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Greater Mekong Subregion- Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh City Highway Project

Greater Mekong Subregion- Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh City Highway Project

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Performance Evaluation Report
Operations Evaluation Department
Project Number: PPE: CAM-30513/VIE-30316Loan Numbers: 1659-CAM(SF) and 1660-VIE(SF)December 2008
Kingdom of Cambodia andSocialist Republic of Viet Nam:Greater Mekong Subregion:Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh CityHighway Project
Currency Unit – riel (KR)
(11 November 1998)
Project Completion
(13 November 2006)
Operations Evaluation
(30 April 2008)KR1.00 = $0.00026 $0.00023 $0.00025$1.00 = KR3.700.00 KR4,286.30 KR3,961.00SDR1.00 = $1.346 $1.490 $1.62554
Viet Nam
Currency Unit – dong (D)
(11 November 1998)
Project Completion
(27 October 2006)
Operations Evaluation
(30 April 2008)D1.00 = $0.00007 $0.00006 $0.00006$1.00 = D13,880.00 D16,578.70 D16,122.00SDR1.00 = $1.346 $1.485 $1.62554
  ADB Asian Development Bank AADT annual average daily trafficCBTA cross-border transport agreementGDP gross domestic productGMS Greater Mekong SubregionEA executing agencyEFRP Emergency Flood Rehabilitation ProjectEIRR economic internal rate of returnHCMC Ho Chi Minh CityHDM-4 Highway Design and Maintenance Model Version 4IRI – international roughness indexkm kilometer m meter MOT Ministry of TransportMPWT Ministry of Public Works and TransportMSEZ Manhattan Special Economic ZoneNH national highwayOED Operations Evaluation DepartmentOEM Operations Evaluation MissionPCR project completion reportPMU project management unitPMU-MT project management unit
My ThuanPPER project performance evaluation reportRED Road Economic DecisionRN route nationalSEZ special economic zoneTA technical assistanceVOC vehicle operating costvpd – vehicle per day
 (i) The fiscal year (FY) of the governments ends on 31 December.(ii) In this report, "$" refers to US dollars.
Director General
H. Satish Rao, Operations Evaluation Department (OED)
H. Hettige, Operations Evaluation Division 2, OED
Team Leader 
N. Singru, Evaluation Specialist, Operations Evaluation Division 2, OED
Team Members
R. Lumain, Senior Evaluation Officer, Operations Evaluation Division 2,OEDC. Roldan, Senior Operations Evaluation Assistant, Operations EvaluationDivision 2, OED
Operations Evaluation Department, PE-720
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