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Rural Access Roads Project in Lao People's Democratic Republic

Rural Access Roads Project in Lao People's Democratic Republic

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Performance Evaluation Report
Independent Evaluation Department
Reference Number: PPE: LAO 2009-45Project Number 30255Loan Number: 1795-LAO(SF)December 2009
Lao People’s Democratic Republic:Rural Access Roads Project
 Currency Unit – kip (KN)
(12 July 2000)
Project Completion
(30 April 2007)
Independent Evaluation
(30 June 2009)KN1.00 = $0.00012 $0.00010 $0.00012$1.00 = KN8,163 KN9,620 KN8,527.5
 ADBADTA –  – Asian Development Bankadvisory technical assistanceDOR Department of RoadsDPWT Department of Public Works and TransportEA Executing AgencyEIA environmental impact assessmentEIRR economic internal rate of returnEMDP ethnic minority development planEMP environmental management planESD Environmental and Social DivisionESOM Environmental and Social Operations ManualETD Environmental and Technical DivisionIED Independent Evaluation DepartmentIEM Independent Evaluation MissionIUCN International Union for Conservation of NatureLao PDR Lao People’s Democratic RepublicMCTPC Ministry of Communications, Transport, Post, and ConstructionMPWT Ministry of Public Works and TransportNBCA national biodiversity conservation areaNGPES National Growth and Poverty Eradication StrategyNSEDP National Socioeconomic Development PlanOFID The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries Fund forInternational DevelopmentPBM Phu Bia Mining LimitedPCR project completion reportPPER project performance evaluation reportPWTI Public Works Transport InstituteRMF road maintenance fundSDR special drawing rightsTA technical assistanceUNODC United Nations Office on Drugs and CrimeUXO unexploded ordnanceVOC vehicle operating costvpd vehicles per day
 (i) The fiscal year (FY) of the Government of the Lao People’s Democratic Republicis from 1 October to 30 September. FY before a calendar year denotes the yearin which the fiscal year ends, e.g., FY2000 ends on 30 September 2000.(ii) In this report, "$" refers to US dollars.(iii) For an explanation of rating descriptions used in ADB evaluation reports, seeADB. 2006.
Guidelines for Preparing Performance Evaluation Reports for Public Sector Operations.
Key Words
lao rural access roads, regional integration, adb, asian development bank, lao, povertyreduction, accessibility, roads, road maintenance, performance evaluation, transport,infrastructure
Director General
H. Satish Rao, Independent Evaluation Department (IED)
H. Hettige, Independent Evaluation Division 2, IED
Team Leader
N. Singru, Senior Evaluation Specialist, Independent Evaluation Division2, IED
Team Member
R. Lumain, Senior Evaluation Officer, Independent Evaluation Division 2,IEDC. Roldan, Assistant Operations Evaluation Analyst, IndependentEvaluation Division 2, IED
Independent Evaluation Department, PE-727
 In preparing any evaluation report, or by making any designation of or reference to a particularterritory or geographic area in this document, the Independent Evaluation Department does notintend to make any judgments as to the legal or other status of any territory or area.

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