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eBook_25471_55007385 Flowers for the Meaning of Life

eBook_25471_55007385 Flowers for the Meaning of Life

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Published by Barbara Buegeler
This is a great ebook with unique perspectives and information on flowers and their connection with people. Enjoy!
This is a great ebook with unique perspectives and information on flowers and their connection with people. Enjoy!

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Published by: Barbara Buegeler on Apr 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Flowers For the Living of Life
Table of Contents
1. Flower Power. You never need a special reason to use it. Now will do just fine2. Thoughts on the plucky crocus... determined, colorful, the harbinger of spring. We need to knowyou better.3. 'and dances with the daffodils.' March 18, 20114. 'And if I kiss you in the garden, in the moonlight....' The tulips are coming! April 5, 2011.5. 'And yet I say unto you that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.'(Matthew 6:28) Easter Lilly, 20116. 'Green grow the lilacs, all sparkling with dew.' Haunting, evocative, elegiac, the lilacs return toBrattle St.., Cambridge, May 7, 2011.7. '.... it's raining violets.'8. 'Where the Iris grows... That is where I want to be....' The flower at the end of the rainbow.9. About the Lily of the Incas... tenacious, beautiful, an artifact of a great nation gone... and of thecondor flying high, seeing all, calling you.
Flower Power. You never need a special reason to use it.Now will do just fine
 by Dr. Jeffrey LantI was at the grocery store the other day; you know, the Shaw's Market at Porter Square, Cambridge.My helper Aime Joseph was doing his usual efficient job of unloading the groceries onto theconveyor belt. I was holding the flowers so they wouldn't get crushed.A tired looking lady was at the cash register, a woman of a certain age. She never looked up to catchmy eye... but when ringing up the flowers she brightened: "Someone's lucky today," she said.And without missing a beat, I said: "You!", whereupon I took a fervent red rose from the bouquetand handed it to a now very surprised, rather embarrassed but thoroughly delighted, lady.Flower power, a little bit of greenery, some blazing color, had done their work again. And they'llwork as well for you, too.Flower from the Latin flos, from the Old French flour According to my ever useful dictionary, flower means "A blooming plant." It also means, and this Ithink more useful, "The brightest, finest, choicest part, period, or specimen of anything." Thus, whenyou give flowers, you give "the brightest, finest."Flowers transform the mundane into the memorable.We are living through difficult times. Millions are afflicted by a punk economy, by unemploymentand job loss, by house foreclosures and pension shrinkage. If Charles Dickens were alive today, hecould well and truly write, "These are the worst of times". He might well leave off the other half of his famous line, "These are the best of times" as being manifestly untrue.However, we, the living, must do the best we can... and flowers undeniably help.Don't wait for a "special" occasion.... call up the power of flowers now.I am always amused when on such holidays as Valentine's Day and Christmas, I see the long lines atthe florist shoppes. It is good, of course, that they are there; any time is a time that flowers brighten.But these are folks (usually male) who haven't quite glimpsed the power of the unexpected flower.They are there,in that never-ending line, to cover themselves, lest they be accused of forgetfulnessand insensitivity!Rather, I applaud the person who, quite clear on flower power, delivers flowers today simply because it is today, no further reason being needed. I think I saw such a person the other day walkingdown Massachusetts Avenue in my neighborhood. A bit sheepish, he held his bouquet high, amixture of pride and embarrassment. I was hopeful there was no other reason for those flowersexcept to say "because you're you..."Know thy floristsPersonally,I make it a point to know and try all the florists in my neighborhood. I like to see their very different approaches to the business of brightening the world.At Trader Joe's, for instance, there is always an eye-catching variety which in the Trader Joe'stradition is limited... but always good value. It is a pity they are rather inconveniently located for myvisits.http://www.FutureProsperityZone.comCopyright Barbara Buegeler - 2012 3 of 27
Flowers For the Living of Life

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