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Bellarmine and UCLA

Bellarmine and UCLA

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Published by Nikhil Desai

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Published by: Nikhil Desai on Apr 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ACF Fall 2010
Packet by Bellarmine [Tanay Kothari, Nikhil Desai, John Cherian, and Phillip Yakushev ] and UCLA [Ian Drayer,Tirth Patel]Edited by Will Butler, Carsten Gehring, John Lawrence, Dallas Simons, and Guy Tabachnick 1. One character in this novel buys a diamond before murdering a jeweler and being taken out of prison by LordWilmore. Another character in this work betrays Ali Pasha during the Greek revolution and sells his wife intoslavery. At the end of this novel, the title character falls in love with the slave girl Haydee, and Luigi Vampacaptures Danglars and imprisons him. In this novel, the Morcerf marries Mercedes and the protagonist finds thetreasure described by Abbe Faria after breaking out of the Chateau d'If, where he was falsely imprisoned. For 10 points, name this revenge novel centering on Edmond Dantes, written by Alexandre Dumas.ANSWER:
Count of Monte Cristo
Comte de Monte-Cristo
In cricket, bowlers from this nation include Jacques Kallis and Hansie Cronje. At one World Cup, this nation’s
rugby team won against another including Jonah Lomu in the finals and was led by Francios Pienaar. One runner from this nation won the 800 meters at the 2009 World Championships, and was accused of being not entirelyfemale. Siphiwe Tshabalala scored a goal for this nation against Mexico this year in a group which also includedUruguay and France. For 10 points, name this home of Caster Semenya and Ernie Els whose
 buzzedthroughout its hosting of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.ANSWER: Republic of 
South Africa
[or Republiek van
]3. A generalization of these operations to mappings between Banach spaces is named for Fréchet. Higher order onescan be calculated by Faa di Bruno's Formula, and they do not exist for any point on the Weierstrass Function. Theentries of the Jacobian matrix are first order examples of these, as are the components of the gradient. When thereare multiple variables, partial ones are used. This mathematical concept can be defined using limits. When there is acomposition of functions, the chain rule can be used to compute them. For 10 points, name this operation thatdescribes the change of a function as its input changes and which is the opposite of an integral.ANSWER:
s4. In one of this author’s novels, Tertuliano discovers his resemblance to film star Antonio. This author of 
The Double
used the convent of Mafra as the setting for 
 Baltasar and Blimunda
Fernando Pessoa outlives the title author  by nine months in his
The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis.
This author wrote a novel in which the IberianPeninsula breaks off from Europe, and his most famous novel features rampant crime because everyone other thanthe doctor’s wife suffers from the title condition. For 10 points, name this author of 
The Stone Raft 
, a Nobel Laureate from Portugal.ANSWER: José de Sousa
5. This meeting was reassembled by Julius III by the bull “Quum ad tolenda.” This council declared the entireVulgate to be canonical, including the Deuterocanonical books. Pius IV reinstated this council for the last time andcodified the mass eventually superseded by the one decided at the Second Vatican Council. This council definedoriginal sin and the seven sacraments, and rejected threatening ideas like justification by faith alone and HuldrychZwingli’s version of the Eucharist. For 10 points, name this ecumenical council that condemned Protestant doctrinesand began the Counter-Reformation.ANSWER: Council of 
Ecumenical Council]6. During this war, a group of Catholic deserters formed a battalion called the San Patricios, of which 50 were later hanged after being captured at the Battle of Churubusco. One negotiator ignored his recall and was fired after successfully negotiating this war’s peace treaty. That man was Nicholas Trist. One leader in this war lost his fake legto troops guided on a flanking route by Robert E. Lee in the Battle of Cerro Gordo. One side in this war made anamphibious landing at Veracruz under Winfield Scott, and that side also had troops under Zachary Taylor. For 10 points, name this war ended by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, from which one side received California.ANSWER:
-American War 
