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Paul's Preaching in Acts

Paul's Preaching in Acts

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Published by glennpease
A study of the spoken words of Paul in each of the cities he visited.
A study of the spoken words of Paul in each of the cities he visited.

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Published by: glennpease on Apr 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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" His zesl must needs put him upon a mighty diligence and iridustn.- in the execution of his officewarning, repro-i-ing, entreating, persuading, "preaching in season and out of season." by night and by(lay, by sea and land ; no pains too much to be taken, no dangers too great to be overcome. For five andthirty years after his conversion, he seldom stayed long in one place ; from Jerusalem, through Arabia,Asia, Greece, round about to lUyricum, to Rome, and even to the utmost bounds of the Western world," fully preaching the gospel of Christ:" running (saitli St Jerome) from ocean to ocean, like the sun inthe heavens, of which it is said, " his going forth is from the end of the heaven, and his circuit imt-o theends of it ;" sooner wanting ground to tread on, than a desire to propagate the faith of Christ. Nicephoruscompares him to a bird in the air, that in a few years flew round the world ; Isidore the Pelusiot, to nwinged husbandman, that flew from place to place to cultivate the world with the most excellent rulesand institutions of life. And while the other apostles did, as it wei-e, choose this or that particular pro-vince as the main sphere of their ministrj-, St Paid overran the whole %vorld to its utmost bounds and'■orners, planting all places where he came with the divine doctrines of the gospel. Nor in this cours>ewas he tired out with the dangers and difficulties that he met with, the troubles and oppositions that wereraised against him." — Cavb.
" The words of St P:iul are not dead words ; thpy arc living creiitures. and have hands and feet "LUTHER.
LONDON AND GLASGOW:RICHARD GRIFFIN AND COMPANY,PUBLISHERS TO THE UNIVERSITY OF GLASGOW.1859.PREFACE.The following pages are simply what they profess to bein the title — neither a life of Paul, nor a commentary onthe ^'Acts/' but an honest and hearty attempt to explainand apply in a popular and practical shape to the commonreader, the spoken words of the apostle. So that there isno array of minute criticism or technical exegesis, no for-mal quotation of authorities, or classified enumeration of conflicting views. My uniform effort has been to bringout briefly and clearly the apostle's meaning, without muchregard to the form which the exposition may assume ; togive the result without detailing the process; to be inshort as the dial of the watch, which shows the hour whileit conceals the mechanism. The various chapters are notsermons bearing on the subject, nor disquisitions on alliedor collateral topics, though my aim has been throughoutto press the truth on the attention and conscience ; forwhat brought salvation then is fraught with the sameblessing still — the gospel of the first century being in nosense different from that of the nineteenth. Though Ihave endeavoured to realize the more striking scenes in theapostle's travels, and reproduce my impressions of them,still the labour has been almost wholly expended on thePREFACE. VI
addresses themselves^ and this volume^ therefore, differs incontents and purpose as well from the excellent volumesof Lewin, Coneybeare and Howson, as from those of others of secondary note who have made a prey of thesedistinguished authors. Nor need I give a list of commen-tators which may have been consulted. The longer dis-courses will be found in new translations^ not indeedclaiming classical precision, but giving what is thoughtto be a broad, correct, and easy version of the original.When any words of the authorized version are printed inItalics, followed by a dash, some direct explanation of theterm or phrase is subjoined.It is humbly hoped, in fine, that the volume may beuseful in giving ordinary readers a juster and fuller con-ception of the creed and preaching, the life and work, of the great apostle of the Gentiles, who, amidst all diversitiesof place, time, audience, and immediate theme, made ithis constant business to preach Christ crucified. May weknow Him to be "the power of God" and the "wisdomof God," and experience that change of heart which isonly effected by such a manifestation of His truth andglory as He vouchsafed to Saul of Tarsus.JOHN EADIE.13 Laksdowne Crescent,May, 1859.CONTENTS.PageI. Saul at Damascus, ... ... ... ... ... ... iII. S.A.UL AT JkRUSAIvEM, ... ... ... ... ... 23III. Saul at Antioch in Syria, ... ... ... ... 35IV. Saul in Cyprus, ... ... ... ... ... ... 50V. Paul at Antioch in Pisidia, ... ... ... ... 65VI. Paul at Iconium, ... ... ... ... ... ... 113

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