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Statement of Michael Corwin. Downs Deal Investigation. 04.05.12. Independent Source PAC.

Statement of Michael Corwin. Downs Deal Investigation. 04.05.12. Independent Source PAC.

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Published by Independentsource

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Published by: Independentsource on Apr 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Independent Source PAC 
Protecting Working Families by investigating and exposing the actions, agenda, and hypocrisy of the Political Right
Update of Investigation into Awarding Billion Dollar Contract to the Downsat Albuquerque by the Martinez Administration.
Summary of statement of Michael Corwin, Exec. Director, Independent Source PAC,at Press Conference held on Thursday, April 5, 2012.Magicians call it sleight of hand. They use misdirection and patter to get the audience to look where they want themto look so the audience misses the direct manipulation behind the trick. The audience accepts the trick at face valueand goes home happy.Susana Martinez and Rep. Nate Gentry stole a chapter from the magician’s handbook by pushing through a “toughanti-corruption” bill so that the media and the public would miss the direct manipulation behind the Downs’ deal.While others looked away, Independent Source PAC did not. Our deep research beyond the misdirection exposedthe manipulation and now everyone can see the illegal actions behind the “dirty” Downs deal.In 2006 Senator Dede Feldman wrote SB 0344, which was signed into law. Her bill prohibited contributions or anything of value by a prospective contractor to a public official or the public official’s employees. SB 0344addressed not just the procurement process but also negotiations of a sole source contract.The Downs deal involved two contract processes between the same entities regarding the operation of the samefacility, the 25-year billion-dollar-plus contract, and the sole-source 1-year contract extension permitting theoperation of the racino by the Downs until a long-term contract could be awarded.There were two different contributions by Downs majority owners Windham and Turner that fell during the sole-source contract negotiations and approval process while Martinez was governor. A $5,000 contribution to SusanaPAC on 5/6/11 from Brazos Land & Cattle and a 7/7/11 $5,000 contribution to Susana PAC from Sunray GamingLLC.The 7/7/11 contribution actually came two days after the RFP for the 25-year contract was set for posting (July 5th)by the administration. They delayed the posting, took the $5000, and then posted the RFP.In addition, Windham and Turner contributed $5,000 to Susana Martinez as governor-elect two days after the statefair commission announced that it would leave to Martinez the decision about what to do with a pending sole-sourcecontract. All three contributions came during the sole-source contract negotiations and approval process. All three were givento Martinez knowing that she had direct control over the contract process. Tom Tinnin and Charlotte Rode, twoRepublican appointees of Martinez, have already gone public with how she controlled the process.Martinez in fact replaced qualified evaluators chosen by Tinnin so that she could stack the deck with guys likeChuck Gara. Martinez gave Gara, who has strong ties to Jay McCleskey and a history of trying to rig outcomes tobenefit contributors, a $91,000 a year job at a time when the commercial real estate was in the toilet. She made himthe lead evaluator. He gave the Downs the notorious perfect score of 300 for managerial expertise, awarding them

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