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Published by Engineer.Koplak
I sell all the items in the list of all my documents.Only US $ 150
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I sell all the items in the list of all my documents.Only US $ 150
For information you can send mail to: presiden.engineer@ gmail.com

Price not including Shiping
All document in Flash disk

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Published by: Engineer.Koplak on Apr 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1.BS 63-1 1987.pdf2.BS 63-2 1987.pdf3.BS 812-2.pdf4.BS 812-100.pdf5.BS 812-101.pdf6.BS 812-102.pdf7.BS 812-103-1.pdf8.BS 812-103-2.pdf9.BS 812-104.pdf10.BS 812-105-1.pdf11.BS 812-105-2.pdf12.BS 812-106.pdf13.BS 812-109.pdf14.BS 812-110.pdf15.BS 812-111.pdf16.BS812-112.pdf17.BS 812-113.pdf18.BS 812-114.pdf19.BS 812-117.pdf20.BS 812-118.pdf21.BS 812-119.pdf22.BS 812-120.pdf23.BS 812-121.pdf24.BS 812-123.pdf25.BS 812-124.pdf26.BS 5835-1.pdf27.BS EN 1097-1.pdf28.BS EN 1097-2.pdf29.BS EN 1097-3.pdf30.BS EN 1097-4.pdf31.BS EN 1097-5.pdf32.BS EN1097-6.pdf33.BS EN 1097-7.pdf34.BS EN 1097-8.pdf35.BS EN 1097-9.pdf
BS 2853 1957.pdf
1.BS 598-100 1987.pdf2.BS 598-101 1987.pdf3.BS 598-104 1989.pdf4.BS 598-107 1990.pdf5.BS 598-108 1990.pdf6.BS 598-109 1990.pdf7.BS 598-110 1998.pdf8.BS 598-111 1995.pdf9.BS 747.pdf
1.BS 5400 Part 3.pdf2.BS 5400 Part 4.pdf3.BS 5400 Part 5.pdf4.BS 5400 Part 6.pdf5.BS 5400 Part 7.pdf6.BS 5400 Part 8.pdf7.BS 5400 Part 9.1.pdf8.BS 5400 Part 9.2.pdf9.BS 5400 Part 10.pdf10.BS 5400 Part 10c.pdf11.BS 5400 Part 1.pdf12.BS 5400 Part 2.pdf
1.BS 1494-1.pdf2.BS 1521.pdf3.BS 4721.pdf4.BS 5534.pdf5.BS 5534-1.pdf6.BS 5588-0.pdf7.BS 5588-1.pdf8.BS 5588-4.pdf9.BS 5588-5.pdf10.BS 5588-6.pdf11.BS 5588-7.pdf12.BS 5588-8.pdf13.BS 5588-9.pdf14.BS 5588-10.pdf15.BS 5588-11.pdf16.BS 5628-1 1992.pdf
17.BS 5628-1 1998.pdf18.BS5628-1-2005.pdf19.BS 5628-2-2000.pdf20.BS 5628-2-2005.pdf21.BS 5628-3-2001.pdf22.BS 5628-4-1990.pdf23.BS 5839-1 2002.pdf24.BS 5950 manual.pdf25.BS 5950-1.pdf26.BS 5950-2.pdf27.BS 5950-3-1.pdf28.BS 5950-4.pdf29.BS 5950-5.pdf30.BS 5950-6.pdf31.BS 5950-7.pdf32.BS 5950-8.pdf33.BS 5950-9.pdf34.BS 6031 1981.pdf35.BS 6399-1 1996.pdf36.BS 6399-2.pdf37.BS 6399-3 1988.pdf38.BS 6472.pdf39.BS 6954.pdf40.BS 6954-2.pdf41.BS 8202 Fire Proofing.pdf42.BS 8301.pdf43.BS EN 1928.pdf
1.BS 5308-1 1986.pdf2.BS 5308-2 1986.pdf3.BS 6121-2 1989.pdf4.BS 6121-3 1990.pdf5.BS 6121-51993.pdf6.BS 6387 1994.pdf
BS 6701 2004.pdf
Concrete, cement, sand and masonry
1.BS 882.pdf2.BS 1199 and 1200.pdf3.BS 1305.pdf4.BS 1881-5.pdf5.BS 1881-101.pdf6.BS 1881-102.pdf7.BS 1881-103.pdf8.BS 1881-104.pdf9.BS 1881-105.pdf10.BS 1881-106.pdf11.BS 1881-107.pdf12.BS 1881-108.pdf13.BS 1881-109.pdf14.BS 1881-110.pdf15.BS 1881-111.pdf16.BS 1881-112 83.pdf17.BS 1881-113 83.pdf18.BS 1881-114.pdf19.BS 1881-115.pdf20.BS 1881-116.pdf21.BS 1881-117.pdf22.BS 1881-118.pdf23.BS 1881-119 83.pdf24.BS 1881-120 83.pdf25.BS 1881-121 83.pdf26.BS1881-122 83.pdf27.BS 1881-124 88.pdf28.BS 1881-125.pdf29.BS 1881-127 90.pdf30.BS 1881-128 97.pdf31.BS 1881-129 92.pdf32.BS 1881-130 96.pdf33.BS 1881-131 98.pdf34.BS 1881-201 86.pdf35.BS 1881-202 86.pdf36.BS 1881-203 86.pdf37.BS 1881-204 88.pdf38.BS 1881-205.pdf39.BS 1881-206 86.pdf40.BS 1881-207 92.pdf41.BS 1881-208 96.pdf42.BS 1881-209 90.pdf43.BS 2484.pdf44.BS 3148.pdf45.BS 4027.pdf46.BS 4449.pdf47.BS 4482.pdf
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BS 6072-81.pdf
1.BS EN1653.pdf2.BS EN 1982.pdf
1.BS 2573 part 1.pdf2.BS 2573 part 2.pdf3.BS 7121 part 1.pdf4.BS 7121 part 2.pdf5.BS CP 3010.pdf
1.BS 5454 2000.pdf2.BS 8888 2002.pdf3.BS 10204.pdf4.BS DD 247.pdf
BS 5070-1 1988 .pdf
1.BS 6423 1983.pdf2.BS6626 1985.pdf3.BS 7375 1996.pdf
Fasteners and treads
1.BS 21 1985.pdf

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