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English Class Essay Outline

English Class Essay Outline



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Published by RodgerSeagraves

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Published by: RodgerSeagraves on Dec 12, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Marr “What are the viable alternatives of fossil fuels?”I. Title: Alternative Fuels: The Necessary StepII. IntroductionA. We have relied on fossil fuels such as oil and coal for hundreds of years.These natural recourses are finite and create air-damaging fumes when burned.Scientists and archeologists estimate that we are on the path to depleting theworld’s fossil fuel reserves, which could lead to an economic meltdown.B. Thesis Statement: If we continue to rely only on fossil fuels to generateelectricity, and power our vehicles, we will undoubtedly consume the worldreserve of these limited forms of energy. Hydrogen, solar and wind power can bealternatives to fossil fuels.III. Necessary BackgroundA.Fossil fuels have created a negative environmental impact through their  burning process. And the supply of these fuels is diminishing, and this hashelped spur interest in alternatives. Currently, renewable energy onlyaccounts for 9% of US domestic energy production. Hydropower accounts for about 5%. There is currently a higher cost to benefit ratio for using renewableenergy, and fossil fuels are still relatively cheap to use (Renewable EnergySources).B.Fossil fuels are finite recourses. Finite means having definable limits. Weknow oil and coal are finite and will eventually be consumed. Alternativei
Marr energy is usually renewable energy, which means this energy can be replaced by ecological cycles.C.We have been looking at this issue more closely because of the increasing gas prices to fuel our cars and heat our homes. In a recent study, 55% surveyedsaid they would consider an alternate fuel vehicle as their next car purchase(PR Newswire).IV. Subtopic #1A.Companies and individuals are considering different, more efficient forms of fuel for cars and for the production of electricity. This is due in part becauseof greater conservation awareness and fears that gas prices may become toohigh. There are many viable alternative fuels being considered.B.Private civilians and companies of the United States have consideredHydrogen for a long time as a powerful and abundant fuel to power everything from cars to power plants. “Hydrogen is the 3
most abundantelement on Earth” (World Almanac). Solar energy is also considered as a productive form of generating electricity without the emissions and chance of the source being depleted.C.Hydrogen-Fuel Cell vehicles would have to be built with a high pressurestorage cylinder or a method of producing its own hydrogen fuel to run on.Fuel cells remain a suitable solution to rising gas prices (PR Newswire). Atthe 2007 International Auto Show in Seattle, a Hydrogen-Gas vehicle wasdemonstrated to journalists. The vehicle was a converted Ford Ranger truck that can run on either Hydrogen or Gasoline. What makes the truck unique,ii
Marr though, was its ability to produce hydrogen on demand. The patented methodof hydrogen fuel production in the truck was developed by Hydrogen Power Inc. and it “involves a chemical reaction between water, aluminum, and anenvironmentally friendly catalyst to cleanly and efficiently produce hydrogenon site and on demand” (Hydrogen Power). Some companies and countriesare realizing the benefits of having hydrogen as a main fuel source. DrewWinter for Ward’s Auto World says that “[Iceland] is the first country in theworld to commit to developing a hydrogen-based economy” (Winter).D.Using renewable recourses such as Hydrogen is efficient, safe, and a logicalalternative that can substitute our use of oil products and produce the sameresult.V. Subtopic #2A. Solar power is already catching on with home and office buildingowners. Solar electricity is generated by the sun’s light when collected by photovoltaic panels that charge large batteries with electricity. These batteries are connected to the building’s electrical wiring. Solar power isanother great alternative to buying electricity from a polluting power  plant, because they are not expensive to set up, and maintenance costs areminimal. Solar power may be the fastest growing alternative to homeelectricity.B. In California, solar power output “has grown from about 3 megawattsin 2000 to 177 megawatts this year, a remarkable 5,900% increase” (St.John). State’s around the US, realize the environmental benefits to solar iii

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