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Six Sigma Green Belt Examination

Six Sigma Green Belt Examination

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Published by Navneet
Question Paper of Six Sigma Green Belt Examination
Question Paper of Six Sigma Green Belt Examination

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: Navneet on Apr 07, 2012
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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1.The mentor for the Green Belt should at least be a(A)Master Black belt(B)Champion(C)Black Belt(D)Green BeltAns:2.The Black Belt is guiding projects carried out by green or yellow belts on a(A)Full time basis(B)Partial basis(C)Beyond official working hours(D)Consulting basisAns:3.The data for projects is collected by the(A)Green Belts(B)Black belts(C)Both of them(D)None of themAns:4.Metric of SIX SIGMA gives an insight into how many(A)Defectives(B)Defects(C)Defects per million opportunity(D)Defects per unitAns:5.SIX SIGMA concepts were born in(A)Allied Signal Ltd.(B)General Electric Ltd.(C)Chrysler Ltd.(D)Motorola Ltd.Ans:6.The person who propagated SIX SIGMA concepts in General Electric Ltd..was :(A)Jack Welch(B)Bob Smith(C)Philip Crosby(D)None of them
Ans:7.Weaving of Cloth is being done in looms. It was seen that defects likecoagulation of thread, Knot, Breakage in continuity of thread, Grease marksare opportunities of defects. The number of such defects were found to be 20 inthe 100 dhotis woven. Calculate the six sigma level at which the looms wasoperating.Ans: No. of Defects = 20Total No. of Dhotis Woven = 100  No. of Opportunities = 4 (coagulation of threads, knot, breakage of continuity of threads & grease marks)Defects per unit (DPU) = D/U = 20/100 = 0.20Defects per opportunities (DPO) = 20/ (4*100) = 0.05Defects per million opportunities (DPMO) = 0.05*10
= 50000 PPMZ = 0.5 – 0.05 = 0.45Z Value = 1.645 
Sigma Value to Z = 1.645 + 1.5 = 3.145 
8.Kano Model shows the path towards(A)Satisfying a customer (B)Delighting a custome(C)Ensure basic needs of a customer (D)None of the aboveAns:9.Pareto Chart is read by the user to find out(A)which 20% of the causes contribute towards 80% of the problem(B)which 20% of the people in a state posses 80% of the wealth(C)Both of the above(D)None of the above.Ans:10. Cause and Effect Diagram was first formulated by(A)Juran(B)Deming(C)Taguchi(D)IshikawaAns:11. In Measurement System Analysis the variance contribution allowed for GageR & R is to a maximum of (A)20%(B)10%DCBA
(C)30%(D)5%Ans:12. The following data on an experiment is given. Perform the measurementSystem Analysis on the data. Parts Operator 1Operator 2Trial 1Trial 2Trial 1Trial 2110.211.611.011.211.311.711.212.5210.911.811.012.814.011.511.312.7312. Operator 1 Operator 2
Trial 1Trial 2avgrangeTrial 1Trial 2avgrange110.211.6 1111.2
11.311.7 11.212.5
Avg10.7511.6511.2 11.111.8511.475range1.10.1 0.75210.911.8 1112.8
1411.5 11.312.7
Avg12.4511.6512.05 11.1512.7511.95range3.10.3 0.831210.2 11.213
11.610.6 10.313.4
Avg11.810.411.1 10.7513.211.975range0.40.4 0.65412.610.5 11.410.3
1514.2 11.214.3
Avg13.812.3513.075 11.312.311.8range2.43.7 3.05-0.24 1.9510.214.6 11.313.2
10.312.3 11.610.8
Mean of Xa=11.855;

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