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GET PRO SHOULDERS - JAIME CASH April 2012 Issue Max Magazine

GET PRO SHOULDERS - JAIME CASH April 2012 Issue Max Magazine

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Published by MaxMuscleSanMateo
This is the first of six workouts Jaime Cash will share to help you
get ready for your first competition. Get ready!
This is the first of six workouts Jaime Cash will share to help you
get ready for your first competition. Get ready!

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Published by: MaxMuscleSanMateo on Apr 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 APRIL 2012
By Jaime Cash, IFBB Pro
aime Cash is an IFBB pro
gure competitor and physicaltherapist, who is part of theteam at two Max Muscle storesin Colorado. For the next sixmonths, she is going to be sharingworkouts that will help you get readyfor your own appearance on stage, beit bikini or gure. Our rst feature isall about the shoulders! This workoutroutine will build size, strength androundness on your shoulders. Theseexercises will target the anterior, medial,posterior deltoids, trapezius, rhomboidsand muscles of the shoulder girdle. Youcan superset or drop set any of theseexercises to increase the intensity.During this workout, pay closeattention to each detail and positioningof your body. Training shoulders fromseveral angles will allow you to displaydense and round shoulders caps onstage. If you’re a gure competitor,it is very important to emphasizeyour posterior delts in your shoulderworkouts, as this builds balance toyour shoulders. Aesthetically pleasingshoulders will contribute to your V-taper in your back and enhance yourwaistline. Train shoulders twice a week,one heavy workout and one lightweightworkout, leaving at least three full daysof rest between workouts.
Photos by Brett Seeley, BrettSeeleyPhoto.com 
This is the frst o sixworkouts Jaime Cashwill share to help youget ready or your frstcompetition. Get ready!
 APRIL 2012
Sit down on a low-back seat or inclinebench with legs out in ront. Grab adumbbell (DB) in each hand. Bring the DBsup just outside and above your shoulderswith palms acing out. Keep your core tight.Don’t let your elbows drop too low. Exhale,press the DBs straight up overhead until yourelbows are extended but not locked out.Stop just beore DBs touch each other andreturn to start position.
Muscles worked: anterior and medial deltoids 
Do 4 sets of 8-10 reps on heavy days; 4 sets of 12-15 reps onlight days. Rest: 2 minutes between sets
Stand with eet together, core tight, shouldersback, holding barbell with hands shoulder-width apart and palms down. Keep yourwrists down as i you were holding the barbellby your nger tips. Face sideways towardsthe mirror so you can see where to stop themovement. Keep your abs tight and don’tswing during the motion. (Dropping yourwrists down as you bring the barbell up addsmore load on the anterior deltoid.) Exhale as you raise the barbell up, stopping when yourarms reach a 90-degree position rom yourshoulder joint.
Muscles worked: anterior delts and pectoralis major 
Do 3 sets of 12 reps heavy days; 3 sets of 12-15 light days.Rest: 1 minute between sets
Grab the rope between your ngers with yourpalms resting against the balls o the rope.Standing with legs together, knees slightlybent, shoulders back and abs tight, shrug andelevate your shoulders to your ears beore youbegin to pull the rope up. Then pull the rope inan upward arc motion (the shoulder is a balland socket joint) as you bring your elbows outto the sides and the rope towards your chin.Keep your hands at elbow height as they movetoward the sides o your body.
Muscles worked: medial and posterior deltoids 
Do 3 sets of 10-12 reps on heavy days; 3 sets of 12-15 reps onlight days. Rest: 1 minute between sets
Standing Barbell Front RaiseSeated Dumbbell Shoulder PressStanding Upright Row with Rope

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