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Saratoga County 2012 Salaries

Saratoga County 2012 Salaries

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Published by SaratogianNewsroom

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Published by: SaratogianNewsroom on Apr 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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01/25/12 09:14:00 2012 SARATOGA COUNTY SALARIES PAGE 1NAME HIRED TITLE SALARYDATEAALTO LINDA 07/05/2006 Typist Part Time 15,513.66ABBOTT JOHN 12/01/1989 Desk Sergeant 58,594.84ABBOTT SUSAN 09/23/1987 Principal Account Clerk 43,632.49ABRAMS SUSAN 04/04/1989 Supervising Nurse 24,149.81ACETO KVETA 03/05/1999 Motor Vehicle Clerk PT 9,384.50ADAMS JOHN 08/18/2010 Probation Director 84,147.88AGNEW VICTORIA 03/30/2001 Activities Aide 37,962.21AGONEY JAMES 05/02/1997 Road Maintainer 43,992.20ALDOUS CHRISTINE 07/27/2007 Food Service Helper 35,526.46ALDRICH CHRISTINE 11/17/2006 Administrative Asst 43,241.92ALLEN DAVID 05/10/1989 Heavy Equipment Oper 51,265.13ALLEN DUANE 07/26/1989 Heavy Equipment Oper 47,749.31ALLEN JEREMY 06/29/2007 Motor Equipment Oper 35,831.95ALLEN MICHELLA 10/05/2007 Typist 33,652.32ALLEN PRESTON 05/20/1998 Motor Equipment Oper 42,973.00ALLEN ROGER 05/02/1990 Heavy Equipment Oper 49,790.62ALLEN RONALD 11/18/2005 Maintenance Helper 41,073.55ALLEN SARAH 10/17/2008 Senior Typist 16,401.02ALLISON MICHELLE 03/20/2009 Senior Account Clerk 38,950.08ALMY PAMELA 08/04/1992 Certified Nurse's Aide 40,398.54ALMY TODD 08/21/1998 Maintenance Worker 48,737.72ALOY ANNAMARIE 07/22/2011 Caseworker 43,784.10ANDERSON ROBERT 07/15/1998 Highway Constr Supv 60,537.98ANTHONY ANACITA 10/02/2009 Certified Nurse's Aide 34,947.12ANTINORE JAMES 10/28/2011 Desk Officer 38,631.21ARMER ARDIS 08/25/2006 Aging Services Special 40,487.35ARMER DIANE 02/05/1982 Confidential Secretary 45,331.28ARMER DOROTHY 05/02/2008 Senior Typist 35,496.91ARMER RYAN 05/15/2009 Laborer 31,900.33ARMITAGE BRIAN 04/14/1997 Heavy Equipment Oper 48,240.81ARMITAGE TIFFANY 01/03/2005 Typist Part Time 15,513.66ARNOLD FRANCINE 10/20/2006 Certified Nurse's Aide 36,105.61ARNOLD FREDERICK 05/10/1989 Gen Highway Supervisor 64,903.69ARNOLD LORRIE 06/08/2001 Licensed Practical Nurse 41,259.66ARPEI PETER 06/29/1984 Lieutenant 63,483.26ARPEI TERRY 02/10/1975 Principal Typist 43,776.82ARTHURS MARY 12/03/2004 Senior Typist 37,568.62ASCHMUTAT KELLEY 05/15/2009 Senior Typist 34,917.42ASH JAMES 03/12/2004 Community MH Nurse 56,475.69ASHDOWN JESSE 01/01/2002 Attorney 86,819.82ASSEY STEPHEN 02/04/2000 Senior Caseworker 51,864.17ATWELL DAVID 09/28/1988 Desk Officer 54,872.48AURELIO VERONICA 02/28/1992 Account Clerk Typist 40,434.94AUSTIN KAREN 01/08/2010 Hospital Aide 8,726.67AUSTIN WILLIAM 03/04/2011 Automotive Repairer 40,940.01BACCOLI CHANTAL 07/23/2010 Certified Nurse's Aide 34,375.96BADALUCCO ELIZABETH 05/27/2011 Registered Nurse 44,593.82BAKER ARTHUR 10/26/2001 Maintenance Mechanic 54,559.23BAKER CYNTHIA 11/10/1988 Deputy County Treasurer 67,781.16BAKER DONNA 09/09/1988 Senior Typist 40,360.68
