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Daily Express Friday April 6 2012

Daily Express Friday April 6 2012

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Published by diariosdelmundo

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Published by: diariosdelmundo on Apr 06, 2012
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MILLIONS of people crippled byarthritis have been offered newhope after scientists discovereda molecule that can “regrow”damaged cartilage.
The finding could be the breakthroughexperts need to create a drug capableof halting and then reversing thedegenerative joint disease.
Osteoarthritis, the most common form of the condition, blights the lives of 8.5 millionpeople in Britain. It is caused by wear andtear on joints where the cartilage thatcushions movement is eaten away.Bones then come into contact with eachother and the friction makes joints swollenand extremely painful, leaving many suffer-ers in agony.Current treatments can only relieve thepainful symptoms of the disease. One drugwas recently approved for use in Britainwhich can dramatically slow its progress butit is still incurable and often leads to costlyknee replacements. Now researchers at the
premium rate phone line
The 23-year-old Princess at York Minster yesterday with her grandmother, the Queen SEE PAGE 3
   P   i  c   t  u  r  e  s  :   C   H   R   I   S   J   A   C   K   S   O   N   /   G   E   T   T   Y
2Daily Express
Friday April 6 2012
90 per cent demand:Let Britain have anEU referendum now 
Bank boss King holds interest rates at 0.5%
Kate Hoey: ‘Amazingresult is wake-up callto MPs over the EU’
INTEREST rates were heldat 0.5 per cent again yesterday as a report showedthe UK has narrowly avoidedslipping back into recessionthis year.Despite a shock drop inmanufacturing output in thefirst few months of 2012 thecountry maintained aneconomic equilibrium. Butthe National Institute of Economic and SocialResearch predicts that anygrowth will remain sluggishwith a recovery only reallystarting in 2013.The record low interestrate, first imposed by theBank of England in 2009at the height of the creditcrunch, has now stayed thesame for three years.The Bank also announced yesterday that there wouldbe no quantitative easing, orprinting money, this month.But many economists stillexpect another multibillionpound injection later in the year, possibly in May.Bank governor Sir MervynKing warned the Britisheconomy will “zig-zag” overthe next year. Meanwhile,sterling strengthened againstthe euro yesterday to a newtwo-and-a-half month high.
 Young jobless told ‘live with Mum’
UNEMPLOYED young peoplecould be forced to live withtheir parents rather than renthomes at taxpayers’ expense,it emerged yesterday.Many working youngpeople have no choice butto stay living with theirfamilies because they cannotafford to move out.But under-25s earningbelow a certain level andthose on Jobseekers’Allowance may qualify forhousing benefit help towardsrenting a room or bedsit.The Government is keen toclose the loophole.It is considering plans thatwould mean youngsters onbenefits should also beexpected to stay withrelatives until they canafford to move out.No immediateannouncement is expectedand discussions are at anearly stage.But Downing Street isdetermined to ensure thatpeople are always better offin work than on the dole.But even supporters admitthe policy could be difficultto enact. Emma Boon,campaign director of theTaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “Itwill be hard to tell whether or
to political activity that engages them.Second, the political parties atWestminster are going to have to rethinktheir attitude. ‘Heads in sand’ is nolonger a viable strategy.”Electoral Reform Services, an inde-pendent ballot administrator, issued48,000 voting papers. Of these, almost14,600 people cast votes by post or elec-tronically. The 30.39 per cent turnouttopped that in the constituency’s lastlocal elections. And the number of votescast was just 2,200 below the total thatsecured the sitting MP’s seat in 2010.Turnout then was 59 per cent, withTory Jackie Doyle-Price – who last yearvoted in the Commons against a refer-endum – winning 16,869 votes to snatcha wafer-thin majority of 92 over herLabour rival.Meanwhile, yesterday’s result willfuel rumours starting to swirl atWestminster that the Government isexploring the possibility of holding somekind of Europe referendum on the dateof the planned 2015 general election, orthat Conservatives could commit intheir manifesto to holding a vote.
 people a say – listen tous or lose our vote.”The Daily Expresshas backed demandsfor a national referen-dum for Britain to shedthe shackles of Brussels in ourcrusade, Get Us Out Of The EU.People’s Pledge plans several morelocal referendums this year and another100 next year to intensify pressure onpoliticians to grant voters a choice.As the Thurrock poll closed at 5pm yesterday, campaign director IanMcKenzie said the turnout was “trulyastonishing”. He added: “It proves twothings. First, that electors will respond
not a young person hassomewhere else appropriatewhere they can live.“However, in principle it isa good idea. It is right thatjobseekers who have someaccommodation don’t live attaxpayers’ expense.”Adult housing benefitclaims have been capped ata maximum of £400 a week for a year. From next Aprilthe total benefits package forfamilies with dependentchildren will be capped at£500 a week, dropping to£350 for single people.David Cameron yesterdaydefended the coalition’swelfare reforms, vowing hiswas the first government toend Britain’s “something-for-nothingculture.Launching the Torycampaign in Wales for theMay 3 local elections, hesaid the Government haddefied the views of thosewho said it was impossibleto reform and cut welfare.He added: “We said, hangon, it can’t be right that wepay people more to stay athome than to go out to work.“It can’t be right to pay out£40,000, £50,000, £60,000 inhousing benefit to familieswhere no one works.”
