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Tourism Planning

Tourism Planning

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Published by Asfaq Mohamed
Planning Steps in Tourism
Planning Steps in Tourism

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Published by: Asfaq Mohamed on Apr 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Assignment No. 02 by Asfaq M – asfaq@live.comWhat Components Include in Tourism Planning? Explain the Steps In TourismPlanning
- 1 -
Tourism is one of the main activities in a community or region that requiresplanning and coordination. Planning is the process of identifying objectives anddefining and evaluating methods of achieving them. Like any planning, tourismplanning is goal-oriented, striving to achieve certain objectives by matchingavailable resources and programs with the needs and wanted of people.In the planning the Goal cannot be a countable value. To achieve the goalwe set same objective and we move towards the goal by achieving theObjectives. The objectives can be quantifiable and will have some kind of values.
The Tourism Planning contains 04 Major Sectorsi. National Planning
The National level of planning is focused on several elements
Tourism Policy
A physical structure plan including identification of major touristattractions, designation of tourism development regions,international access points and the internal transportationsnetwork of facilities and services.
Other major infrastructure considerations.
The general amount types, and quality level of accommodationand other tourist facilities and services required.
The major tour routes in the country and their regionalconnections
ii. Regional Planning
The regional level of planning is for one region of a country, often astate or province, or perhaps an island group, and formulated withinthe framework of the national tourism policy and plan if such exists.Regional planning focuses on the elements of the following,
Regional Policy
Regional access and the internal transportation network offacilities and services
Type and location of tourist attraction
Location of tourism development areas including resorts areas
Amount, type and location of tourist accommodation and othertourist facilities and services
Marketing strategies and promotion programs
Obective 01 Obective 02 Obective 03
Assignment No. 02 by Asfaq M – asfaq@live.comWhat Components Include in Tourism Planning? Explain the Steps In TourismPlanning
- 2 -
iii. Resort Planning
It is more specific than regional planning level, but not as detailedas development area or resort land use planning. The componentsof the resort plan will depend on the situation of the resort, buttypically would include tourist attraction features, general location ofaccommodation and other tourist facilities and services.
Major Types of Planning practice today includes
 i. Economic Development Planningii. Physical and Land use Planningiii. Infrastructure Planningiv. Superstructure Planningv. Social Facility Planning for Education, Medical, Postal,Recreation…vi. Conservation and Nature area PlanningComprehensive planning requires a systematic approach; usually involvea series of steps. The process is best viewed as an iterative and on-going one,with each step subject to modification and refinement at any stage of theplanning of the planning process.
Like any planning, tourism planning is goal-oriented, striving to achievecertain objectives by matching available resources and programs with the needsand wants of people. Comprehensive planning requires a systematic approach,usually involving a series of steps. The process is best viewed as an iterative andon-going one, with each step subject to modification and refinement at anystage of the planning process.
There are six steps in the planning process:i.
Define goals and objectives.
Identify the tourism system.
Generate alternatives.
Evaluate alternatives.
Select and implement.
Monitor and evaluate.
Assignment No. 02 by Asfaq M – asfaq@live.comWhat Components Include in Tourism Planning? Explain the Steps In TourismPlanning
- 3 -
Defining Goals and objectives.
Obtaining clear statements of goals and objectives is difficult, butimportant. Ideally, tourism development goals should flow from more generalcommunity goals and objectives. It is important to understand how a tourismplan serves these broader purposes. If tourism is identified as a means of servingbroader community goals, it makes sense to develop plans with more specifictourism development objectives. These are generally defined through acontinuing process in which various groups and organizations in a communitywork together toward common goals. A local planning authority, chamber of commerce, visitor’s bureau, or similar group should assume a leadership role todevelop an initial plan and obtain broad involvement of tourism interests in thecommunity. Public support for the planning process and plan is also important.In the early stages of tourism development, goals may involveestablishing organizational structures and collecting information to better identifythe tourism System in the community. Later, more precise objectives can beformulated and more specific development and marketing strategies evaluated.
Identifying Your Tourism System
When planning for any type of activity, it is important to first define itsscope and characteristics. Be clear about exactly what your plan encompasses. A good initial question is, "What do you mean by tourism?" Tourism is defined inmany ways. Generally, tourism involves people traveling outside of theircommunity for pleasure. Definitions differ on the specifics of how far peoplemust travel, whether or not they must stay overnight, for how long, and whatexactly is included under traveling for "pleasure". Do you want your tourism planto include day visitors, conventioneers, business travelers, people visiting friendsand relatives, people passing through, or seasonal residents?Which community resources and organizations serve tourists or could servetourists? Generally, tourists share community resources with local residents andBusinesses. Many organizations serve both tourists and locals. This complicatestourism planning and argues for a clear idea of what your tourism plan entails.We can begin to clarify the tourism system by breaking It down into threesubsystems:(1) Tourism resources,(2) Tourism organizations, and(3) Tourism markets. An initial task in developing a tourism plan is to identify, inventory, and classifythe objects within each of these subsystems.

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