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31157021 the Black Box Other Psychic Generators Davis

31157021 the Black Box Other Psychic Generators Davis

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Published by amalitsi5824

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Published by: amalitsi5824 on Apr 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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For more information visit the Honesty Organized Worldwide website at http://www.honesty.org
Dr. W.E. Davis is a former teacher, lecturer, guest speaker and worldtraveler who has made many personal appearances across the country. He isa former network radio talk show host who has devoted a good portion of hislife to research in the field of parapsychology and astralphysics. He countsamong his many friends, some of the most prestigious names in the field of psychic phenomenon, and without they're inspiration and cooperation, this book would never have been written.
Here are all the answers to man's unanswered questions, available to those with
enough courage to reach out for them. Do we have hidden powers waiting to be tap-
ped...capable of changing our lives? Can we communicate without speaking? Heal
disease with just an effort of will? Contact beings from the realm of the dead?
Only recently have these possibilities been examined in a systematic way by re-
searchers with the full powers of modern science behind them. Bit by bit they have
uncovered the answers. And for those who are willing to know, the discoveries arethe most astounding the human race has ever made!
And what quack says all of this is possible? Famous scientists...world reknowned
physicists...U.S. Government researchers...and prominent psychics the world over!
What's more this astonishing machine is now being used by psychics and scientists
in England, Australia, Germany, the Soviet Bloc countries and Western Europe, to
accomplish with the POWER OF THOUGHT alone, the most awesome feats in the
history of mankind. Do these claims sound unbelievable to you? Kooky? Fantastic?Then realize that this amazing device has been awarded patents in both Europe and
the United States! What's more, the principals upon which this miraculous device
is based...PSIONICS...have been extensively researched by Columbia, Yale, Dukeand Pennsylvania Universities, Dow Chemical Co. and especially the prestigious
Soviet Academy of Science! Intensive studies are going on right now by many re-putable organizations around the world; among them the Institute of Noetic Sciences,
founded and presided over by ASTRONAUT EDGAR MITCHELL, and Mankind Unlim-
ited of Washington D.C. chaired by Dr. Werner Von Braun!
Believe it! A mechanical device now exists that will amplify all the inborn psychic
abilities you may not even realize you have.
The little 'Black Box' is a psychotronic amplifier, and is based on the 'new' science
of Psionics. As Joseph Goodavage, author and science reporter described it,'These
machines Have circuits that detect, amplify and direct human thought and emotion.„
Whatever thoughts are on the mind of the person who operates the machine!' So,
effective is the machine in Iron Curtain countries, that the C.I.A. has reportedly
ordered a 'jamming' device built to counteract it's possible use on the President!
Just what, exactly is this mysterious sounding machine? Why have the governmentsof so many countries granted patents for it? What fantastic psychic vistas does it
open up for it's operator? To answer all these questions and enter into what might
be the greatest adventure of your life, we must first go back and trace the phenominal
revolution that has taken place in mechanized psychic power in an incredibly short
span of years.
Psionics dates back to ancient Egypt, perhaps even earlier. The initial studies were
expanded upon by a few dedicated researchers in the last hundred years, and though
all were working indepentently, they all arrived at the same result! Each gave this
new discovery a different name. It has been called Eloptic radiation, Odic Force,
radionics Mitogenic emanations, psionics and the new Russian label, psychotronics.
No matter what the label, psionics is a blend of psychic power, extra sensory percep-
tion, electromagnetic radiation and biochemistry. And as Dr. William Hale, formerchief of Dow Chemical Co., research explained it..."The psionic device connects a
purely mental function which we call ESP, with an image on a photographic plate!"
These conclusions stem from discoveries by Columbia University that proved that
there's a force field surrounding each atom of matter in the universe, and that theseelements radiate a frequency that is unique to that atom! By tuning to these frequencies
with a very sensitive electronic device they can, not only be recieved, but also modified(or modulated) and re-transmitted, very much like an ordinary radio station. It meansimposing human thought, which also has it's own frequency, into the very atomic
structure of matter! ...exposing all the secrets locked within each molecule! As Joseph
Goodavage testified, using this method "Researchers have analyzed emanations fromrelics of prehistoric creatures that existed millions of years ago. They've been caught
on film and developed! "It also means that NOW we can even contact a braincell on it's
own frequency! Ruth Drown, herself an inventor of a psionic device said it best...
"There's a resonance between the whole body and each of it's parts. Whatever we can

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