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DEP Shell Standards Requisitions List

DEP Shell Standards Requisitions List

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Published by Engineer.Koplak
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I sell all the items in the list of all my documents.Only US $ 150
For information you can send mail to: presiden.engineer@ gmail.com

Price not including Shiping
All document in Flash disk

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Published by: Engineer.Koplak on Apr 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Requisitions - Electrical Equipment 
Number Format Revision Title 2011Data / requisition sheet for ENMC system33.64.20.90xlsFeb. 2011Data sheet for electrical engineering design33.65.11.93xlsDec. 1998Synchronous AC machines33.65.11.94xlsMar. 2002Packaged unit AC generator set33.65.40.93xlsFeb. 2001Power transformers33.65.40.94xlsxSep. 2011Liquid-immersed transformers 500 kVA and larger, up to765 Kv for North American (US) applications33.65.40.95xlsxSep. 2011Liquid-immersed transformers 500 kVA and larger, up to765 Kv for North American (Canadian) applications33.65.50.93xlsOct. 2000DC UPS unit33.65.50.94xlsApr. 2008Static AC uninterruptible power supply unit33.65.50.95xlsxSep. 2011AC uninterruptible power supplies for North American (US)applications33.65.60.93xlsAug. 2002PV solar system33.66.05.90xlsSep. 2011Medium-voltage motor control centre for North Americanapplications33.66.05.93xlsApr. 2007LV cage induction motors33.66.05.94xlsApr. 2007HV cage induction motors33.66.05.95xlsNov. 2006Variable speed drive system > 75kW33.66.05.96xlsNov. 2006Variable speed drive system < 75kW33.66.05.97xlsxSep. 2011Low voltage induction motors for North Americanapplications33.67.01.93xlsJun. 2006LV switchboard33.67.01.94xlsMar. 2002Lighting distribution switchboard33.67.01.97xlsMar. 2002AC instrument distribution switchboard33.67.11.93xlsMar. 2002Relay box33.67.20.93xlsJul. 2001DC instrument distribution switchboard33.67.34.93xlsJul. 2001Remote control unit safety switch33.67.40.90xlsxSep. 2011Medium voltage switchgear for North American (US)applications33.67.40.91xlsxSep. 2011Medium voltage switchgear for North American (Canadian)applications33.67.51.93xlsDec. 2005HV switchgear and controlgear assemblies33.68.30.93xlsJun. 2006Electrical process heaters33.68.30.94xlsFeb. 2001Heat tracing systems33.80.00.94xlsJun. 2000Navigational aids system
Requisitions - Instrumentation
Number Format Revision Title 2000System cabinets32.31.00.92xlsJun. 2000Miscellaneous instruments
Requisitionshttp:// of 71/10/2012 2:23 PM 2000Analytical instruments32.31.10.93xlsNov. 2000Multiple housings with their pneumatic receivinginstruments32.31.11.93xlsNov. 2000Receiving gauges (pneumatic) 2000Receiving indicators (pneumatic, small size) 2000Receiving recorders (pneumatic, large size) 2000Receiving recorders (pneumatic, small size) 2001Receiving recording controller (pneumatic, large size) 2001Receiving recording controller (pneumatic, small size) 2001Receiving indicating controllers (pneumatic, small size) 2001Receiving switches (pneumatic) 2001Analyser system32.31.50.93xlsSep. 2001Specific gravity analyser for gas (centrifugal type) 2001Density analyser for liquids (weighing type) 2001Colour alarm units32.31.50.96xlsNov. 2001Turbidity analysers32.31.50.97xlsNov. 2001Density analyser (vibration type) 2001Sample take-off assembly for analysers32.31.51.94xlsNov. 2001Sample preconditioning system for analysers32.31.51.95xlsFeb. 2002Sample conditioning system for on-line process streamanalysers32.31.52.93xlsNov. 2001Dynamic (absolute) viscosity analyser32.31.53.94xlsNov. 2001Ion concentration analyser32.31.53.95xlsNov. 2001Electrical conductivity analyser32.31.53.96xlsNov. 2001Electrodes and temperature probe for ion-concentrationanalysers32.31.54.93xlsNov. 2001Kinetic vapour pressure analyser32.31.55.93xlsJun. 2007Flash point analyser32.31.55.94xlsNov. 2001Boiling range analyser32.31.55.95xlsNov. 2001Cloud point analyser32.31.55.96xlsJan. 2002On-line pour point analysers32.31.55.97xlsNov. 2001Initial boiling point analyser32.31.55.98xlsNov. 2001Cut point analyser32.31.55.99xlsNov. 2001End point analyser32.31.56.93xlsNov. 2001Process gas chromatograph32.31.56.94xlsJan. 2002On-line infra-red analyser32.31.57.90xlsNov. 2001Oxygen analyser for gas32.31.57.91xlsNov. 2001Trace oxygen analyser for gas32.31.57.93xlsNov. 2001CO2 analysers (portable) 2002On-line sulphur analyser32.31.57.95xlsJan. 2002H2S analysers for process streams32.31.57.96xlsJan. 2002H2S analysers for personnel protection
Requisitionshttp:// of 71/10/2012 2:23 PM 2002Water content analyser for gas32.31.57.98xlsJan. 2002Water analysers32.31.57.99xlsJun. 2007Dissolved oxygen analyser32.31.59.93xlsJan. 2002Smoke density meters32.31.59.94xlsJan. 2002Smoke and dust monitors32.31.59.96xlsNov. 2001Continuation sheet for analysers32.32.00.92xlsJun. 2000Flow instruments32.32.00.93xlsFeb. 2002Turbine fiscal metering system for liquid hydrocarbons32.32.11.93xlsJun. 2001Orifice plates32.32.21.93xlsJan. 2002Flow indicators32.32.22.93xlsJan. 2002Flow recorders (large size) 2002Flow transmitters (integral orifice type) 2001Flow instruments (variable-area type) 2001Positive displacement (PD) meters32.33.00.92xlsJun. 2000Level instruments32.33.14.93xlsFeb. 2002Level switches (float type) 2001Level instruments (electronic or pneumatic) 2002Level switches (displacement type) 2002Displacer level instruments32.34.00.92xlsJun. 2000Pressure instruments32.34.25.93xlsAug. 2001Pressure transmitters (electronic or pneumatic) 2001Differential pressure indicators32.34.41.94xlsJul. 2001Pressure gauges (general purpose) 2001Pressure gauges (diaphragm seal) 2002Pressure switches32.34.45.93xlsJul. 2001Pressure transmitters (indicating) 2001Differential pressure transmitters (electronic or pneumatic) 2000Temperature instruments32.35.11.93xlsFeb. 2002Dial thermometers32.35.15.93xlsFeb. 2002Temperature transmitters32.35.21.93xlsFeb. 2002Bi-metal thermometers32.35.40.93xlsFeb. 2002Resistance thermometer assemblies for mounting inthermowells32.35.40.94xlsFeb. 2002Resistance thermometer assemblies for surface mounting32.35.41.93xlsFeb. 2002Temperature indicators (multipoint - resistance type) 2002Temperature recorders (multipoint - resistance type) 2002Temperature recording controllers (resistance type) 2001Thermocouple assemblies for mounting in thermowells32.35.50.94xlsFeb. 2002Thermocouple assemblies for surface mounting32.35.50.95xlsFeb. 2002Thermocouple assemblies for surface tube skin32.35.51.93xlsFeb. 2002Temperature indicators (multipoint - thermocouple type)
Requisitionshttp:// 71/10/2012 2:23 PM

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