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Chapter 01

Chapter 01

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Published by Soofeng Lok

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Published by: Soofeng Lok on Apr 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 1—Innovative Management for Turbulent Times
1.Thenature of managementis tocope with____ and far-reaching challenges. a.simple b.planned
d.organizede.controlled2. Managers, in today's work environment, relyless on____ andmore on____. a.coordination and communication; control and command
b.command and control; coordination and communication
c.empowerment and innovation; productivity and efficiencyd.effectiveness and efficiency; quality and profite.ethics and social responsibility; profit and cost-savings3.Without ____,no company can survive over the long run. a.cost-cutting b.outsourcingc.command-and-control approachd.total quality teamwork 
4.Managersare the ____ of the organization, responsiblefor buildingandcoordinating an entire system rather than performing specific tasks.a.control mechanisms b.backbone breakers
c.executive function
d.operatorse.communicators5.One of theimportant ideas in the text's definition of management is
a.the management functions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.
 b.the attainment of societal goals.c.effectiveness is more important than efficiency.d.management is unique to for-profit organizations.e.efficiency is more important than effectiveness.6.Whensenior managersat Gap, Inc.decided to become the number one service-quality clothing company in the world, theywere engaging in the management function of 
 b.organizing.c.leading.d.controlling.e.dreaming.7.Selecting goalsandways to attainthem refers to a.controlling.1
2 Chapter 1/Innovative Management for Turbulent Times
c.organizing.d.staffing.e.leading.8.Which of these can best describe organizing?
a.Assigning responsibility for task accomplishment.
 b.Using influence to motivate employees.c.Monitoring activities and making corrections.d.Selecting goals and ways to attain them.e.None of these.9.Which of the followingis not a function of management?a.Plan b.Controlc.Organized.Lead
10.How an organization goes aboutaccomplishing a plan is a key part of the management function of a.planning.
c.leading.d.controlling.e.motivating.11.When Terry Doyle of CommuniCom, Inc.created smaller, more independent maintenance units, hewas performing the function of a.controlling. b.human relations skills.c.leading.
e.resourcing.12.Usinginfluence to motivate employees describeswhich of thesefunctions? a.Controlling b.Planning
d.Monitoringe.Organizing13.Which of these isthe use of influence to motivate employees to achieve organizational goals?
Chapter 1/ Innovative Management for Turbulent Times 314.Nicollette Spring, President of Autos-R-Us,recognizes the factory employees for their outstanding performance at the monthly awards banquet on the shop floor by presenting a plaque and a check for $100. She is engaging in the management function of a.bribery. b.organizing.c.technical skills.
e.controlling.15.Monitoring activitiesandmaking corrections refer to a.organizing. b.planning.c.leading.d.staffing.
16.Basket Makersuses phone surveys of customers to gather information about service and quality.This is anexample of the management function of a.planning. b.technical skills.c.organizing.
e.conceptual skills.ANS:DPTS:1DIF:2REF:7 NAT:AACSB Analytic | Leadership PrinciplesTYP:A17.____ isthe management function concerned with monitoring employees' activities, keeping theorganization on track toward its goals, and making corrections as needed.a.Planning b.Resource allocation
d.Organizinge.Efficiency18.When Troymeasures his employees' performance and compares their performance against thegoals he set for them, he is performing which of these functions?a.Staffing b.Leadingc.Organizing
e.Planning19.Asocial entitythat isgoal directed and deliberately structured is referred to as a(n)
 b.management.c.employee.d.student.e.task.20.Thedegree to which an organization achieves a stated goal refers to

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