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Internet Gurus on Dinar

Internet Gurus on Dinar

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Published by LEBJ

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Published by: LEBJ on Apr 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Remember the old PROVERB: “Knowledge is power?” Well all of you
 Dinarians need to
and understand a few things that these Internet Gurusobviously do not! The RV [revalue] isn't just about Iraq and the Dinar or Vietnamand the Dong. The RV is an international matter, which does not necessitate;require or focus upon Maliki or Shabbi's permission or the United Nations approvalor acknowledgment. For those of you who do not research history, government,law and politics:ISRAEL is the Puppet Master. They pull the strings and call theshots of the Criminal Cabal and have been in control of the United StatesCorporation since 1913.
“Those who do not know their past are condemned to repeat it.”
George Santayana
The Chinese have no designs on World Domination and still they are responsible forchampioning the RV internationally. Seventy one Countries opposed the RVbecause it meant the destruction of their FIAT based currency and government.All of those Countries are United Nations members. Now isn't that curious? Thebalance of the 194 Countries who are not United Nations members, voted in favor of the RV because they are tired of selling their goods and services internationally, inexchange for worthless paper [or] script, a/k/a FIAT currency!The RV is all about forcing all Countries who wish to trade internationally, to maketheir currency [asset backed] or BASIL III compliant! BASIL III means currencyguaranteed by gold, silver or some other measurable asset accountability: [e.g.] NOMORE Bonded Promissory Notes drawn against government issued birthcertificates [or] currency backed by counterfeit Liens [or] Bonds simply created outof thin air, which is the reason why the Euro is on the verge of collapsing right now!You all know
about America’s N
ATIONAL DEBT and heard the arguments abouthow our government leaders have squandered the labor and assets of futuregenerations for centuries to come!
Now here’s the t
ruth about that argument:
 America is a FIAT or debt based government and economy, and in order to stabilizea FIAT system, it is necessary to PERPETUATE DEBT and never pay it off!Hence, the reason why Congress refuses to be held to a balanced budget and thereason for our military involvement in so many foreign wars! Even a high taxstructure helps to perpetuate debt, especially when 100% of your tax dollars areexported out of the United States! And I bet you thought your taxes ran thegovernment and wars were all about stopping Communist aggression! In the minds
of our government leaders: “War and taxes are good for business!” Spoken like a
true sociopath!
Debt represents a negative number and in America, debt is perpetuated with the useof promissory notes
called: “Federal Reserve Notes
The Federal Reserve isneither Federal nor is it a Reserve. It is a privately owned foreign corporation andis also known by the name: The Bank of International Settlements. The FederalReserve Corporation is owned and controlled by a group of Sabbatean Jewish
Bankers based in Israel. America’s NATIONAL DEBT is actually Israel’s Debt
but we all have been taught that it is America’s obligation and responsibility, with
the use of clever patriotic slogans like:
This is the cost of Freedom!
You’ve got to love those patriotic slogans!
The NATIONAL DEBT is a trick bookkeeping entry, which does not involve anyreal assets because a real asset entry would immediately cancel the debt. Under theUniform Commercial Code, promissory notes such as a Federal Reserve Note, isdefined as a:
egotiable Debt Instrument
and so the National Debt of America isbased entirely upon these negotiable debt instruments. In retrospect,
National Debt can be cancelled at any time with an asset bookkeeping entry and thepayment of one dollar of solid gold or silver!
A positive cancels a negative, even when the negative is in the trillions. It’s basic Algebra!
I sent this to a friend of mine and he questioned my math because he is old schooland my math
make sense to him! So I wrote back to him with this exampleand explanation:If you add [-1 and +1] what is the sum? The answer is [0] because each cancels theother out. Now if you add [-34,000 and +1] what is the sum? The answer is still [0]
because each cancels the other out. Here’s the tric
k: [-1] can be broken up into-35,000 pieces or more but when all those pieces are glued back together you stillhave nothing more than the original [-1].In Mathematics, [0] = [0] and anything less than [0] is still [0]. Algebra on the otherhand, dissects that result and theorizes the possibility of negative numbers havingvalues. The National Debt represents negative numbers that appear to have values!The Federal Reserves bookkeeping system conceals this simple truth, which is alsoknown as
“debt slavery”
and to complete their circle of fraud and slavery, theAmerican public must be trained to believe
that “Fe
deral Reserve
Notes” have real
 value! This was accomplished by and through forced public education! Ourgovernment officials concluded that under these conditions the American publiccould be taught to believe anything we choose [and] our Licenses and Diplomas areproof of their success!PS/ 
Don’t look in
Fort Knox for that gold dollar because there isn’t any gold there
America’s gold was embezzled by previous federal government leaders
during theirplanned Great Depression of 1933 however one dollar of any currency that is
BASIL III Compliant can cancel the Israeli / American National Debt and this iswhy the United Nations membership is so vehemently opposed to the internationalrevalue of currency. Many member Countries have attempted to instigate WWIIIin the Middle East and Asia, in an attempt to head off the RV. [e.g.] The tsunami inJapan was created by the detonation of an under water A-
bomb. Japan’s political
structure is in revolt and the new faction supports the RV and desires to sever
Japan’s alli
ance with the United Nations.This new FIAT based government for the United States is the real reason whyFranklin Roosevelt, issued a Presidential Order in 1933, that directed all Americancitizens to surrender their gold during the Great Depression [and] why under the
Federal Banking Act, the Constitutional control of America’s currency and the US
Mint was surrendered to the Federal Reserve Board [and] why under the FederalCoinage Act, it became unlawful for American citizens to own solid gold and silver[and] why all American coins are now plated with mixed alloys and filled withcharcoal. Only jewelers can own solid gold, if related to his trade and numismatistsare permitted to collect and trade Silver Certificates; solid gold and silver but themoment they offer any of these in payment of a Federal debt; they have committed aFederal Crime!BASIL III shall eliminate
Israel’s debt based strangle hold
over America and shallcause all of the Federal Reserve Notes that our politicians and industrial leadershave stolen and or accumulated to instantly become as worthless as used paper.
Imagine Bill Gates and Mitt Romney being as poor as you and me!
The Iraqi Dinar and the Vietnam Dong have received the greatest amount of attention by and from currency speculators because both currencies have thegreatest potential to generate huge dividends with the international RV. Both of these currencies had previously been devalued by the World Bank; the IMF andCBI by virtue of the international influence wheeled by the United States, Corp!The devaluation of currency is a military strategy designed to defeat a Countryeconomically while attacking them physically.
Iraqi Dinar’s were
previously worth3.22 US prior to their devaluation but
I’m not ce
rtain what the Dong was worthprior to its devaluation.
Iraqi History:
When the new government for Iraq was installed and approved by the UnitedNations around 16 months ago, the very first action by the Iraqi government was topetition the United Nations to be released from Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and requestpermission to freely Contract with other Countries once again. The United Nationsagreed to both requests pending the submission and approval of a repayment planfor Kuwait and repayment of all other debts Iraq has accumulated during theiroccupation and reconstruction. Iraq submitted a plan, which was approved and the
Bankruptcy was released and Iraq’s first new Contract was with the Soviets
, tosupply Russia with ten trillion dollars worth of crude over the next five years!

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