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A2 Media Theory - Analyse one of your products with reference to genre

A2 Media Theory - Analyse one of your products with reference to genre

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Published by jessspardoe

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Published by: jessspardoe on Apr 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Jess Pardoe
 Analyse one of your coursework products in relation to genre.
The genre of ‘The Skeleton Boys’
music video is indie-pop; this genre isvery popular among current trends, which explains why the video was labeled inthis way. Indie-pop can also cross over into other genre categories such as
pop,’ ‘indie
,’ and ‘alternative rock’. By giving the video a
vague genre it gives people more of a chance of finding something within themusic and video that fits to their taste; alternatively by giving it an indie-poplabel, it could make the audience realise it is not to their taste before they evenwatch it.The main theme of the video is a disjuncture and performance type of music video; in this case it means that the band members are included in thevideo at all times, but are not always performing. This way of presenting a musicvideo is typical among the indie genre, this is because the indie genre can bequirky and appeal to individualistic people, as well as original alternative-rock fans. Similarly to many other indie music videos, this music video does not relateto the lyrics much throughout the entire video; this shows the true meaning of disjuncture, that the video does not relate to the words.Indie genre videos often represent a lifestyle through disjuncture musicvideos. This appears in this music video as the band members are messingaround in a swimming pool; skateboarding inside; dressing up; playing in aforest at night; and having fun throughout the video. The song that the video hasbeen made for has an upbeat pace and carefree lyrics to match the theme of thedisjuncture video; this represents that the band members are living a carefree,fun lifestyle that they all enjoy, and they all appear happy continuously throughthe video.The clothing that the band members wear throughout the video is well
suited to the general indie genre. Due to ‘indie’ becoming a style of clothingthrough it’s genre within
music the two now link together well. The indie style isvery popular in the present day, which means that indie music is considered tobe extremely popular also. Indie as word originated from the word individual;this contradicts its original name as it has now become a popular style and genrerather than elitist as it was originally intended. The band members were alldressed well throughout the video and all of their clothing blended together,which meant they appeared as a band as a whole rather than four separateartists.It is common for indie music videos to mainly include performance
scenes; this is because the general idea of indie is that it is too ‘cool’ for any other
genre, so they try to be simplistic in an elaborate way. An example of this isArctic Monkeys
‘Crying Lightning’, the music video for this song focuses on the
performance aspect, however the band is set up in a small rowing boat in themiddle of a rough sea, which shows the elaborate design of a simplistic idea. Theperformance i
ncluded in The Skeleton Boys’ video is mainly filmed in a barn, this
looks realistic as there is enough space for the band to perform and theinstruments all appear to go along with the instruments used in the song. Thereis another performance section within the video where the band are playing in aboat at night time; this scene does not include the full drum kit but the drummerhas a small African drum to play which also looks realistic.

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