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Table Of Contents

Book I
The Oilman and his Parrot
Confusion of saints with hypocrites
The Jewish King, his Vazir, and the Christians
The Vazir's Teaching
Sleep of the body the soul's awakening
Laila and the Khalifa
The twelve volumes of theology
Another Tyrannical Jewish King
Praise compared to vapour drawn upwards,
The Lion and the Beasts
Trust in God, as opposed to human exertions
Wisdom is granted often times to the weak
Human wisdom, the manifestation of divine
Omar and the Ambassador
God's agency reconciled with man's freewill
The Merchant and his Clever Parrot
Saints are preserved from all harm 1
The jealousy of God 3
Complaints of God's harsh dealings with His adoring slaves
The Harper
Apology for applying the term "Bride" to God
'Omar rebukes the Harper for brooding over and bewailing the past
The Arab and his Wife
Men subdued by women's wiles
Man and wife types of the spirit and the flesh
How God made Adam superior to the Angels in wisdom and honour
The Man who was Tattooed
The Lion who Hunted with the Wolf and the Fox
Till man destroys "self" he is no true friend of God
Joseph and the Mirror
The Prophet's Scribe
How philosophers deceive themselves
'Ali's Forbearance
God's rebuke to Adam for scorning Iblis
Epilogue to Book I
Book II
The Sufi's Beast
Why the poet veils his doctrines in fables
Why the prophets were sent
Mystical Meaning of "Daylight"
0n Taqlid, blind imitation or cant
Evil influence of covetousness
The Pauper and the Prisoners
Satan's office in the world
The King and his Two Slaves
The apostolical succession of the prophets and the saints
The Falcon and the Owls
The right use of forms
The Thirsty Man who threw Bricks into the Water
Luqman's Master examines him and discovers his Acuteness
Love endures hardships at the hands of the Beloved
Moses and the Shepherd
Religious forms indifferent
The Man who made a Pet of a Bear. 1
He who needs mercy finds it
Moses and the worshipper of the calf
The Gardener and the Three Friends
Bayazid and the Saint
The sweet uses of adversity
God the Author of good and evil
Evil itself is turned into good for the good
Mo'avia and Iblis
The value of sighs
All false doctrines contain an element of truth
The Four Hindustanis who censured one another
The Old Man and the Physician
Bad principles always produce bad acts
The Arab Carrier and the Scholar
The Gluttonous Sufi
The mean is relative
The ecstatic state which exalts the subject of it above law
The Tree of Life
The Young Ducks who were brought up under a Hen
Book III
The Travelers who ate the Young Elephant
God's care for His children
Evil deeds give men's prayers an ill savour in God’s nostrils
The Villager who invited the Townsman to visit him
Jesus healing the sick
God's claims to our gratitude
The Jackal who pretended to be a Peacock
Moses and Pharaoh
Comparison of fleshly lust to the snake
The Elephant in a Dark Room
Noah and his unbelieving son Canaan
The Lover who read Sonnets to his Mistress
The Man who prayed earnestly to be fed without work
Knowledge or conviction, opposed to opinion
The Boys and their Teacher
The Darvesh who Broke his Vow
All things dependent upon the will of God
The Old Man who made no Lamentation at the Death of his Sons
Bahlol and the Darvesh
The Visions seen by the Saint Daquqi
Description of a saint whose will was identified with God's will
Comparison of lust to the murderer in the story
The People of Saba
The arguments of the Jabriyan, i.e., the Fatalists or Compulsionists
Mercy inclines the good to devotion, but vengeance the bad
The despair of the prophets
The Vakil of the Prince of Bokhara
The praises addressed to the Prince by the Vakil
The Deadly Mosque
The "knowledge of certainty" and the "eye of certainty"
Objections of fools to the Masnavi
Solomon and the gnat
Book IV
The Lover and his Mistress
The soul of good in things evil. Evil only relative
Why God is named "Hearing," "Seeing" and "Knowing"
The Building of the "Most Remote Temple" at Jerusalem
Part of Soloman's message to Bilqis
Ibrahim bin Adham aud his fondness for music. 8
Ibrahim's abdication
Solomon's preaching to the people of Bilqis. The art of preaching
Solomon's admonitions to Bilqis
How men and demons helped Solomon in building the temple
How all creatures cry to God for sustenance
Bayazid and his impious sayings when beside himself
Why the Prophet promoted the youth to command his seniors
The Three Fishes
The marks of the wise man, of the half wise, and of the fool
The counsels of the bird
Moses and Pharaoh. 1
The Courtier who quarreled with his Friend for saving his Life
The Mule and the Camel
The evolution of man
Zu'l Qarnain at Mount Qaf. 4
The angel Gabriel appears to the Prophet Muhammad
Address to Husamu-'d-Din
Book V
The Prophet and his Infidel Guest
Outward acts bear witness of the state of the heart within
Prayers for spiritual enlightenment
The Arab and his Dog
The Sage and the Peacock
"There is no monkery in Islam."1
Muhammad Khwarazm Shah and the Rafizis of Sabzawar
Satan's snares for mankind
The Man who claimed to be a Prophet
The Prophet's prayer for the envious people
The Disciple who blindly imitated his Shaikh
God the Only Real Agent
Mahmud and Ayaz. 1
A description of genuine union with God
The sincere repentance of Nasuh
The Lion, the Fox, and the Ass
In order to gain true wisdom man must shake off worldly illusions
The monk's search for a man
The Mosalman who tried to convert a Magian
Love puts reason to silence
The Devotee who broke the noble's wine-jar
Description of a devotee who trusted to the light of nature
STORY VIII. (continued)
Mahmud and Ayaz
Love and faith are a mighty spell
God's dealings visible to the spiritual
Mahmud and Ayaz. (continued)
Ideas gained from hearing a thing lead to seeing it
Book VI
The worth of a man depends on the objects of his aspiration
The Hindu Slave who loved his Master's Daughter
The Fowler and the Bird
The bird's cries to God for aid
The Drunken Turkish Amir and the Minstrel
Reason for knocking at the empty house
The Purchase of Bilal
The Sufi and the Qazi
The dead regret not dying, but having lost opportunities in life
Each of our members testifies to God's bounties towards us
The Faqir and the Hidden Treasure
God rules men by alternations of hope and fear
The heavenly treasure lies "nearer to us than our neck- vein"
The Three Travelers
The uses of chastisements
Comparison of the body to the mouse, and the soul to the frog
The significance of forms. 2
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Masnavi - Teachings of Rumi

Masnavi - Teachings of Rumi

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