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Brain Injury Mma

Brain Injury Mma

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Published by JimmyVielkind

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Published by: JimmyVielkind on Apr 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 March 30, 2012Honorable Andrew CuomoGovernorNew York StateExecutive ChamberState CapitolAlbany, New York 12224Dear Governor Cuomo,In recent years the connection between serious head injuries, particularly concussions,and long term, degenerative brain disease has become quite apparent. Numerous studiesconducted by academic and medical research organizations have provided compelling evidencethat repeated and / or untreated concussions are linked to high rates of early onset dementia,severe depression, mood swings, chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) and many otherserious brain conditions.Professional sports organizations including the NHL, NFL, and MLB have taken notice.In addition to treating the recovery process more cautiously for those athletes who have sufferedthese head injuries, these major sports have begun to institute policies designed to limit thenumber of concussions players suffer. In the NFL alone there are currently hundreds of law suitsfiled by former players seeking damages from the NFL due to mistreatment, ignoring knowndanger or not recognizing the severity of their injuries. This is in addition to many examples of players who have taken their own lives or died under tragic circumstances and whose brains haverevealed evidence of traumatic brain injuries and degenerative disease.This conscious effort by these professional sports organizations to limit the number andeffects from concussions stands in sharp contrast to that of mixed martial arts (MMA). Theadvocates of mixed marital arts, particularly the associated organization of Ultimate FightingChampionship (UFC), have made determined efforts in recent years to lift the 1997 ban onMMA in New York State. They argue significant changes have made MMA better regulated,and overall, a very different activity than the one which was labeled barbaric and banned in1997.Despite claimed efforts to clean up and regulate MMA, the fact is it continues to exposefighters to serious injury. MMA competitors are subjected to repeated blows from punches,kicks and knees directly to the head as well as choke holds rendering them helpless and possiblybrain damaged. Often these fights end within only a few seconds or minutes, as fighters

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