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Table Of Contents

9.1 Biot-Savart Law
Interactive Simulation 9.1: Magnetic Field of a Current Element
Example 9.1: Magnetic Field due to a Finite Straight Wire
Example 9.2: Magnetic Field due to a Circular Current Loop
9.1.1 Magnetic Field of a Moving Point Charge
Animation 9.1: Magnetic Field of a Moving Charge
Animation 9.2: Magnetic Field of Several Charges Moving in a Circle
Interactive Simulation 9.2: Magnetic Field of a Ring of Moving Charges
9.2 Force Between Two Parallel Wires
Figure 9.2.1 Force between two parallel wires
Animation 9.3: Forces Between Current-Carrying Parallel Wires
9.3 Ampere’s Law
Example 9.3: Field Inside and Outside a Current-Carrying Wire
Example 9.4: Magnetic Field Due to an Infinite Current Sheet
9.4 Solenoid
Examaple 9.5: Toroid
9.5 Magnetic Field of a Dipole
9.5.1 Earth’s Magnetic Field at MIT
Animation 9.4: Bar Magnet in the Earth’s Magnetic Field
9.6 Magnetic Materials
9.6.1 Magnetization
9.6.2 Paramagnetism
9.6.3 Diamagnetism
9.6.4 Ferromagnetism
9.7 Summary
9.8 Appendix 1: Magnetic Field off the Symmetry Axis of a Current Loop
9.9 Appendix 2: Helmholtz Coils
Animation 9.5: Magnetic Field of the Helmholtz Coils
Animation 9.6: Magnetic Field of Two Coils Carrying Opposite Currents
Animation 9.7: Forces Between Coaxial Current-Carrying Wires
Animation 9.8: Magnet Oscillating Between Two Coils
Animation 9.9: Magnet Suspended Between Two Coils
9.10 Problem-Solving Strategies
9.10.1 Biot-Savart Law:
9.10.2 Ampere’s law:
9.11 Solved Problems
9.11.1 Magnetic Field of a Straight Wire
9.11.2 Current-Carrying Arc
Figure 9.11.2 Current-carrying arc
9.11.3 Rectangular Current Loop
9.11.4 Hairpin-Shaped Current-Carrying Wire
Figure 9.11.4 Hairpin-shaped current-carrying wire
9.11.5 Two Infinitely Long Wires
9.11.6 Non-Uniform Current Density
9.11.7 Thin Strip of Metal
9.11.8 Two Semi-Infinite Wires
9.12 Conceptual Questions
9.13 Additional Problems
9.13.1 Application of Ampere's Law
9.13.2 Magnetic Field of a Current Distribution from Ampere's Law
9.13.3 Cylinder with a Hole
9.13.4 The Magnetic Field Through a Solenoid
9.13.5 Rotating Disk
9.13.6 Four Long Conducting Wires
9.13.7 Magnetic Force on a Current Loop
Figure 9.13.6 Magnetic force on a current loop
9.13.8 Magnetic Moment of an Orbital Electron
9.13.9 Ferromagnetism and Permanent Magnets
9.13.10 Charge in a Magnetic Field
9.13.11 Permanent Magnets
9.13.12 Magnetic Field of a Solenoid
9.13.13 Effect of Paramagnetism
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4705015 Ch9Sources of Magnetic Fields

4705015 Ch9Sources of Magnetic Fields

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Published by: Uwe Schmidt on Apr 11, 2012
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