rivera,Juan, 30, Edna, 406 Airport; Oense, CriminalMischie-B; Disposition, Trans/LCSO.
DeWitt County Sheri’s Oce Reportrom March 23-29March 23Arrested Joel Reid, 29, o Spring, DrivingWhile Intoxicated, Bond o $1,200, DPSArrested Randy Cabello, 34, o Cuero,Assault Family Violence, Bond o $1,000,DCSOArrested Moody Blanton, 22, o Waco,Burglary o a Habitation, Bond o $35,000,DCSOArrested Jason Whites, 39, o Pfuger-ville, Possession o Marijuana < 2 oz. Bondo $1,000, Possession o Drug ParaphiliaFine o $217, DCSOArrested Johnny Janecka, 55, o Yoa-kum, Violation o Probation/Driving WhileIntoxicated 3Rd or More, No Bond, JacksonCo, DCSOArrested Colten Ellington, 23, o Victoria,Reckless Driving, Bond o $1,000, DCSOMarch 24Arrested Michelle Mainka, 32, o Cuero, Thet o Property >=$50<$500, Bond o $1,000, Thet o Property >=$50<$500,Bond o $1,000, Cuero PDArrested Jason Figueroa, 33, o Cuero,Bail Jumping and Failure to Appear (Victo-ria Co.), Bond o $1,000Arrested Delbert Moore, 19, o Yoakum,Criminal Trespass, Bond o $1,000 PR,DCSOArrested July Arzate, 34, o Cuero Evad-ing Arrest/Detention, Bond o $2,000, Cu-ero PDArrested Gabriel Huesca, 30, o Houston,Illegal Entry, No Bond, DCSOAssisted motorist on Hwy 183NArrested subject on warrant on E LiveOak March 25Arrested Michael Galindo, 22, Cuero, As-sault Causes Bodily Injury Family Member,Bond o $ 4,000, DCSOArrested Lamar Devon Holmen, 19, o Cuero, Possession o Marijuana < 2oz,Bond $1,000, CPDMarch 26Arrested Phillip Garcia, 31, o Cuero,Evading Arrest Detention with Vehicle,Bond $10,000, Abandon/Endanger ChildCriminal Negligence, Bond $5,000, Aban-don/Endanger Child Criminal Negligence,Bond $5,000, Resist Arrest Search or Trans-port, Bond $2,000, Class C/ Speeding OverLimit 1-10 miles over, Fine o $240.50,Class C/ Expired Operators License, Fine o $234, CPDArrested Timothy Orin Johnson, 52, o Victoria, Violation o Probation/DrivingWhile Intoxicated 3rd or More, No Bond,DCSOArrested Michael Zapata, 42, o Runge,Criminal Non-Support, No Bond, DCSOArrested Rebecca Gaitan, 53, o Cuero, Thet o Property by Check $20-$500 (Vic-toria Co), PR Bond $500.00, DCSOMarch 27Responded to a Shots Fired call on EversStMarch 28Arrested Alredo Esquivel, 39, o EaglePass, Bail Jumping and Failure to Appear,Bond o $30,000, DCSOArrested Leah Rhea, 36, o Yorktown,Bail Jumping and Failure to Appear, Bondo $30,000, DCSOArrested John Randall Anzualda, 26, o Cuero, Violation o Probation/Unauthor-ized Use o Vehicle, Bond o $20,000, DCSOArrested Eric James Bucek, 47, o Hal-lettsville, Parole Violation/Driving WhileIntoxicated 2nd, No Bond, Yoakum PD
Gonzales police seekingsuspect in car break-ins
Te Gonzales PoliceDepartment announcedWednesday aernoon thatthey have a suspect, whomthey believed is connected tothe recent rash o car break-ins.Captain Allen aylor saidthere were several reported vehicle burglaries in themonth o March. Te carswere parked in the area o the elementary schools, theCollege St./St. Lawrencearea and near the GonzalesCounty Courthouse.“Tere’s up to 17 on thebooks right now,” aylor said.“Te latest two happenedMonday night. Apparently what the suspect was do-ing was looking through thewindows or purses or wal-lets. When he sees them, hesmashes the window, reachesin and takes the objects.”It the investigation o arobbery o a vehicle that oc-curred on Friday, March 30which yielded enough inor-mation to lead to the issuingo an arrest warrant or Dan-iel Navejar, 38 o Gonzales.“He was released rom thepen in February and has alengthy criminal history,”aylor said. “We can only tie him to the one burglary at this time. In my opinion,this subject is going to be tiedto the majority o the vehicleburglaries that we had inMarch.”“I want to thank Gonza-les Wal-Mart or their assis-tance. Because o their help,we were able to obtain thesuspect’s identity.Burglary o a motor vehi-cle is a Class A misdemeanorbut since Navejar has threesuch previous charges onhis record it is enhanced toa elony.Ofcers went to servethe warrant on a residencewhere they believed Navejarwas staying, but were unableto locate him.I you have any inorma-tion to the whereabouts o Navejar, contact Capt. aylorat 830-672-8686.
