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Constitution 2012

Constitution 2012

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Published by ppinski

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Published by: ppinski on Apr 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Constitution of Digbeth Residents Association and NeighbourhoodWatch
1. NAMEThe name of the organisation shall be
Digbeth Residents Association (DRA).
2. MISSION STATEMENTTo develop and sustain an active community in Digbeth, democratically workingtowards ensuring the area is a good place to live.3. OBJECTIVES3.1. To be a resident-led organisation.3.2. To foster a sense of community.3.3. To safeguard and promote the interests of residents in the area.3.4. To act as a voice for the residents of Digbeth.3.5. To promote Digbeth to other areas and agencies.3.6. To provide and promote social events.3.7. To increase information and knowledge exchange about issues of relevance toresidents in Digbeth.3.8. To provide skills exchange opportunities related to Digbeth.3.9. To provide a platform for community consideration and deliberation about issuesin Digbeth.3.10. To develop strategy and action leading towards improvements in livingconditions and community facilities in Digbeth.3.11. To promote active citizenship in Digbeth contributing towards a healthy localdemocracy.3.12. To provide a platform for people/groups to engage with decision-making.3.13. To actively promote community regeneration and cohesion in Digbeth.3.14. To positively recognise, respect and support community diversity, encouragingthe diverse membership to work together.4. MEMBERSHIP4.1. Full voting membership is open to all residents over 16 years of age, irrespectiveof tenure, living in the area between Fazeley Street and Cheapside, running fromCamp Hill to the city centre.4.2. Non-voting membership is open to all stakeholders working in the area who careabout Digbeth.5. MEETINGS5.1. Open meetings will be held every two months focusing on deliberation.5.2. Committee meetings will be held every two months, between open meetings,focusing on action.6. THE COMMITTEE6.1. A Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and serve fortwelve months.
6.2. While only residents will have voting rights, the views of all stakeholders will beconsidered and taken into account when deciding on action at Committeemeetings.6.3. The Committee will consist of at least three members: a Chairperson, aSecretary and a Treasurer.6.4. The Chairperson will have the deciding vote, but is not expected to vote unlesssuch a deciding vote is needed.6.5. If the Chairperson is not able to attend a meeting the members present will electa substitute.6.6. Should the Chairperson not attend two consecutive monthly meetings, themembers attending those meetings will discuss the reasons given and considerreplacing the Chairperson if the reasons are not seen as acceptable.6.7. The Secretary will report to each meeting in person, arranging for another way toreport should they be unable to attend a meeting.6.8. Should the Secretary not attend two consecutive monthly meetings, themembers attending those meetings will discuss the reasons given and considerreplacing the Secretary if the reasons are not seen as acceptable.6.9. The Treasurer will report to each meeting in person and arrange for another wayto report should they be unable to attend a meeting.6.10. Should the Treasurer not attend two consecutive monthly meetings, themembers attending those meetings will discuss the reasons given and considerreplacing the Treasurer if the reasons are not seen as acceptable.6.11. Office
roles forming part of the Committee will be decided upon at theAGM. That Committee will be able to co-opt other members during the yearsubject to reporting to the next AGM for approval.6.12. Office bearers will report to each Committee meeting. Should they be unable toattend a meeting they must delegate someone else to report on their behalf.6.13. Should office bearers not attend more than two consecutive monthly meetings,they must explain the reasons why to the membership and be subject toconsideration as to whether they should continue in that office.6.14. No office bearer shall fill more than one position.6.15. Each member may support more than one office bearer, forming specialistteams.6.16. The Committee will make and carry out decisions in accordance with themission statement and objectives of DRA.6.17. Committee meetings will be open to any Digbeth stakeholder but in a non-voting capacity.6.18. Stakeholders can include city Councillors and other representatives of publicagencies.6.19. The Committee will report to bi-monthly open meetings in a manner thatencourages debate and deliberation.6.20. Committee members must declare any interest they have in a topic beingdiscussed, and the membership must then decide whether that interestprecludes them from any voting related to that topic.6.21. Leases and legal documents related to the objectives of DRA can be enteredinto by the Committee only if agreed at a Committee meeting.6.22. The Committee will develop an action plan related to mission and objectives onan on-going basis.7. ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF OFFICE BEARERS7.1. Chairperson7.1.1. Leads the managerial direction of the organisation.7.1.2. Ensures the smooth running of meetings.
7.1.3. Acts as the Spokesperson for DRA, demonstrating a breadth and depthof relevant knowledge.7.2. Secretary7.2.1. Plans and prepares all meetings, including dates, rooms, refreshments,minutes, agendas and other papers.7.2.2. Sends out all meeting/event notifications and publicity.7.2.3. Records and minutes all meetings accurately, focusing on decisionsand actions needed.7.2.4. Ensures admin, meetings and voting procedures are run in line with theConstitution and any legal requirements.7.2.5. Deals with correspondence (forwarding all decision-making items to theChairperson).7.2.6. Reports to the Committee on progress relating to correspondence,decisions and action points.7.2.7. In partnership with Treasurer, monitors and administers petty cash andbook keeping.7.2.8. Maintains membership records.7.3. Treasurer7.3.1. Reports to the Committee about all financial matters in a manner allmembers can understand, allowing them to engage in decision making.7.3.2. Keeps an overview of DRA finances, ensuring financial policies andpractices are open and correct.7.3.3. Has knowledge and experience of current finance practice relevant tocommunity organisations.7.3.4. Liaises with Committee members to ensure the financial viability ofDRA.7.3.5. Appraises the financial viability of all actions, ensuring accountability.7.3.6. Liaises with auditors, ensuring DRA accounts are audited annually forthe AGM.7.3.7. Keeps clear records of all financial transactions, including quotationsand receipts.7.4. Other Officers7.4.1. Planning LiaisonMonitors all planning related activities in Digbeth, reporting back to theCommittee offering suggestions for action.7.4.2. Festival and Events Co-ordinatorCo-ordinates positive links and partnership activity with local festivals andarts/cultural events, reporting back to the Committee.7.4.3. Communications OfficerSupports the Chairperson and Secretary in facilitating positive communicationand publicity within and outside Digbeth about issues and activities relating toDigbeth and the Residents Association.7.4.4. Neighbourhood and Pubwatch Officer

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