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Published by Jonathan

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Published by: Jonathan on Dec 11, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Here's an exhaustive list of Torot:THE 613 MITZVOTMaimonides' Division of the MitzvotThe 248 Positive Mitzvot/Commandments:G_DP 1 Ex. 20:2 To believe in GodP 2 De. 6:4 To acknowledge the Unity of GodP 3 De. 6:5 To love GodP 4 De. 6:13 To fear GodP 5 Ex.23:25; To serve GodP 6 De.10:20 To cleave to GodP 7 De.10:20 On taking an oath by God's NameP 8 De. 28:9 On walking in God's waysP 9 Le.22:32 On Sanctifying God's NameTORAHP 10 De. 6:7 On reciting the Sh'ma each morning and eveningP 11 De. 6:7 On studying and teaching TorahP 12 De. 6:8 On binding Tefillin on the headP 13 De. 6:8 On binding Tefillin on the handP 14 Nu.15:38 On making Tzitzit with thread of blue, garments cornersP 15 De. 6:9 On affixing a Mezuzah to doorposts and gatesP 16 De.31:12 On Assembling each 7th year to hear the Torah readP 17 De.17:18 On that a king must write a copy of Torah for himself P 18 De.31:19 On that everyone should have a Torah scrollP 19 De. 8:10 On praising God after eating, Grace after mealsTEMPLE AND THE PRIESTSP 20 Ex. 25:8 On building a Sanctuary/(Tabernacle/Temple) for GodP 21 Le.19:30 On respecting the SanctuaryP 22 Nu. 18:4 On guarding the SanctuaryP 23 Nu.18:23 On Levitical services in the TabernacleP 24 Ex.30:19 On Cohanim washing hands & feet before entering TempleP 25 Ex.27:21 On kindling the Menorah by the CohanimP 26 Nu. 6:23 On the Cohanim blessing IsraelP 27 Ex.25:30 On the Showbread before the ArkP 28 Ex. 30:7 On Burning the Incense on the Golden Altar twice dailyP 29 Le. 6:6 On the perpetual fire on the Altar P 30 Le. 6:3 On removing the ashes from the Altar P 31 Nu. 5:2 On removing unclean persons from the campP 32 Le. 21:8 On honoring the CohanimP 33 Ex. 28:2 On the garments of the CohanimP 34 Nu. 7:9 On Cohanim bearing the Ark on their shouldersP 35 Ex.30:31 On the holy anointing oilP 36 De.18:6-8 On the Cohanim ministering in rotation/watchesP 37 Le.21:2-3 On the Cohanim being defiled for dead relativesP 38 Le.21:13 On that Cohen haGadol may only marry a virginSACRIFICESP 39 Nu.28:3 On the twice Daily Burnt, tamid, offerings
P 40 Le.6:13 On Cohen haGadol's twice daily meal offeringP 41 Nu.28:9 On the Shabbat additional, musaf, offeringP 42 Nu.28:11 On the New Moon, Rosh Chodesh, additional offeringP 43 Le.23:36 On the Pesach additional offeringP 44 Le.23:10 On the second day of Pesach meal offering of the Omer P 45 Nu.28:26 - 27 On the Shavuot additional, musaf, offeringP 46 Le.23:17 On the Two Loaves of bread Wave offering on ShavuotP 47 Nu.29:1-2 On the Rosh HaShannah additional offeringP 48 Nu.29:7-8 On the Yom Kippur additional offeringP 49 Le.16 On the service of Yom Kippur, AvodahP 50 Nu.29:13 On the Sukkot, musaf, offeringsP 51 Nu.29:36 On the Shemini Atzeret additional offeringP 52 Ex.23:14 On the three annual Festival pilgrimages to the TempleP 53 Ex.34:23; On appearing before YHVH during the FestivalsP 54 De.16:14 On rejoicing on the FestivalsP 55 Ex.12:6 On the 14th of Nisan slaughtering the Pesach lambP 56 Ex.12:8 On eating the roasted Pesach lamb night of Nisan 15P 57 Nu.9:11 On slaughtering the Pesach Sheini, Iyyar 14, offeringP 58 Nu.9:11; On eating the Pesach Sheini lamb with Matzah and Maror P 59 Nu.10:9 - 10 Trumpets for Feast sacrifices brought & for tribulationP 60 Le.22:27 On minimum age of cattle to be offeredP 61 Le.22:21 On offering only unblemished sacrificesP 62 Le.2:13 On bringing salt with every offeringP 63 Le.1:2 On the Burnt-OfferingP 64 Le.6:18 On the Sin-OfferingP 65 Le.7:1 On the Guilt-OfferingP 66 Le.3:1 On the Peace-OfferingP 67 Le.2:1; On the Meal-OfferingP 68 Le.4:13 On offerings for a Court (Sanhedrin) that has erredP 69 Le.4:27 Fixed Sin-Offering, by one unknowingly breaking a karetP 70 Le.5:17 - 18 Suspensive Guilt-Offering if doubt of breaking a karetP 71 Le.5:15; Unconditional Guilt-Offering, for stealing, etc.P 72 Le.5:1-11 Offering higher or lower value, according to ones meansP 73 Nu.5:6-7 To confess one's sins before G-d and repent from themP 74 Le.15:13 - 15 