Lavaca County Repub-lican Chairman MyronRehm has announcedthat the 2012 LavacaCounty Republican Con- vention will be held onSaturday, April 14 at theLavaca County Court-house Annex, located at412 N exana in Halletts- ville, starting at 1 p.m.he Lavaca County Re-publican Convention isheld in even-numberedelection years, as part o the statewide and nation-al Republican conventionprocess. he purposeso the convention are tochoose delegates and al-ternates to the Republi-can Party o exas (RP)State Convention, cur-rently scheduled or June7-9 in Fort Worth, and toconsider resolutions orstatements on policy is-sues to send to the StateConvention or eventualinclusion in the state andnational Party platorm.As a result o the sub-stantial changes to theelection calendar in 2012,the Lavaca County Re-publican Party will notbe conducting precinctconventions on the eve-ning o the May 29th Pri-mary Election and will beincorporating all party business into the county convention on April 14th.All attendees will beseated by precinct andwill vote their precinctstrength. Furthermore,all attendees have theright to seek to become astate delegate and to bringorth resolutions or con-sideration by the conven-tion. he convention willbe open to any registered voter who signs an oatho ailiation identiyingthemselves as a Republi-can.In making the an-nouncement, County Chairman Myron Rehmsaid, “Although the tim-ing o this year’s conven-tion schedule has changedor Lavaca County Re-publicans, we are moreenthusiastic than everabout coming togetheror this important eventand ready to get to work on our duties that day.”“On behal o ourcounty party, I invite allinterested Lavaca County Republicans to join us onSaturday, April 14 at theLavaca County Court-house Annex to partici-pate in a day o importantdiscussions and decisionsthat will carry orwardto our State RepublicanConvention and beyond.”raditionally, the coun-ty convention has beenopen to any registered voter in Lavaca County who either voted in thatyear’s Primary Election,or who took an oath o ailiation and identiiedthemselves with the Re-publican Party o exas.Since the county conven-tions will be held beorethe May 29 exas Pri-mary Election, the Lava-ca County RepublicanConvention will continueto be open to any regis-tered voter who signs anoath o ailiation iden-tiying themselves withthe Republican Party o exas. A complete list o convention participantswill be maintained by the County Party, andsubmitted to the LavacaCounty Elections Oiceor their record-keepingater the convention.For any additionalquestions or inormation,contact Lavaca County Chairman Myron Rehmat 361-798-6102 or by email at: mprehm22@gvec.net.
Lavaca County Republican Partyannounces county convention
The CannonThursday, April 5, 2012Page A3
Candidatemeet, greetset in Cuero
  E  L  E  C   T
Pol. Adv. paid for by Bob Burchard, 403 St. George St., Gonzales, TX 78629
Cannon News Services
Dear Editor and Citizens of Gonzales County: 
I should have known that when an imperfect but decent citizen attempts to take on a political machine the only response can be to attack that person personally. The public always has to wait to see the truth once it is revealed andsometimes it takes time. But the truth is like cream—it always rises to the top. My mother taught me that and it hasfaired well for me all of my life.I stand by my letter regarding the court of judicial inquiry. I stand by my opinion that my friend, Elizabeth Murray Kolb, was brave to accept the review of a case that was clearly not critically reviewed. I stand by my opinion that VickiPattillo did a good, honest job as your prior District Attorney. And now about Clark—I love a right wing, conservative, tax paying Republican who has accepted responsibility foranything that he has ever done wrong over his 60 years of life. He is good and smart and honorable and I am tired of GeraldHollub’s personal attacks against him. I want to say mean things about Gerald Hollub and his ex wife but I truly believe in“he who casts the first stone.” I also believe that politicians would be better served if they would stick to the issues and notthe personal attacks. As to Clark’s history, most of it happened before I even knew him and before Elizabeth Murray Kolb was County  Attorney. Clark has quietly and with dignity accepted the consequences for any wrong doing that occurred. If you do notthink that Ms. McMinn is behind these personal attacks through her surrogate ex then you do not understand dirty politics.Clark is not a blame shifter. I am not a blame shifter either. Any mistakes that I have made in my life I have honestly andopenly accepted responsibility for and moved on. Apparently those ethics don’t apply to everyone. If any of you ask someone who has known Clark for the past 50 years, (he has been playing music since he was 10) they will tell you that he is alwaysthe first one to come to