01/25/12 09:14:00 2012 SARATOGA COUNTY SALARIES PAGE 2NAME HIRED TITLE SALARYDATEBAKER GWENDOLYN 04/28/2006 Index Clerk 37,835.79BAKER JUSTIN 03/04/2011 Social Welfare Examiner 36,268.59BAKER LORI 09/30/2011 Social Welfare Examiner 36,268.59BALCH TRACY 08/22/1997 Account Clerk Typist 36,729.42BALCHAND NALENI 03/04/2011 Certified Nurse's Aide 33,803.44BALDWIN BETH ANNE 02/18/2004 Senior Caseworker 50,014.51BALDWIN LINDA 03/31/2000 Social Welfare Examiner 40,977.30BALDWIN MAILEY 01/22/2010 Licensed Practical Nurse 16,998.17BALL MATTHEW 09/22/2006 Corrections Officer 49,334.89BALLESTERO TAMMY 11/01/1990 Laboratory Director 67,440.55BANDEN LISA 02/15/2002 Administrative Asst 50,705.38BANGO JOSEPH 07/13/2007 Probation Officer 46,070.93BAPP TODD 09/21/2005 Tax Map Technician 45,306.35BARILE ROBERT 09/08/1992 Utility Worker 39,187.39BARNES AMY 10/01/1999 Licensed Practical Nurse 43,130.68BARNES CHRISTINA 09/01/1994 Head Nurse 56,290.45BARNES KATHERINE 09/08/2006 Certified Nurse's Aide 36,684.76BARNES KATHY 06/29/2007 Certified Nurse's Aide 36,105.61BARNES KATHY 07/28/1995 Fiscal Manager 51,982.29BARNES TRACY 03/18/2011 Social Welfare Examiner 36,268.59BARRETT PHILIP 01/01/2000 County Supervisor 18,508.46BARSS DARREN 05/10/2002 Motor Equipment Oper 39,224.64BARTHOLDI BARBARA 03/31/2000 Senior Typist 38,496.45BARTON GARTH 11/25/1988 Heavy Equipment Oper 52,949.52BATES CYNTHIA 11/16/2007 Account Clerk Typist 36,143.01BAYER KELLEY 10/01/1999 Probation Officer 48,492.62BAYER MICHELLE 05/02/2008 Senior Caseworker 48,856.26BEARDSLEY BRENDAN 01/31/2003 Corrections Officer 50,920.89BECKER JOHN 07/07/2003 Heavy Equipment Oper 40,764.67BECKER PAMALA 02/22/2008 Homemaker 34,946.91BEDARD CAROL 09/21/1980 Confidential Secretary 49,653.24BEDFORD MELANIE 09/05/2008 Animal Shelter Aide PT 28,056.93BELL LESLIE 12/11/2009 Motor Vehicle Clerk PT 16,591.79BELL NANCY 05/30/1986 Head Nurse 55,376.68BELLEVUE PENNY 02/24/1995 Senior Typist 39,432.66BELLINGER JESSICA 12/01/2006 Certified Nurse's Aide 36,684.76BELLINGER JOHN 04/14/2000 Machinist 43,099.26BENENATI MARIBETH 02/22/2002 SUPV PHYSICAL THERAPIST 62,126.61BENNETT EILEEN 08/11/1995 Computer Programmer 52,576.52BENOSKY LYNNE 06/27/1997 Licensed Practical Nurse 43,130.68BENOSKY WILLIAM 04/09/1990 Senior Engineer 66,649.67BERARDI JAMIE 05/12/2000 Registered Nurse 49,309.44BERARDI NICHOLAS 10/16/1998 Certified Nurse's Aide 38,541.36BILKA NICOLE 06/30/2006 Registered Nurse 52,399.98BILLINGS SHANE 08/20/1999 Motor Equipment Oper 41,143.64BILLS ROYAL 06/18/2004 Motor Equipment Oper 35,831.95BIRDSALL LAURIE 02/18/2011 Physical Therapy Asst 42,596.58BISHOP DEBORAH 10/26/2001 Account Clerk 38,341.03BISHOP MARGARET 08/29/2003 Certified Nurse's Aide 37,598.53BLAAUBOER KELLEY 01/28/2005 Licensed Practical Nurse 40,115.79
