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Bin Laden Hideout in Pakistan

Bin Laden Hideout in Pakistan

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Published by zchoudhury

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Published by: zchoudhury on Apr 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bin Laden Hideout in Pakistan
Complicity or Malign Neglect?
---Ziauddin Choudhury
Truth came out finally from none other than Pakistani Law Enforcement authorities themselves. BinLaden, the most wanted person in the world in recent history, the man who had a price tag of $25million for his capture
dead or alive, lived comfortably in Pakistan during all those years he was beinghounded by US, and if we believe, by Pakistani authorities. As told by Pakistan Police He lived inPakistan in a number of places in the North Western part of the country, within smelling distance of themost powerful spy agency of the country, the Inter Services Intelligence Agency or ISI. It was just not BinLaden alone; he lived famously with a bevy of wives, and nearly a dozen offspring, four of whom wereborn in Pakistan in those ten years. Add to this number the retinue of servants and other security staff that a person like Bin Laden would require.It just befuddles the normal mind to accept that the most wanted man of the world, who was reportedlybeing hunted by every law enforcement and spy agency in the country, would be living in Pakistan insuch great style, and no one would have wind of it. It simply defies all imagination that a contingent of 
foreigners would be living literally in the back yards of Pakistan’s highest establishment including the
 most powerful Army and no one in Pakistan knew. And that is not all. During the years that Bin Ladenlived in Pakistan, his latest wife gave birth to four children, not in a cave, not even in a closed room, butin regular hospitals. In the hospitals she went, surely she was attended by doctors and nurses. And noteven one knew who she was, or even wanted to know her identity? Did she pass herself off as a localand that also not once, but four times?In deposing before the Court that tried the wives of Bin Laden the Police unabashedly stated that BinLaden and his wives with their brood had been staying in various parts of North West Frontier, in the
vicinity of Pakistan’s capital for last ten years illegally!
Where have they been all these years? Arepeople actually to believe that a mini-tribe of people who would appear to be foreigners even to themost dim witted could live in a place for years without being noticed? Even more brazenly the Policeadmitted that this illegal stay was made possible b
ecause of protection of the “most wanted person”
from some powerful people. Now one wonders who that powerful person or persons would be.
During the years that the US had been hounding Bin Laden, after his famous “escape” from
a reportedcave in Afghanistan following US attack in 2001, Pakistani authorities led by then President PervezMusharraf had been feeding the international media with the news of either his death (from kidneyillness) or escape to some other part of the world, anywhere but Pakistan. They adamantly refused anysuggestion that the Terror Chief of the World could be hiding in more familiar places close to Pakistanauthorities harbored by his sympathizers, and well wishers. I remember that in response to a question(in an interview in a talk show in a US TV Channel) whether he knew the whereabouts of Bin Laden,President Musharraf replied that he did not. He added facetiously, however, that he would like to knowif the talk show host did know and would like to share the knowledge with him. Today, after the cat hasbeen let out of the bag by Pakistan Police, one wonders if the President of Pakistan was genuinely

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