7. A famous example of these objects, studied by Ellis Englesberg, uses a protein called C to bind to two sites atonce, blocking access to the PBAP site. Like bacteriophages, they may use anti-termination. CAP bound to cAMPcan activate another more famous example of them in the presence of inducers like IPTG or allolactose. Theseobjects include both promoter sites and namesake stretches of DNA that bind repressors and activators. For 10 points, name these systems of gene regulation investigated by Francois Jacob and Jacques Monod, famous examplesof which include
, and
s8. Possible models for the left-most figure in this painting include Andrea del Verrocchio’s
or Giuliano deMedici. That figure in red wears a curved sword on his sash and prods his caduceus into a cloud. Roses trail out of the mouth of a figure on the right of this painting, who struggles with a figure with blue robes and blue-gray skin.Those are this painting’s depictions of Mercury, Chloris, and Zephyrus. At the top of the painting, Cupid takes aimtowards the Graces, who dance center left. In the very center of this painting, Venus stands where the orange treesarch. For 10 points, name this painting by Sandro Botticelli, an allegorical representation of spring.ANSWER:
 Allegory of Spring 
before last four words of tossup; prompt afterwards]9. One character in this novel is left without a job after his producer Hal Valence cuts his role of Maxim Alien.Another character in this novel loves the mountaineer Alleluia Cone. A girl named Ayesha leads a pilgrimage whichends as people disappear intothe Arabian Sea. Other dream sequences in this novelfeature a character called“Mahound.” Saladin Chamcha is detained on a beach for being an illegal immigrant after a plane explosion over theEnglish Channel causes him and the Bollywood star Gibreel Farishta to take on the personas of the devil and thearchangel Gabriel. For 10 points, name this novel which led to a fatwa against its author, Salman Rushdie.ANSWER:
 Satanic Verses
10. This man was influenced into militarism by the growth of the shin or new zaibatsu. This man’s country wastaken off of the gold standard by a prime minister who was assassinated during the May 15 Incident. This man madea recorded radio broadcast known as the Jewel Voice Broadcast that announced his country’s surrender in one war.This ruler also issued the Declaration of Humanity, which ended his claim to divine status. That declaration camewhen this man’s country was under Douglas MacArthur’s administration during U.S. occupation. For 10 points,name this ruler whose reign saw WWII and who was succeeded by Akihito as emperor of Japan.ANSWER: Michinomiya
]11. The operator of this quantity is negative Planck’s constant squared over two times the mass del squared. In thecase of a stable gravitational system, its average value over time according to the virial theorem is equal to negativeone half times another quantity. This quantity is represented by a capital
T in the formula for the Hamiltonian. Theaverage value of this quantity per molecule in an ideal gas is three halves kt. It is not conserved in inelasticcollisions due to heat dissipation. For 10 points, name this quantity, whose rotational form is given by one half timesmoment of inertia times angular velocity squared, often called energy of motion.ANSWER:
kinetic energy
[do not accept “energy” or “potential energy”; accept
beforementioned; prompt on “
”]12. A chryselephantine statue of this deity had her holding a pomegranate and a scepter with a cuckoo on it and wasfound at Argos. Another temple to this Greek goddess lay in Paestum, Italy. This patron deity of Samos was oftensymbolized by the peacock and the cow. One of this goddess’s daughters was replaced by Ganymede as cupbearer to the gods and was named Hebe. Hephaestus fell for a whole day after this figure threw him off Mount Olympus.She tried to get back at her husband through his illegitimate offspring like Apollo, Dionysus, and Hercules. For 10 points, name this Greek analogue of Juno, the wife of Zeus.ANSWER:
until “Greek”]13. This composer set a text by Goethe about Druids fighting Christian persecution in his cantata,
 Die ErsteWalpurgisnacht 
. The minuet from his First Symphony is sometimes replaced with a version of the scherzo from hisString Octet in E-flat. In his teen years, this composer wrote an overture for a play for which he would later write awedding march. One of his symphonies ends with a
finale, while another was written on the sametrip that inspired his
 Hebrides Overture
. For 10 points, name this composer of 
symphonies andincidental music to
 A Midsummer Night’s Dream
