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How Students Communicate Online_2008

How Students Communicate Online_2008



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Published by Youssef Rahoui

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Published by: Youssef Rahoui on Dec 12, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Student Survey:
a Study
page 1
How High School  Collg SsCommic Oli - rsls
Ou latest sue uncoes exactl how high school students, college students, andecent college gaduates communicate online. 283 high school and college studentspaticipated in the stud and 29 states wee epesented. These sue esults eealee-opening tends and pefeences of this demogaphic in how it communicatesdigitall. We also get aluable insight into the effectieness of maketing messageseceied though email, and discoe aeas of oppotunit fo maketes to connectwith this in-demand goup.
StudEnt’S HiStory witH Email
Toda’s high school and college students ae hadl newcomes when it comes to email.The mean numbe of email addesses pe student sueed is 2.4. Most college studentshae had an email addess fo about 8 eas, with the aeage student getting an initialemail addess at the age of 13.When students choose a pima email seice, Gmail is the clea faoite. 32% of collegestudents use Gmail as thei pima email addess, 19% ahoo, 18% MSN/Hotmail and onlabout 17% use thei school email addess as thei pima addess. If ou’e looking atmaketing to this goup though online channels, Google’s adetising netwok is one toseiousl conside.
moSt collEgE StudEntS HavE Hadan Email addrESS for about 8 yEarS,witH tHE avEragE StudEnt gEttingan initial Email addrESS at tHE agEof 13.
 
page 2
EffEctivEnESS of Email markEting mESSagES
Students can be an elusie demogaphic fo maketes. Staing on top of constantleoling tends is the ke to gaining tust and staing eleant to the student maket,but anothe challenge in eaching them is knowing which channel will ca and pesentou message most effectiel. Students, on aeage, ead maketing emails on a “aelto nee” basis, with 61% falling into this catego. Onl 16% ae eading maketing emailson a fequent basis, while 66% of students ael o nee take action on maketingemails. Most college students do not feel that companies ae effectiel speaking to thempesonall. The majo easons students take action upon eceiing an email ae that theae inteested in the poduct (60%) o attacted to a special offe (47%). Email designis much less of a facto, with onl 11% of students taking action because of the design ofan email. This means that maketes do not do a good job of talking to students o aemaketing poducts that ae not eleant.
StudEnt trEndS – Email vS. Social nEtworkS
It’s clea that students hae adopted email, but students wee also among the ealiestadoptes of social netwoks. Ae students moing awa fom email and towad socialnetwoks as thei pefeed method of online communication? Aticles published bDMNews, Bokado, and a joint stud b Skpe & Hais Inteactie hae epoted thatemail is a ding channel, especiall among students. These epots hae speculatedthat social netwoking has taken oe and that students ae now using email pimailto sign up fo social netwoking sites and eceie email alets.Ou sue found that onl about 36% of students use email alets to keep up to dateon what’s happening on thei social netwoks and onl about one-quate of studentsoiginall got an email addess fo social netwoking puposes. Appoximatelone-quate got an email addess fo the abilit to bu online. The majoit of students(81%) got an email addess fo communicating with famil and 52% fo communicatingwith fiends.
Product interest:Special offer:Email design:60%47%11%Major reasons students take action on email

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