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Parenting Rights Letter to Chief Judge

Parenting Rights Letter to Chief Judge

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Published by LeonKoziolJD

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Published by: LeonKoziolJD on Apr 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1518 Genesee StreetUtica, NY 13502
(315) 796-4000
April 5, 2012
Honorable Jonathan LippmanChief JusticeNew York Court of Appeals20 Eagle StreetAlbany, New York 12207 Re: Parenting Equality and Judicial MisconductDear Judge Lippman:
Until my public criticisms and formal challenges to bench and bar practices in New York’s
domestic relations courts, I enjoyed 23 successful and unblemished years as a civil rightsattorney. Today I am filing an appeal to this court from an order of the Appellate Division, ThirdDepartment which features First Amendment retaliation and misconduct of named judgeswhich I endured as a consequence of these criticisms and challenges. Over 20 judges haveeither been disqualified or replaced over the past six years of litigation on this case due to mycondition as a father-litigant-lawyer abused by a discriminatory and proliferating court system.This letter is not intended to supply the details of an appeal which might ultimately be heard bythis court, but to register my complaint to matters outside of the decision making processwhich I find to be an insult to the justice system as a whole. In your February 14, 2012 report onthe state of our judiciary, you open with a prominent refe
rence to “Lady Justice” depicted
oncourthouse walls everywhere, blindfolded and holding the scales of justice. However, on thesame walls of this, our
state’s highest
court, a visitor or litigant will find a large poster of formerChief Justice Sol Wachtler at the public
clerk’s office. He is proudly displayed along with two
other former members of the bench campaigning on the Republican line for judgeship.This poster is offensive for two principal reasons. First, it advertises politics in an institutioncommitted to impartiality and judicial independence. Second, and more disturbing, it lauds theelection of a judge who was charged with extortion, racketeering and blackmail using the samehigh court offices as his facilitator of these crimes. To be sure, Sol Wachtler was accused of directing staff in his chambers to investigate the background of a lawyer for purposes of impairing his licensure. That lawyer, David Sampson, was being targeted as the close friend of Joy Silverman, the New York debutant who had been stalked and harassed by Judge Wachtler.
Chief Justice LippmanApril 5, 2012Page 2A comparable incident on a smaller scale is at issue in the Third Department record, and like the
state system at the time of Wachtler’s crimes, there has been no
accountability obtainedthrough the New York Commission on Judicial Conduct. Indeed fellow justices refused to seekJudge Wachtler
resignation even after his misconduct became public through an FBI stingoperation. Today
s poster advertises the purported
” of Mr. Wachtler who was given
back his law license in 2007. As you know, he pled guilty to harassment of the debutant and ex-lover which led to a federal prison term
. It was influenced by Wachtler’s threats of 
kidnappingand anonymous mailing of condoms to a 14 year old girl. So brazen was this jurist that he evensubmitted false claims in similar fashion to authorities which damaged other FBI investigations.While you may not be as personally affected by this daily reminder, I am the father of twoyoung girls who finds Wachtler and his poster highly offensive. It is being prominently displayedfor no logical reason during an appeal which features parents in this state routinely subjectedto false tactical accusations in needless Family Court disputes. Such concoctions are encouragedand overlooked because they produce fees and revenues for the bench and bar. Innocentchildren are callously exploited in the process using antiquated and barbaric processesdeveloped by their beneficiaries. These are issues which conflict with Sol Wachtler and hispolitical feature at the courthouse entrance. Photocopies of the poster are enclosed. Itscontinuing display was confirmed today. Respectfully, I ask that it be ordered removed.On a related note, you emphatically declare in the same opening report
that “
New York alwayshas been and must remain at the forefront of efforts to ensur
e that Lady Justice’s scales,
symbolizing equality and due process, are exquisitely balanced in our great state
. However,nowhere in that same report will one find a candid recognition of the gender discriminationwhich occurs to the male half of the parenting population. Apart from Census Bureau statisticswhich confirm this inequality each year, our Institute has studied the issues and concluded, asso many other experts have, that fatherless childrearing is a principal cause behind the juvenilecrime and overburdened dockets which you lament upon with funding requests in your report.Thank you for your consideration.Respectfully submitted,Leon R. Koziol, J.D.cc: Hon. Thomas MercureAssociated PressNew York TimesTimes UnionUSA Today

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