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Tianjin Wastewater Treatment and Water Resources Protection Project in People's Republic of China

Tianjin Wastewater Treatment and Water Resources Protection Project in People's Republic of China

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 Performance Evaluation Report
Independent Evaluation Department
Reference Number: PPE:PRC 2010-56Project Number: 31190Loan Number: 1797November 2010
People's Republic of China: Tianjin WastewaterTreatment and Water Resources Protection Project
(as of 31 October 2010)Currency Unit yuan (CNY)CNY1.00 = $0.15$1.00 = CNY6.67
 ADB Asian Development BankBOD biochemical oxygen demandCOD chemical oxygen demandEA executing agencyEIA environmental impact assessmentEIRR economic internal rate of returnEOCC economic opportunity cost of capitalFIRR financial internal rate of returnIA implementing agencyIED Independent Evaluation DepartmentIEM independent evaluation missionLIBOR London interbank offered rateM&E monitoring and evaluationMIS management information systemPCR project completion reportPPER project performance evaluation reportPMO project management officePRC People’s Republic of ChinaTA technical assistanceTCEPC Tianjin Capital Environmental Protection CompanyTML Tianjin Municipal Luanhe Drinking Water Source Protection EngineeringTSC Tianjin Sewerage CompanyTSISC Tianjin Statistical Information Service CenterWACC weighted average cost of capital
 ha hectarekm kilometerm meterm
square meterm
cubic metert ton
 (i) The fiscal year (FY) of the government and its agencies ends on 31 December."FY" before a calendar year denotes the year in which the fiscal year ends, e.g.,FY2000 ends on 31 December 2000.(ii) In this report, "$" refers to US dollars.
Key Words
adb, affected people, asian development bank, economic internal rate of return, eirr, financialinternal rate of return, firr, ied, independent evaluation mission, resettlement, sludge disposal,tianjin, water resources protection, wastewater treatment
H. Hettige, Independent Evaluation Division 2, Independent EvaluationDepartment (IED)
 Team leader
J. Dimayuga, Evaluation Officer, IED
 Team member
E. Li-Mancenido, Senior Evaluation Assistant, IED
Independent Evaluation Department, PE-736
In preparing any evaluation report, or by making any designation of or reference to a particularterritory or geographic area in this document, the Independent Evaluation Department does notintend to make any judgments as to the legal or other status of any territory or area.

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