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Download The Marx Brothers (Pocket Essential series) PDF eBook

Download The Marx Brothers (Pocket Essential series) PDF eBook

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Published by huhuteweqo

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Published by: huhuteweqo on Apr 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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>>> Download The Marx Brothers (Pocket Essential series) eBook <<<Review ???[These] miniature??¦guides are packed to the margins with important facts andenlightening commentary.??? -- PUBLISHERS WEEKLY From the Publisher Pocket Essentialsis a dynamic series of books that are short, snappy, and easy to read. Packed with facts as wellas opinions, each book has all the key information you need to know about such popular topicsas film, television, cult fiction, politics, and more. In addition to an introduction to the subject,each topic is individually analyzed and reviewed, examining its impact on popular culture orhistory. There??™s also a reference section that lists related web sites and weightier (and moreexpensive) books on the subject. For media buffs and students, these are great entry??“levelbooks that build into an essential library.Download The Marx Brothers (Pocket Essential series) eBook - Click HERE!
Thoughts and ideas are expressed with words and language but there is too much meaning placed on the words andnot enough exploration of the ideas that the words represent. If the words sound good, if they are soothing wordsthat make people feel good about themselves then people are unlikely to explore the real meaning. Call itintellectual laziness; this conflict is the dictator's best friend.Joseph Goebbels is known for having said "If you tell alie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." The rest of that quote is lesserknown. He continued "The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from thepolitical, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use allof its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is thegreatest enemy of the State."The propaganda methods that Goebbels spoke of have been used throughout history.Whether as a citizen, a consumer, a student, an employee, or a spouse (especially as a spouse!) people should beaware of words designed to manipulate, rather than inform. Ayn Rand once said "Contradictions do not exist.Whenever you think you are facing a contradiction, check your premises. You will find that one of them is wrong."Too often, the consumer of information assumes that he SHOULD accept the information at face value and isafraid to question it for fear of seeming an outcast, or worse, he may fear being scorned for being too stupid tounderstand the greater good of the propaganda that is being spoon fed to him. This fear is the propagandist's bestfriend.A good example is the current health care debate in the US. This debate has taken many turns but the basicpremise doesn't go challenged. Is it about reducing costs? Whose costs? Is each individual responsible for themedical costs of others? It's the government's job to budget for the government; it's my job to budget for myself.Once it becomes the responsibility of one person to pay for the care of another, then everyone else has an incentiveto get involved in the way we each live our lives. No one has the right to tell me how to spend money -- or worse -take it away from me to force me to buy a product that I don't want. We all need food, shelter, a way to make aliving, some entertainment once in a while, and a 54 inch plasma TV. Should we share the costs on those also?If Obama was interested in reducing costs, then he would enforce the border, where people coming here illegally areputting an incredible financial strain on the medical system. He would promote tort reform, so that doctors wouldn'thave to send patients for needless tests just to protect themselves. He would allow free competition across statelines for health insurance which would reduce prices. He might also look into whether states should mandateinsurance companies to cover non-essential procedures which provide incentive for people to get electiveprocedures which they may not need or want if it weren't provided on someone else's dime. When Obama speaksthe words "save money" or "reduce costs" (and by the way if you google those phrases you'll find that he says themalmost as much as he says "I"), the translation is more government power and less freedom for the individual. He islike a car salesman that goes on and on with lies and faulty logic but the nightmare is that as a consumer, you don'thave the freedom to walk away from it! You are forced to buy the "car" with money that they take right out of yourpocket.Thomas Sowell once said that if the democrats came up with a plan that would mandate all citizens to jumpoff of a 100 story building, a week later the republicans would come up with a plan to mandate all citizens to jumpoff of a 50 story building. This health care debate is about whether to jump off of a 50 story or a 100 story buildingand before getting into the specifics of the plan, we should ask "Is it a good idea to be jumping off of buildings?"Stuart Chase, a writer in the 1930s, pointed out in his book "The Tyranny of Words" that words endingin "ism" are misused more than most. These words represent concepts which can't be defined simply, yet the meremention of them invokes images of pure evil in some and pure joy in others. Words such as fascism, industrialism,communism, capitalism have meanings based on emotion but not too many people actually know what these wordsreally mean. One word cannot define a complex political/economic system. Ask someone to tell you the meaningof fascism and what you'll get is something such as "evil, tyranny, bad government, totalitarian...." But not toomany people can go further.Fascism is often portrayed as the opposite of communism when in fact; they are twosides of the same coin. Fascism is positioned on the right and communism on the left. In reality, both fascism andcommunism subjugate the rights of individuals, the family, self protection, religious freedom, the right to ownproperty, and many other rights taken for granted, to the state. The state decides what you can own, where you canworship, even how many children you can have. These are not opposites -- they are basically the same! Yet fascismis often linked with capitalism, not with its brother communism.The word capitalism is also misleading. The termimplies a society based on capital. The US is not a society based on capital, it is a society based on freedom. It isthis freedom that makes "capitalism" the true opposite of both communism and fascism. The word capitalismimplies that capital is at the root of a free society rather than the result of a free society. It is a derogatory term

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