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Nutrition Weight Control Self-Study Guide

Nutrition Weight Control Self-Study Guide

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Published by adamhome

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Published by: adamhome on Apr 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Nutrition and Weight Control Self-Study Guide
Fit Today for Tomorrows Challenge
Nutrition and Weight Control Self-Study Guide
BUREAU OF NAVAL PERSONNELWASHINGTON, D.C. 20370-5000In reply refer to 6100Ser 60/01186Sep 17 1996From:Assistant Chief of Naval Personnel, Personal Readiness and Community Support (Pers-6)Subj:NAVY NUTRITION AND WEIGHT CONTROL SELF-STUDY GUIDEEncl:(1) Navy Nutrition and Weight Control Self-Study Guide1.The Navy Nutrition and Weight Control Self-Study Guide (enclosure (1)), is the principal toolthat will enable service members to vastly improve their individual health and fitness. Thisguide is primarily a weight management educational tool that incorporates all aspects of losing weight safely and effectively. Using this guide in combination with your command'sphysical conditioning program will assist you in reaching your personal goals.2.This workbook has been developed with you, the Navy service member, in mind. Yourconcerns regarding exercise, proper nutrition, dining out, and eating in the general messhave been addressed. The information in this workbook is essential for adopting healthyeating and exercise habits. These materials should not be used as a one-time, "quick fix,"to attain ideal weight limits. It is imperative that the information contained in this manualbe referred to and implemented throughout your naval career.3.It is every member's responsibility to maintain body fat standards and keep physically fit toensure a strong, fit Navy. Recognizing this, health and fitness should be viewed as apersonal investment that will yield benefits years beyond your naval career.L. R. MARSHRear Admiral, U.S. Navy
To the Command Fitness Leader (CFL):
This manual is to be used with your command's fitness enhancement program (FEP) to assistmembers in meeting and maintaining body fat standards. A copy of this manual should bedistributed to every Navy member who measures out of body fat standards. The manual iswritten in a self-study guide format and is self-paced. It is recommended that memberscomplete one chapter per week. Study questions are contained at the end of each chapter.You need to become familiar with the information in the manual. While you are not expectedto be a "nutritionist", you may need to be available for questions on basic diet principles, safeweight loss, and effective exercise for reducing body fat. The appendix contains valuableinformation on fat content of foods, recommended readings, and frequently asked questions.This manual is not meant as a "one-time" educational guide, but rather it is expected thatmembers will need to refer to and review this manual many times throughout their Navy career.Ensure each member measuring out of body fat standards receives their own copy of themanual. Commands should reproduce this manual as needed. A master copy of this documentcan be downloaded from www.bupers.navy.mil/services/weight.html.Complete the Command-Directed Physical Conditioning Weight Control Summary on thefollowing page for each member using the weight control manual. Forward this form to NavyPersonnel Command for each member who begins using the weight control manual due tomeasuring out of body fat standards.
To the Service member:
Your command fitness leader will be providing information to PERS-651 (Physical ReadinessProgram) when you start using the weight control manual. This information will be used toevaluate program participation as well as document your participation in the weightmanagement education process. Your height/weight/body fat measurements will be takenfrom the physical readiness information management system (PRIMS) software and forwarded toNavy Personnel Command before starting on the fitness enhancement program. You may becontacted at a later time to help evaluate the effectiveness of the weight control manual.

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