THE first poll in a campaign to decideBritain’s future with the EuropeanUnion has ended in an overwhelmingvote in favour of a referendum on ourmembership.A total of 89.9 per cent of those votingin the local poll held by the People’sPledge organisation wanted a nationalreferendum, with only 10.1 per centrejecting the idea.Campaigners last night hailed theground-breaking poll in Thurrock,Essex, as “historic” and warned thatMPs could no longer deny people a sayon whether we should be in or out of the EU.The cross-party People’s Pledgecampaign described the results as a“wake-up call” for the Westminsterestablishment. Eurosceptic LabourMP Kate Hoey, a former minister andone of 64 MPs and morethan 100,000 members of the public backingPeople’s Pledge, said:“This amazing resultshould be a wake-up callfor all MPs who havesaid Europe is not animportant issue.“Thurrock has shownthat voters who want areferendum in marginalseats will have real power to decide theoutcome of the election.“I visited Thurrock during the cam-paign and was impressed with theenthusiasm for the Pledge campaign.“There is huge disenchantment withall the mainstream political parties withtheir failure to keep their promises on areferendum on the EU.“Today a clear message has gone toMPs who oppose giving the British
Daily Express
Friday April 6 2012
Help! My Masters golf tickets are in the dog
Blossoming Beatrice with her bouquet yesterdayGuilty Sierra ate Russ’s ticketsThe Queen hands out purses of Maundy money to 172 pensioners from across the UKSmiles all round as the Queen and Prince Philip join church dignitaries at York Minster yesterday for the ancient Royal Maundy Service
THE Queen received a rapturouswelcome in York yesterday asshe attended the ancient RoyalMaundy Service with PrincePhilip and Princess Beatrice.The 23-year-old Princess,looking stunning in a knee-length coat of royal purple andmatching hat with veil, wasclearly enjoying her day out withher grandparents.Thousands of well-wisherscheered loudly as the royal partyarrived at York Minster, whilepeople living in adjoiningproperties toasted them withchampagne as they watchedfrom upstairs windows.It was 40 years since themonarch had last visited the cityto carry out the 12th centurytradition of handing out almsto the poor.Dressed in an aquamarine andgrey tweed overcoat andaquamarine hat, the Queen hadto touch a ceremonial sword andmace as she asked permissionto enter the 12th centurygateway to the walled city.To celebrate her 60 years onthe throne the Queen handedout money to pensioners fromall the UK’s 44 dioceses.Usually, the Maundy money isgiven to pensioners from onediocese each year. But in a break with tradition for her DiamondJubilee, 86 women and 86 men– one for each of the Queen’s 86years – received the money inrecognition of their services tothe Church and their community.The Royal Maundy ceremonytraces its origins to the LastSupper when Jesus washed thefeet of his disciples.Each recipient received twopurses, one red and one white.The red purse contained a £5coin commemorating the Jubileeand a newly minted 50p coin.The white purse containedMaundy Money of silver one,two, three and four pence pieces.Later the Queen presented thecity’s Lord Mayor with a new“cap of maintenance”. Thesignificance of the hat datesback to 1393, when King RichardII presented the first one andstipulated that it should not betaken off in front of God or King.The royal party then visitedthe Yorkshire Museum wherePrince Philip was particularlyamused by a bare-bottomedmannequin which formed partof an exhibition by fashionstudents.
IT has long been used as an excusefor the loss of school homework, butgolf fan Russ Berkman was not pull-ing a fast one when he told officialsthat his dog had eaten his treasuredtickets to the US Masters.Horrified Russ had been preparingfor his flight to Augusta for theseason’s first major championshipswhen he discovered his vital paper-work was inside his beloved Swissmountain dog Sierra.He was doing some last-minutepacking for the trip when he realisedhe needed a couple of items andpopped out to a sports shop leavingSierra alone in the house for an hour.When he returned he found theremains of the sought-after passes,which he had won in a lottery, lyingdamp and chewed on the floor.He said: “When I walked in thehouse, I noticed there was a fewstrings on my hardwood floor thatlooked like the strings that were con-nected to my Masters tickets.”When Russ, from Seattle, called hisgirlfriend asking for advice so hecould fulfil his life-long dream andtake three friends to the event, shetold him: “Well you got to make thedog puke”.He solved the crisis by giving hispet a dose of diluted hydrogen perox-ide – which is normally used to bleachhair blonde – to make her sick with-out hurting her.It is a method commonly used tomake dogs vomit if it is thought theyhave swallowed poison.Russ said: “It bubbles in theirstomach. It’s very safe.“About 10 minutes later she didwhat she was supposed to, which waspuke up the Masters tickets.”Then began the painstaking task of unravelling the gooey mess and piec-ing the mangled scraps together. Headded: “It came out pretty well. Wegot about 70 per cent of all the ticketsput together.”He photographed the result andthen contacted officials at the Mas-ters, explaining his plight. When theyrealised his story was genuine theyreprinted the tickets and they werewaiting for him when he got off theplane in Georgia.

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