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Published by Ryan Bartek


Download the author's entire book collection & music discography free @ http://ryanbartek.angelfire.com/blog/


Download the author's entire book collection & music discography free @ http://ryanbartek.angelfire.com/blog/

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: Ryan Bartek on Apr 08, 2012
Copyright:Public Domain


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c/o Dr. Ryan Bartek 
STATE OF THE COUNTERCULTURE UNION ADDRESS 2012c/o Dr. Ryan Bartek (PHD of Free Therapy & Cryptozoology)
It was barely a year after the fall of Wall Street, in February 2010, when I penned the first SOTCU ADDRESS. Iwas literally stranded on the Treasure Island of Pyrate Lore, licking my wounds in Florida, hopelessly treadingwater amidst the utter decimation of the American economy.My secret tropical island paradise had frozen to record low temps – black ice slicked the pavement, palm treeswere brown. I was working 15 hours a week at minimum wage for one of the most evil corporations in America,only because there was no other way out. Even hustling like a Crackhead Spainjer was ironically useless, because here I was in one of the biggest tourist traps of The South and it was an absolute ghost town. Thisvenerated rich kid Spring Break Hallelujah Town was Arctic as the ICE PLANET HOTH. Even the home-bumsmigrated like sparrows.OBAMA had still yet to completely turn heel & still struggling to pass “ObamaCare.” There was still a thread of hope attached to this man, even if saturated by mainstream DNC influence. After all, he wasn't Skull & Bones or a Freemason; he wasn't quite tied to old money or The Hidden Hand. Surely he had a corporate stooge streak (hewas a Capitalist President, after all) – but he wasn't one of “
.” OBAMA seemed to know that by proxy hewas setting an example as a historical figure & tried to live up to that pressure as humanistic as possible. When Imet the man, long before he was president, I did not get the vibe of pure evil. To be honest, he had an aura like a powerhouse. I knew he was going to significant.But then he pushed through the health care plan, and for the GOP it was like smashing a hornets nest with a baseball bat. He crossed the line & the propaganda flood was totalitarian in its vengeance. Exactly as I'd said – the second OBAMA gets in, the avalanche of doom the Neo-Cons manifested would plow him right under.And then poking around online, in the dead of frozen night, I found a video with Obama & John Walsh (of “Amercia's Most Wanted” fame). Obama explained how he was trying to put through legislation that wouldrequire every cop to take DNA Samples from anyone they pulled over in traffic without requiring a warrant or  just cause. That this DNA would be logged in an international database in which all branches of theFBI/CIA/Interpol/ISI would have unquestioned legal access.That's when my extremely cautious & shaky honeymoon with Barack Obama ended. Soon after that I arrived inPortland, Oregon, the day of the BP Oil Catastrophe. That's about the time Obama went Grey, when he startlooking as haunted as Mussolini in 1945. Most assumed The Illuminati just flipped the remote control of aManchurian Candidate-like microchip in the back of his head & rendered him a human robot. Or perhaps theAliens came down & replaced him with a genetic CloneSlave. Surely that would make more sense then theincoherent enigma that is his presidency. Nothing he does adds up, and with the severity that the Lusitania or Gulf of Tonkin doesn't add up. Which is tosay it isn't supposed to “add up,” but rather only to contribute to that old world scheme residing behind that alltoo familiar curtain of Oz. He's just another stooge, as they all are. This is why the Federal Reserve has gone onwithout penalty or oversight. This is why the Patriot Act was passed once again without dissent. This is why he'saggressively furthered pointless wars which like all American wars are never meant to be won, only sustained toline the pockets of Dow Jones profiteers.As is why he's filled his cabinet with the same wrecking ball economists that are behind the switchboards of this blatantly phony “recession” just as they were during “the great depression” or any other similar pyramid schemeof “economical calamity.” How are we in a great depression when every Fortune 500 company is making record profits? When we are besieged with a period of historical, staggering abundance?We've reached a point where their hands are so far into the cookie jar they don't even feel the need to mask it
