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Biodynamic Farming Secrets

Biodynamic Farming Secrets

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Published by biodynamicfarming
Biodynamic Farming Secrets Biodynamics is an advanced technology which uses methods still not understood by mainstream science. If you're ready to "fast forward", and skip about 100 years into the future
Biodynamic Farming Secrets Biodynamics is an advanced technology which uses methods still not understood by mainstream science. If you're ready to "fast forward", and skip about 100 years into the future

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Published by: biodynamicfarming on Apr 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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IMPORTANT:This is not for the average person.
Biodynamics is an advanced technology which usesmethods still not understood by mainstream science. If you're ready to "fast forward", and skip about 100 yearsinto the future, read on...
"You Too Can Use This Advanced Technology To HealPolluted Soil, AndTurn Ordinary Plants Into 'Super-Food'
With Nutrients, to Heal And Sustain YourFamily -I'll Teach You How, Step-by-Step, In Less Than 60 Minutes."
Biodynamics is a Dimension Beyond 'Organic' Gardening:
Using TheSecret Energies Of The Moon & Stars, Turn Dead Soil Back To Life,Reverse Chemical Damage, And Grow Incredibly Nutrient Rich Food WhichWill Heal You And Your Family For Years To Come...
 An Open Letter from Kacper Postawski
Dear gardener and fellow human being,If like me, you're tired of feeling helpless as you watch our planet being destroyed with chemicals, pollution andpesticides...If you're disgusted with profit addicted corporations like Monsanto destroying our food with GMO (GeneticallyModified Organisms)...If you're tired of looking up and seeing the endless "secret" chem-trails of Barium and Aluminum being sprayedall over our skies, poisoning the very air our children breathe...Then please take 5 minutes to read this letter, because
this is one of the keys
to healing our planet, our soil,and this will
let you grow the most incredible, healing, and nutrient dense food on Earth for yourfamily
, way beyond simple organic gardening methods,
read on...
What is Biodynamic Farming?
Hi my name is Kacper, if you don't know me already, I'm a major activist of freedom on this planet, I've beeninvolved with free energy development, biodome construction, and a wide variety of technologies for sustainableliving.In my opinion, nothing is as important to learn during this time of great change on our planet as
What is biodynamic Farming?
In a nutshell, here's what Biodynamic Farming is
... Imagine for a moment you had a secret technology,which was so advanced and in harmony with nature, that it allowed you to do the following: 
Heal dead soil.
Turn soil with years of damage from chemicals back intoliving arable soil that can grow
food again...
Minimize effort...
Using this technology you can grow incredible food,without worrying about disease, as your plants will be thriving with life,strength, and immunity.
Grow the most NUTRIENT DENSE food on the planet.
Biodynamicallygrown food is 5 to 10 times more nutritious than regular "organic food", andhas many healing properties. The nutrient density of biodynamic food isquite simply...
off the scale.Open a new dimension of depth and understanding.
When you usebiodynamic methods, you develop a unusual connection with nature whichbrings a unprecedented amount of joy and peace into your life.
This is what biodynamics lets you do. You'd think if this was so incredible, everyone should have heard about it by now... but 99.99% of farmers havenever heard of Biodynamics, or Rudolf Steiner... because it has never been a necessity, until now:
Time Is Running Out ForOur Food Supply ...
I think everyone awake at this point in history would agree that we live in "interesting" times...
The biggest crisis looming over the horizon for all of us right now is the food crisis.
The time of getting your food from the super-market every week is quite simply coming to an end. As inflationand oil prices sky-rocket, food shortages are already a reality, and at one point, the food will simply stopcoming.
All the arable land in North America is beingdestroyed by devastating farming practices...
Monsanto's GMO (Genetically Modified Organism)seeds, and pesticides, which are depleting the soil,
poisoning our bodies, poisoning our fresh water, andkilling beneficial insects(bees) vital to our survival onthis planet.... all at an alarmingly rapid rate.The main underground water reserves in the centralUSA(where most of the food comes from), are prettymuch depleted, 2011 will be a devastating year interms of food supply.Record high oil prices as a result of the collapse of theU.S. dollar, and war in the middle east, will lead to
record high food prices in 2011
Never mind the shortages, the stuff in the stores isn'tedible either way.
1 in 3 people in America nowget cancer.
Eating conventional produce is theequivalent of eating styrofoam, there are no nutrientsleft in the soil.
And even organic produce is nowbeing affected...
To add insult to injury, our skies are being constantlysprayed with Barium and Aluminum throughgovernment operated Chem-trail programs which areno longer a secret "conspiracy theory", but obvious, just look at the skies(see picture to the right)
Aluminum is showing up in soil all over theplanet in shocking quantities, and plants arebeginning to die...
Through conventional farming, whave successfully destroyed most of the arable land, in most places, food simply isn't growing anymore.Chemtrails like this, filled with Barium and Aluminum, are now a common site all over North America, why are they poisoning us? Aluminum is showing up in soil all over the planet in shocking quantities...
 All this, and for many other reasons, is why it’s important for anyone who’s awake to the times, to startremembering “the old wisdom”, and begin
growing your own real food
... but how?
How do you start growing real healing food in such a polluted environment?
Biodynamics holds thekeys to this problem:
Rudolf Steiner Had The Solution 100 Years AgoDuring The Last Agricultural Disaster...

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