On offering brought by a zav (man with a discharge)P 75 Le.15:28 - 29 Offering brought by a zavah (woman with a discharge)P 76 Le.12:6 On offering brought by a woman after childbirthP 77 Le.14:10 On offering brought by a leper after being cleansedP 78 Le.27:32 On the Tithe of one's cattleP 79 Ex.13:2 Sacrificing the First-born of clean (permitted) cattleP 80 Ex.22:28; On Redeeming the First-born of man, Pidyon ha-benP 81 Ex.34:20 On Redeeming the firstling of an ass, if not...P 82 Ex.13:13 ...breaking the neck of the firstling of an assP 83 De.12:5-6 On bringing due offerings to Jerusalem without delayP 84 De.12:14 All offerings must be brought only to the SanctuaryP 85 De.12:36 On offerings due from outside Israel to the SanctuaryP 86 De.12:15 On Redeeming blemished sanctified animal offeringsP 87 Le.27:33 On the holiness of substituted animal offeringsP 88 Le.6:9 On Cohanim eating the remainder of the Meal OfferingsP 89 Ex.29:33 On Cohanim eating the meat of Sin and Guilt OfferingsP 90 Le.7:19 Burn Consecrated Offerings that've become tameh/uncleanP 91 Le.7:17 Burn remnant of Consecrated Offerings not eaten in timeVOWSP 92 Nu.6:5 The Nazir letting his hair grow during his separation
P 93 Nu.6:18 Nazir completing vow shaves his head & brings sacrificeP 94 De.23:24 On that a man must honor his oral vows and oathsP 95 Nu.30:3 On that a judge can annul vows, only according to TorahRITUAL PURITYP 96 Le.11:8, 24 Defilement by touching certain animal carcasses, &...P 97 Le.11:29 - 31 ...by touching carcasses of eight creeping creaturesP 98 Le.11:34 Defilement of food & drink, if contacting unclean thingP 99 Le.15:19 On Tumah of a menstruant womanP100 Le.12:2 On Tumah of a woman after childbirthP101 Le.13:3 On Tumah of a leper P102 Le.13:51 On garments contaminated by leprosyP103 Le.14:44 On a leprous houseP104 Le.15:2 On Tumah of a zav (man with a running issue)P105 Le.15:6 On Tumah of semenP106 Le.15:19 Tumah of a zavah (woman suffering from a running issue)P107 Nu.19:14 On Tumah of a human corpseP108 Nu.19:13, 21 Law of the purification water of sprinkling, mei niddahP109 Le.15:16 On immersing in a mikveh to become ritually cleanP110 Le.14:2 On the specified procedure of cleansing from leprosyP111 Le.14:9 On that a leper must shave his headP112 Le.13:45 On that the leper must be made easily distinguishableP113 Nu.19:2-9 On Ashes of the Red Heifer, used in ritual purificationDONATIONS TO THE TEMPLEP114 Le.27:2-8 On the valuation for a person himself to the TempleP115 Le.27:11 - 12 On the valuation for an unclean beast to the TempleP116 Le.27:14 On the valuation of a house as a donation to the TempleP117 Le.27:16, 22-23 On the valuation of a field as a donation to the TempleP118 Le.5:16 If benefit from Temple property, restitution plus 1/5thP119 Le.19:24 On the fruits of the trees fourth year's growthP120 Le.19:9 On leaving the corners (Peah) of fields for the poor P121 Le.19:9 On leaving gleanings of the field for the poor P122 De.24:19 On leaving the forgotten sheaf for the poor P123 Le.19:19 On leaving the misformed grape clusters for the poor P124 Le.19:10 On leaving grape gleanings for the poor P125 Ex.23:19 On separating & bringing First-fruits to the SanctuaryP126 De.18:4 To separate the great Heave-offering (terumah)P127 Le.27:30; To set aside the first tithe to the LevitesP128 De.14:22 To set aside the second tithe, eaten only in JerusalemP129 Nu.18:26 On Levites' giving tenth of their tithe to the CohanimP130 De.14:28 To set aside the poor-man's tithe in 3rd and 6th year P131 De.26:13 A declaration made when separating the various tithesP132 De.26:5 A declaration made bringing First-fruits to the TempleP133 Nu.15:20 On the first portion of the Challah given to the CohenTHE SABBATICAL YEARP134 Ex.23:11 On ownerless produce of the Sabbatical year (shemittah)P135 Ex.34:21 On resting the land on the Sabbatical year P136 Le.25:10 On sanctifying the Jubilee (50th) year P137 Le.25:9 Blow Shofar on Yom Kippur in the Jubilee & slaves freedP138 Le.25:24 Reversion of the land to ancestral owners in Jubilee yr P139 Le.25:24 On the redemption of a house within a year of the sale

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