anymore. They went whole-hog for the grand burglary & no one said a god damned word. The people just took it, buying the careful matrix of propaganda built from the leverage & participation of the reigning mediatycoons. It really isn't much more difficult then that. They sunk the Lusitania, they forced the Japanese to attack us, they fabricated the Gulf of Tonkin, they framed the Bay of Pigs, they killed 1500+ people at The World TradeCenter. The clear evidence does not support any other view & I cannot even communicate with anyone whodoesn't see through this.And people wonder why we are so angry. Why we're marching in the streets. Why even after they beat, torture, paralyze & terrorize us we refuse to give up or go home. Somehow we've reached a point where even the mostfever-pitch kook calling in to the Alex Jones show is probably right about everything.Most still have no idea about COREXIT 9500, even in the Age of Occupy. In April 2010, to combat theBILLION GALLONS OF CRUDE OIL that shot from the Earth's Crust, Obama allowed BP to dump 50MILLION GALLONS of Corexit 9500 into The Gulf, which is a chemical 4x more toxic then the crude oilitself. Corexit’s function is to literally eat the oil, instantly obliterating it into minuscule particles. In theory, these particles are biodegradable & mix into the ocean currents like loose grains of sand. In reality, Corexit had never actually been used on anything larger then 1000 barrels of oil – which is why all of these globules haveaccumulated into a massive jellyblob which is crawling along The Gulf floor.Furthermore, the chemical immediately releases the most deadly, latent properties of crude, causing thesurrounding water to soak up 3,500% more of the toxic properties then it would in its natural state. This aquaticCorexit landmass – this oxygen-deprived, toxic vacuum – has already killed millions of fish, altering the eco-system & supposedly mutating the genetics of all ensnared life forms. As this Blob lingers off the coast of Florida for the next few hundred years, smaller chunks continue to wash ashore in Louisiana, Georgia,Mississippi, Florida, etc.At a microscopic level, it’s been continually ingested through skin contact of any & all swimming those same beaches. Having never been tested at length on human subjects – and quickly banned in the UK – a 2011investigation determined that Corexit is a confirmed carcinogen in all probability worse then Agent Orangeitself. It literally makes red blood cells hemorrhage when ingested. When the EPA refused to test the seafood for months, Walmart threatened to pull out of selling any seafood from The Gulf. Then the EPA panicked and said300 PPM of COREXIT 9500 on food was fine – and ever since then people have been devouring this neurotixic poison en masse.Furthermore, this mix of Corexit, crude oil & methane gas has for some time been evaporating and, in turn,raining down upon the region – supposedly all the way into Canada. This precipitation was (and still is) affecting plant life like an acidic pesticide. One search on YouTube will bring forth hundreds of amateur videos of theseevents throughout 2010, as well as testimonials from people dizzy/vomiting after heavy rains, sick for days – their homes covered in oily residue & streets slicked with that distinctive“rainbow film.”I wrote about this crisis extensively & worked closely with journalists who traveled to New Orleans/Florida tocover this when OBAMA signed an executive order stating that any journalist or new agency caught filming the“clean up effort” (i.e. criminal cover up) would be sentenced to 15 years in prison with a federal felony andcharged a $40,000 fine. If you don't believe me, they shut down Anderson Cooper live on CNN. And then thestory went away. Read my report here:http://www.scribd.com/doc/39720625/ACROPOLIS-NOW-The-Great-American-Blackout-by-Ryan-Bartek  Obama has knowingly murdered tens of thousands from chemical poisoning & given millions more cripplingdefects which will not be apparent for many years.Which brings us to the next point – FUKUSHIMA. When that 9.2 earthquake rocked Japan on March 11
, itcrippled three nuclear power plants in one blow [
the entire Fukushima Diachi complex
]. All three plantsexperienced total nuclear meltdown & have since released staggering amounts of radiation that are so

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