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Environmental Justice Tookit - Baltimore Regional Environmental Justice in Transportation Project

Environmental Justice Tookit - Baltimore Regional Environmental Justice in Transportation Project



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Published by Glenn Robinson

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Published by: Glenn Robinson on Dec 12, 2008
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Environmental Justice Toolkit Phase II of the Baltimore Region Environmental Justice inTransportation Project 
Prepared forThe U. S. Environmental Protection Agency in Conjunction with theU.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway AdministrationCooperative Agreement XA-83085801-3Contract DTF1161-06-P-00106
Project Director and Principle Investigator
Glenn RobinsonResearch Scientist, School of Engineering, Morgan State University
Baltimore Metropolitan Council – Transportation Planning Division
Institutional Support
School of Engineering and Institute for Urban Research, Morgan State UniversityGreater Baltimore Urban LeagueEnvironmental Justice Partnership, Inc Johns Hopkins Center in Urban Environmental HealthOhio State University - School of Public Health
Community Support
Miss Morton (Kirk Ave.)Sister Jean, St. Ann’s Church (Kirk Ave. Bus Depot)Art Cohen, Morgan State University (Historian, Highway to Nowhere)Shirley Folks, Cherry Hill Public Housing Tenants AssociationDiane Jones, Assistant Professor - Institute of Architecture and Planning, Morgan State UniversityRuth Pitts, Cherry Hill Public Housing Tenants AssociationLeon Purnell, Executive Director – The Men’s CenterZelda Robinson, President - Westside Baltimore CoalitionAngela Wilkins, Graduate Research Assistant, Planning, Morgan State University (Cherry Hill)
Oversight Committee
Tony Brown, Maryland Transit AdministrationDon Chen, Smart Growth AmericaRichard Lloyd, Morgan State UniversityMichael Mazepink, Peoples Homesteading GroupDorothy Morrison, Maryland Department of the EnvironmentPaul Oberle, Maryland Department of TransportationCarol Payne, Department of Housing and Urban DevelopmentDan Pontious, Citizens Planning and Housing AssociationAndrew Sawyer, Maryland Department of the EnvironmentScot Spencer, Annie E. Casey FoundationRich Stoltz, Center for Community Change
Filling The Gap
Define it! Prioritize it! Analyze it! Evaluate it! Document it!
We would like to take this opportunity to thank the four community groups for theirfine work, the support they gave to this research, as well as their willingness tocontinue to share their experience with us and with other communities. We wish themthe best as they strive to ensure accessible, affordable and reliable transportation forpeople with disabilities, low incomes and others in their communities.Also, we wish to express our appreciation to federal representatives for their supportas well, this includes: Victor McMahan (EPA), Sherry Ways (FHWA), and GloriaShepherd (FHWA). A note of thanks to an early contributor to this project, RickKuzmyak, is also warranted.i

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