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Published by Vishas Desai

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Vishas Desai on Apr 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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User can use Curves or Levels to adjust the entire tonal rangeof an image. The Curves adjustment lets user adjust pointsthroughout the tonal range of an image (from shadows tohighlights). Levels have only three adjustments (white point,black point, gamma). User can also use Curves to makeprecise adjustments to individual color channels in an image.User can save Curves adjustment settings as presets.
A. Sample in image to set black point.B. Sample in image to set gray point.C. Sample in image to set white point.D. Edit points to modify the curve.E. Draw to modify the curve.F. Curves type drop-down menu.G. Set black point.H. Set gray point.I. Set white point.J. Show clipping.In the Curves adjustment, the tonal range is represented as a straight diagonal baseline,because the input levels (the original intensity values of the pixels) and output levels (new
color values) are identical. Note: After you’ve made an adjustment to the tonal range of a
curve, Photoshop continues to display the baseline as a reference. To hide the baseline,turn off Show Baseline in the Curve Display Options.The horizontal axis of the graph represents the input levels; the vertical axis representsthe output levels.
Default Curves settings forCMYK and RGB imagesA.Default orientation of CMYKtonal output barB.CMYK Input and Outputvalues in percentagesC.Default orientation of CMYKtonal input barD.Default orientation of RGBtonal output barE.RGB Input and Output valuesin intensity levelsF.Default orientation of RGBtonal input bar

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