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Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N Information Kit to Help You Become a Healthier, Happier, Peak Performer

Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N Information Kit to Help You Become a Healthier, Happier, Peak Performer

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Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N Information Kit to Help You Become a Healthier, Happier, Peak Performer
Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N Information Kit to Help You Become a Healthier, Happier, Peak Performer

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Categories:Types, Resumes & CVs
Published by: Maharaja Sivasubramanian on Apr 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How Can I Help you become a Healthier, Happier, Peak Performer?Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N
Making Human Lives Healthier and Happier And Empowering andEnriching Human Resourceswww.drmaharajasivasubramanian.com
Important information for you to make Your Life Healthier &Happier& Become a Peak Performer
From Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N,
Hi, this is Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N here. I am very happy to bring you this latestversion of my information packet. Inside this packet, you will find;1 Personal letter from Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N.2 Definition of Health according to Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N.3 A sample case sheet.4 One Sheet of Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N.The personal letter will give you information regarding the various contents in this packet.
Definition of Health according to Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N
is a summary
verbatim of my three hour health talk which has been well received by 1000’s of people
globally. This view on health will give you an insight which will
help you to lead a healthierand happier life, & grow on to become a Peak Performer
.The sample case sheet sample is the same used by me in my private practice which is aculmination of
more than six years of personal study and research and contains testedinformation from various other experts and consultants like me,
contains input from thevarious therapeutic fields of Homeopathy, Hypnotherapy, Conventional medicine orAllopathic medicine, Counselling, Psychotherapy, Exercise Therapy, etc. It has got the exactquestions which you need to ask yourself & have answers to, before you go to meet theDoctor. When you answer all the information in the case sheet & take the resultinginformation to your health care professional, it will be really helpful for you to get the besttreatment possible.
Why am I including my sample case sheet in this packet?
Well, when I see patients in my clinic, I find that many of them forget to give me details whichare very important for doing the correct treatment. When inadequate information or wronginformation is given, it changes the diagnosis, & the treatment may get affected by it. ThoughI spend a lot of time in explaining this information to my patients and start the treatment onlyafter all information is obtained, many Doctors can miss it altogether. So,
if you want to getthe best treatment, then the next time you go to meet a Doctor, fill the sheet and takethe result information.
What’s more?
You can also use the sheet to answer for yourselfand assess your health status periodically.
 There is also information attached about me and my services in this packet. It will help youby providing more information you may need and can also pass through to others.You will find information about my services and newsletters which I welcome you tosubscribe to and also spread the information along to other people.Once you are done with this packet, you will find a special message from me towards theend of this packet. Do go through it, for more important information.Be Healthier and Happier. Become Empowered and Enriched.
Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N.
How Can I Help you become a Healthier, Happier, Peak Performer?Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N
Making Human Lives Healthier and Happier And Empowering andEnriching Human Resourceswww.drmaharajasivasubramanian.com
About Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N
I am Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N, a polymath. I am aBlogger, CICCO, Counsellor, Educator, Eccentric Guy, ExerciseTherapist, Homeopath, Hypnotherapist, Health and WellnessConsultant, Infopreneur, Management and OrganizationConsultant, Marketer, Peak Performance Coach, Polymath, ReikiHealer, Skills Trainer, Technical Writer, Student. I am alsoimmensely proud of being India's 1st Holistic Concierge MedicineDoctor and one of the youngest polymaths globally.I have undergone extensive training in the fields of Counselling,Fitness, Homoeopathy, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Kinesiology,Leadership, Management, Medicine, Nutrition, PeakPerformance, Personal Branding, Personal Development,Psychology, Psychotherapy, Sports Sciences, Training &Development, Transactional Analysis, etc.My principle values and personality traits include excellence, assertiveness, empathy, co-ordination, initiating & leading change, directing effective resource handling, courage,competence, enthusiasm, wisdom, etc. Having helped hundreds of people in improving theirlife as a health-care consultant and peak performance coach, I live with
’Excellence’ as my
'value for life'
. My dream is to