.ANSWER: Felix
14. This ruler regained some power when the Fundamental Laws were passed, which dropped some parts of adocument this ruler issued at the urging of Sergei Witte. Another prime minister for this ruler who worked for agricultural reform was named Pyotr Stolypin. Most of this ruler’s fleet was lost in the Battle of Tsushima in a war that ended as a humiliating loss to Japan. This ruler issued the October Manifesto, which created the Duma. For 10 points, name this tsar whose hemophiliac son Alexei was treated by Rasputin, and whose abdication endedRomanov and tsarist rule during the start of the Russian Revolution.ANSWER:
Nicholas II
of Russia [or 
Nikolai Aleksandrovich
Romanov; prompt on
]15. One character in this play lives with Miss Pearl and has to be bailed out of jail for disturbing the peace. Another character in this work is the seven year-old girl Raynell, and another character in this play has a metal plate in hishead and believes he is the Archangel Gabriel. The protagonist of this work has an affair with Alberta who dies inchildbirth, and his friend Bono listens to his complaints while both work as garbage men. The protagonist of this play won’t let his son Cory accept a football scholarship due to his own failed aspirations of playing baseball. For 10 points, name this drama about the family of Troy Maxon, a play by August Wilson.ANSWER:
16. This city’s Castril Palace is located in its Ajsaris district, and its
district houses the Sacromonte Abbey in
which Saint Caecilius was martyred. The Court of the Water Channel sits in its Generalife Palace, and this city islocated on the confluence of the Beiro, Genil, and Darro Rivers. This provincial capital sits near the Sierra Nevadarange and houses the palace of Charles V. This city’s most famous feature sits in the Assabica valley and containsthe Gate of Pomegranates and the Court of the Lions, both examples of Andalusia’s Moorish influence. For 10 points, name this Spanish city, home to the Alhambra.ANSWER:
17. This thinker introduced his namesake triangles linking consumer spending and production time in his
 Prices and  Production
. He distinguished between
in the three-volume
 Law, Legislation, and Liberty
. Thisorganizer of the Mont Pelerin Society distinguished his outlook from the title one in “Why I Am Not aConservative.” One work by this author includes a chapter on “The Socialist Roots of Naziism” and warns againstconditions leading to collectivization and the title oppression. For 10 points, name this Austrian economist whodescribed the consequences of central planning in
The Road to Serfdom
.ANSWER: Friedrich August von
18. This artist added Pharoah Sanders and Rasheed Ali to his usual quartet for the album
. Hiscollaborations with bass clarinetist Eric Dolphy include the album
which contains a reworking of “Greensleeves” by this artist’s long-time pianist, McCoy Tyner. One of his albums contains a track named for the bassist Paul Chambers, “Mr. P.C.”, and the ballad, “Naima.” Sections titled “Acknowledgment” and “Pursuance”form parts of a later spiritual album. For 10 points, name this tenor saxophonist whose notey, arpeggiated style wasdescribed as “sheets of sound” and can be found on the albums
Giant Steps
 A Love Supreme
19. One type of this reaction uses DMSO and oxalyl choloride at about negative 78 degrees Celsius to generate aketone, and another type can use peracids to convert cyclic ketones into lactones. In addition to the type named for Swern, a reaction of this type catalyzed by chromium trioxide, its namesake’s “reagent,” converts secondaryalcohols into ketones. The Baeyer-Villiger and Jones are types of this reaction, for which a Lewis structure can beemployed to determine its namesake state. For 10 points, name this type of reaction in which an atom loses anelectron, contrasted with a reduction.ANSWER:
The first king of this nation got the steel to make a royal crown through his victory at the Battle of Plevna. Thefar-right Legion of the Archangel Michael spawned the fascist Iron Guard in this country. One dictator in thiscountry lost support for his rule after he ordered protestors supporting Laszlo Tokes in Timisoara to be fired upon.That ruler of this country succeeded Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej and was killed while trying to flee this country with
his wife Elena on Christmas Day. For 10 points, name this eastern European country that was ruled by a Communistregime until a 1989 revolution against Nicolae Ceausescu’s rule in Bucharest.ANSWER:

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