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Yellow Journalism Ass

Yellow Journalism Ass

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Published by Umar

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Published by: Umar on Apr 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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There is Yellow journalism in Pakistan:
Yellow journalism
started in 1900 century; it was used to describe the writing tacticsUsed by William Hearst's New York Journal and Joseph Pulitzer's New York World.They used media for their personal benefits.Yellow journalism is a term in which media exaggerate, exploit and sometimes misleadthe public about some events or issues through speculation and show biasness in thatparticular incident to create sensationalism and attract its readers or viewers to thoseaspects in which there may be no truth at all. For full fill their purpose they create anartificial environment which is actually not true but show in such a way that seems trueand interesting to make people believe them. This mostly used misleading image ofparticular personality and for the sole purpose of boosting newspaper sales and excitingpublic opinion.
In Pakistan
it has become a common trend as the media organizations always try to
create suspense and distorts even to those matters that hold no importance at all.Media channels are spreading a feeling of disappointment among the general publicthrough sensationalizing the petty issues and also through the speculation of different
incidents. It is being used by a few people for their personal interests on the cost ofnational interest. Actually it is currently not playing its role in the true sense of journalismas almost every channel is supporting someone in order to fulfill some hidden agendas.News channels and newspapers in Pakistan are not playing their role in the true senseas they create sensationalism which put a common man in disappointment and hestarts thinking that there is nothing positive left in our country.Media is supposed to work in a neutral way which is its basic element. Butunfortunately, It seems to play a Negative role and also tries to create sensationalism just to get attention of people and for higher ratings among the competitors.
Objectives Of study
1. To know causes of Yellow journalism in Pakistan2. To know is sensationalism really increase viewership3. To know is sensationalism and speculation is important in Media content4. To find the effects of Yellow journalism on audience5. To Find is media content is biased6. To know what people most want from media7. To find is Pakistani media mostly present crime and violence news8. To find is reality is different than that which is presented in media9. To know why yellow journalism mostly used in Pakistani media

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