01/25/12 09:14:00 2012 SARATOGA COUNTY SALARIES PAGE 3NAME HIRED TITLE SALARYDATEBLACKMER VIRGINIA 06/30/1995 Motor Vehicle Clerk 40,643.14BLAIR BARBARA 12/12/2003 Senior Typist 37,568.62BLAIR GILDA 09/25/1996 Food Service Helper 37,962.21BLAISDELL FRANK 09/30/1992 Veterinarian 14,000.00BLAKE DOROTHY 10/24/1997 Licensed Practical Nurse 43,130.68BLONKOWSKI EUGENE 03/05/1992 Cook 43,093.83BLOWERS SAMANTHA 04/30/2010 Caseworker 44,363.77BLOWERS SUSAN 01/31/1992 Certified Nurse's Aide 40,398.54BLUMENBERG ANDREW 11/16/2007 Attorney 81,476.30BOCHETTE DEBRA 12/15/1989 Senior Lab Technician 56,194.51BODENSIECK KAREN 01/30/2006 Public Health Nurse 49,777.18BOERENKO JAY 04/30/1999 Motor Equipment Oper 43,078.46BOHRER JUDITH 01/25/2008 Social Welfare Examiner 37,976.84BOISVERT ANNE 08/22/2008 Animal Shelter Aide PT 13,627.65BOLDUC JIMMY 07/27/1988 Ast Chief WW Operator 63,463.94BONITATIBUS ROSALIE 11/14/2008 Certified Nurse's Aide 35,526.46BONNEY LORIE 06/13/2008 Cleaner 36,744.03BOONE ROBERTA 01/20/2006 Caseworker 46,643.32BOREY THERESA 07/09/2010 Clerk Part Time 15,513.66BORST BELINDA 08/20/2010 Certified Nurse's Aide 34,375.96BORTELL MICHAEL 12/17/2004 Road Patrol Deputy 60,660.91BOSLEY JOANNE 05/02/1997 Dir Real Property 77,471.94BOSLEY JULIE 03/26/2004 Account Clerk 37,397.72BOTT PENNY 06/23/2006 Registered Nurse 52,399.98BOUCHARD DEBORA 05/13/2011 Social Welfare Examiner 17,616.17BOUCHARD DENISE 07/22/1997 Computer Programmer 51,641.04BOUCHARD MARK 05/05/2006 Laborer 32,363.34BOURDEAU GARY 05/04/1998 Motor Equipment Oper 47,967.50BOURDEAU JENNIFER 02/22/2011 Caseworker 43,784.10BOURDEAU STEVEN 04/21/2006 Motor Equipment Oper 35,831.95BOURGEOIS CATHERINE 06/29/2007 Supervising Nurse 57,112.77BOUTELLE JILL 11/03/2000 Activities Aide 37,026.79BOUYEA JEFFREY 09/27/2002 Road Patrol Deputy 60,660.91BOVEE JAMES 05/24/1991 Highway Constr Supv 62,401.87BOVEE MATTHEW 04/04/1990 Road Maintainer 41,331.88BOWEN JAMES 07/10/1989 Motor Equipment Oper 40,348.25BOWEN JAMES 11/01/1965 County Sheriff 113,304.10BOWEN KATHERINE 02/25/2005 Staff Social Worker 55,532.56BOWEN SUSAN 09/01/1976 Identification Officer 55,777.41BOWEN WINIFRED 01/04/2002 Senior Typist 38,496.45BOWER MARCIA 10/17/2003 Certified Nurse's Aide 35,526.46BOWERS JULIE 10/19/2007 Senior Typist 36,076.04BOWERS RHONDA 05/18/2007 MEDICAL RECORDS ASSISTANT 38,133.22BOYARK MARIE 11/13/1987 Activities Aide 39,811.20BOYD ELIZABETH 12/15/1989 Sr Social Welfare Examnr 46,242.37BOYER NEIDA 11/12/2010 Certified Nurse's Aide 14,966.38BOYLING THOMAS 09/16/2011 Certified Nurse's Aide 33,803.44BRACKETT SCOTT 05/20/1994 Automotive Repairer 52,912.08BRADLEY DEREK 12/21/2001 Heavy Equipment Oper 42,105.85BRADSHAW SCOTT 04/30/2010 Caseworker 44,363.77

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