facilitate one million people for achieving peakperformance state and living a healthier and happier life in the next five years.S (success) can be achieved by E = MC
Where, E (Excellence) can be achieved by M (Motivation) and C (Competitiveness) andC (Comprehensiveness).
My personal blog is
you can subscribe to mypersonal newsletter for regular updates and information to help you become healthier andhappier, empowered and enriched from my personal blog.
Ms Padmaja S N - Chief Training Consultant, Victory Insights
 Excellence is never an accident. It is a continuous journey. Dr Maharaja has the perfect traitof both knowledge sharing and knowledge seeking without reservations, when free flowhappens, Wisdom is a by-product. I am sure He possesses every quality a Health andwellness Coach should possess. I wish him All the Best.
Major V V Narayanan - General Secretary, Hypnotique Circle, Chennai
 Dr Maharaja had excellent knowledge in his subject and a firm grasp over his topic. He hadventured to provide novel definitions over unexplored dimensions of health. He has a knackof taking the audience with him thanks to his engaging style of delivery. Excellent session fullof practical application.
Mr Ravi Padmanabhan - Wealth Coach
 Dr Maharaja was the speaker in one of the programs I attended today in Hypnotique circle.He gave a powerful presentation on concept of Health & Well BeingHe was able to convey this message in a very powerful way to a diverse group of audience. Ithoroughly enjoyed his presentation.
 Mr K. Elangovan - Managing Director, Institute for Language Skills
 He is knowledgeable and helped me to move from normal to becoming a Peak Performer.
How Can I Help you become a Healthier, Happier, Peak Performer?Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N
Making Human Lives Healthier and Happier And Empowering andEnriching Human Resourceswww.drmaharajasivasubramanian.com
Definition of HealthAccording to Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N
 In this page the following questions are answered;
What is Dr Maharaja’s definition of health?
What is the approach of this definition of health?
What are the benefits of Holistic Approach to the patient?Definition of Health
has undergone a lot of changes over the period of human life. Many have triedto give a tangible definition of health, which is otherwise considered to be an abstract phenomenon.When health of an individual is measured using various parameters, health can be restored &sickness alleviated appropriately.Before we get on to my definition of health, let us have a look on few other popular definitions &explanations of health as proposed by many others along with the development of the fields related tohealth-care.1 Health is a condition of
freedom from non-curable diseases
.2 Health is a condition of
freedom from disease
.3 Health is a condition of
physical well being
.4 Health is a condition of
psychological well being
.5 Health is a condition of
physical, mental & social well-being & not merely the absence ofdisease or infirmity
.Now, let us discuss my (Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N) definition of health.
Health is a condition of well-being & more than absence of disease in the following planes ofhealth,
which are;1
Physical fitness.
Mental preparedness.
Emotional appropriateness.
Social connectedness.
Environmental stability.
Economic abundance.
Career growth.
Nutritional Enrichment.
Physical fitness
. Physical fitness can be explained as a state where the individual has
little or nopain and is able to do their personal work without discomfort
. The state where the individual isnot prevented from engaging in an activity due to physical disability.
Mental preparedness
. Mental preparedness can be explained as a mental state where the
individual has an acceptable thought pattern system which consists of beliefs which areconstructive, exhibit characters of equality, & are devoid of selfishness
. The individual shouldhave a thought pattern of possibility thinking which should have beliefs which are clear, rational &realistically optimistic.
Emotional appropriateness
. Emotional appropriateness is a state concerned with the individualwherein the
individual has appropriate value system, ability to feel & express emotionsappropriately, adequately & rationally in a healthy manner
Social connectedness
. Social connectedness can be explained as
the amount of connected
feeling & affiliation of the individual in a healthy manner with himself/herself, the individual’s
family, & with the society at large
. In this state of well-being, the individual will be in a state of easein both giving & receiving appropriately. It is also the comfortable blending with the concerned socialculture.
Environmental stability
. Environmental stability can be explained as the
role played by the
environment in developing the individual’s health & potential
, as explained by the nature-nurtureconcept of developmental psychology. The environment of the individual should be in such a way thatit should first stabilize the life of the individual & then promotes the growth & development of theindividual in all ways. The environment includes geographic, political, socio-economic, society, etc.
Economic abundance
. Economic abundance for a healthy individual will be the state which
everyindividual should achieve & maintain that they have enough wealth to meet their needs, & alsoare able to contribute in generating wealth for the welfare of the society
. It can also be explainedin a way that no individual should be restricted from achieving appropriate goals or from satisfying

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