the aid of a citizen or community sharing his special gift of music for the benefit of others.Mr. Hollub’s information about Clark is an exaggerated distraction and it is malicious. He specifically told me thathe was maligning Clark and others to get even with me for his erroneous assumption that I had something to do with theFrankie Casseb case. Bernadette Casseb was correctly quoted in the San Antonio Express and News saying that she knew she would not get justice from Guadalupe County. Mr. Hollub portrays the Cassebs as victims of mine with respect to theCourt of Inquiry. The Inquiry would never have happened if the Cassebs had not wanted it to happen.This is ridiculous. You voters are smarter than this. Look to the issue and that is the efficient running of the District Attorney’s Office. Nine assistant prosecutors and at least one staff member have left their jobs in less than three years. Ms.McMinn recently told the voters of Lavaca County that the departing assistants all endorsed her. I have spoken to someof those assistants who told me that they knew nothing about any “endorsement.” She twists the truth—over and over.If you believe her then vote for her. I, for one, think the citizens of these three counties deserve better.She has increased her budget by 70% but her productivity is not any greater than her predecessor who she criticizedin the previous campaign. She clearly plays political favorites. For example, she gave preferential treatment to the GonzalesCounty election fraud Defendants by giving them a felony pre trial diversion which is no more than a slap on the hand.Talk about sweet heart deals. While she claims to wants to prosecute cases protecting child victims, ask the people whoknow about all the unfiled sexual assault cases... the unfiled bond forfeitures (which occur when a defendant fails to appearfor court; which failing to file represents lost income to the county)... the unfinished cases... and there is so much more.Finally, while Ms. McMinn insists that her primary agenda is to get drug dealers off the street, she and Sheriff Zwickepublicly supported Guadalupe County Judge Mike Wiggins who made a decision to smoke marijuana, however acquired, while on the job representing Guadalupe County in an official capacity at a county function paid for by taxpayer dollars.Not once did either of those two elected officials publicly denounced the Judge or his behavior. To the contrary, they werepresent in the court room supporting his decision to stay. It is only after Mike Wiggins announced that “sometime in thefuture” he will resign did she acknowledge that he broke the law. Would she have been so tolerant if he had not been a hugesupporter in terms of budget etc? The whole corrupt fraternity, scratch my back and I will scratch yours is repugnant to me.I may not be perfect. But I am honest. I accept responsibility for any mistakes I make. I am a faithful companion toone man who I will not abandon because times get rough. I believe that we are only as sick as the secrets we keep and thatfaith, hope and love are the foundations of life. I don’t need this job. I have a great career and a happy life. But I refuse tobe intimidatedby vicious, self motivated people who protect each other for their own self interest. I will do better for you.I believe in the power of the people. I resent the intrusion of government without the government being responsible to thepeople. The government works for the people and we should not be intimidated by an individual’s perceived or apparentpower. We, the people, are its power, but only if we oversee what the government is doing and exercise our own poweraccordingly. Elected or not, I will continue to speak out and to tell the truth as I believe it—regardless of the outcome.Frankly, I am revolted by politics as usual. I am sick of the cronyism and politicians who protect each other at thepublic’s expense. Guadalupe County is in trouble. We are the laughing stock of the state. Leave the political machine inplace and watch that mentality spread to Gonzales County and Lavaca County. It will, if voters do not stand up and speak up. So read what you will. Believe what you will. Do your own investigation. But seek the truth and vote your conscience.Sincerely,Patricia A. Finch
Campaign Hotline: (830) 433-0074Post Office Box 2728Seguin, Texas 78156
Paid political advertising by the Patricia Finch Campaign, Jack N. Walker, Jr. Treasurer
Republican Women o Yoakum will sponsor a can-didate Meet and Greet atthe Mainstreet Kaee Haus& Deli, located on 104 MainStreet in Cuero, on Turs-day, April 12 rom 4 to 6p.m.Candidates rom all lev-els o political ofce – U.S.,State, District, and local –have been invited to attendand meet with the votingpublic.For more inormation,call Judy Chandler at 361-275-8910 or Brenda Cash at361-594-4258.

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